5 Marketing Automation Habits You Need To Break Now

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Information about 5 Marketing Automation Habits You Need To Break Now

Published on October 13, 2016

Author: itvibes

Source: slideshare.net

1. itvibes.com itvibes.com/linkedin © 2016 ITVibes, Inc. All rights reserved. Material may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without permission. MARKETING AUTOMATION HABITS YOU NEED TO BREAK NOW

2. 2 9/20/2016 There are a lot of strategies in the digital marketing world that work, and a myriad of them that, over time, have proven to be ineffective. Bad habits are notoriously hard to break, but be aware–these five bad marketing automation habits may be driving potential customers away from your website.

3. 3 9/20/2016 Also called spam emails, sometimes it may look personalized but it’s not a personal message, and your customers instantly notice. Personal communication goes a bit deeper. Impersonal Communication 1

4. 4 9/20/2016 If your site is not mobile-friendly, quite simply, you’re doomed. Make sure that your automated messages (email, text, etc.) all are easy to read, click on, and use on a mobile device Mobile-Unfriendly Marketing Automation 2

5. 5 9/20/2016 A call to action is incredibly important in regular marketing and automated marketing. This is where you should be utilizing outside SEO services, so that someone knowledgeable in the field can help target your call to action so it’s seamless and user-friendly. A Vague CTA 3

6. 6 9/20/2016 Part of brand management is getting your name out there, but also knowing when not to pollute the system. Sending someone daily emails is bound to get them to click on an unsubscribe or opt-out button. Sending Daily Emails 4

7. 7 9/20/2016 Asking for your customers to fill out more than four fields on a form is overkill. Remember, the majority of users are on a mobile device, and don’t want to have to tap their life story into small blocks. Keep things simple. Overwhelming Forms 5

8. 8 9/20/2016 ITVibes Can Help Irrespective of the purpose why you are writing your content, your goal is to make it compelling so that it can be read. Compelling content will inspire your readers to take the action you need them to take.

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