5 Point to Consider When Purchasing Solar Panels for Home

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Information about 5 Point to Consider When Purchasing Solar Panels for Home

Published on June 19, 2018

Author: OhSolarMio

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Slide1: 5 Point to Consider When Purchasing Solar Panels for Home Slide2: Investing in a solar power system is an important decision. Although it is also an exciting experience, it is also easy to get easily swayed by clever advertising tactics and high pressure sales persons. When looking at specific solar panels, you need to carefully evaluate each one for factors such as efficiency, cost maintenance, length of contract, etc. This isn’t a five year purchase, rather an investment of a lifetime, so the decision must be arrived at carefully and with some thought. We’ve come with some points that will help you make the best choice: Slide3: 1. Carefully examine Solar Panel Certifications The certification listed on your solar panel will indicate which types of tests it has undergone. Results conducted by an independent laboratory are more reliable whereas those conducted by the company are self-assessed. Do you trust what the company is stating? 2. Ask for Recommendations Speak to family members, friends, neighbours and office colleagues; anyone who has solar panels installed. They will be able to share their experiences with you and their recommendations or problems/concerns with the service provider they might have used. This will serve as your starting point in terms of which solar panel company to visit and which ones to avoid! Slide4: 3. Decide which types of panels you want Solar panel technology has rapidly advanced in the last ten years. You have many more choices than ever before. Your roof size will generally determine the type of panel you need. Before heading out to shop for an actual panel, carefully read and understand this technology. Pay close attention to terms like mono crystalline and thin film. Slide5: 4. Look at the Manufacturer’s Warranty Take a close look at the guarantees being offered by the manufacturer. A reliable and reputable manufacturer would offer a substantial warranty period, i.e. 20-25 years. Solar panels last 30 to 40 years, so you want the warranty to cover a large portion of this period. This will also help you earn maximum saving. Keep in mind, in order for the warranty to be fulfilled, the manufacturer must still be operating. Research your manufacturer carefully. Opt for an established company. Slide6: 5. Efficiency of your Solar Inverter An important component of your solar power system is the power inverter. It converts electrical current from DC to AC so that it is suitable for home use. Not all inverters are efficient. Closely examine the inverter’s efficiency before purchasing it. Higher efficiency means less electricity wastage . Your solar panel system is an important purchase. With these tips in mind, you can make an informed decision. Please visit OhSolarMio for tips on how to shop for the best solar panel system . Slide7: Contact Us Address : 1448 North Sierra Bonita Ave. Los Angeles, California Mail : ohsolarmio@gmail.com Phone : (844) 815 – 5888 Website : http://www.ohsolarmio.com/residential-solar-panels-los-angeles

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