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Published on January 14, 2009

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Slide 1: 1 Coldplay Concert 27th & 28th June ’05 Landlords Permission Presentation by GLL to the London Borough of Bromley Slide 2: 2 GLL have been approached to host a two day concert in June ‘05 Landlords permission has been given ‘in principal’ subject to agreement on fee. However, LBB have offered to off-set the fee if ‘benefit in kind’ activities can be provided for the local community. LBB’s desire is to engage the local community and encourage use of Crystal Palace Park and associated areas including the National Sports Centre. GLL wish to support this principle Introduction and Framework Slide 3: 3 Current value £20k – £25k LBB’s Initial request - GLL to run courses etc in the park GLL do not wish to duplicate activities in and out of the park GLL have a proposal which we believe would achieve both objectives Landlord’s Permission Slide 4: 4 A series of free events in the park, organised and delivered by GLL, running throughout August. The events are designed to attract the local catchment and will be suitable for families and children. The Offer Crystal Palace Park ‘Alive and Kicking Summer 2005’ Slide 5: 5 Proposed schedule of events - August Slide 6: 6 Target audience – Parent / 0 – 11’s Theme – interactive events in the concert bowl Collection of side shows including Punch & Judy; Balloon artists; Clowns; Stilt walkers; Face painters; Parachute; Themed main event etc Stalls to reflect make up of community Between 10 am & 4 pm Target Attendance – 250 per day Children’s Fun Day (Wednesday 3rd and Wednesday 17th August) Slide 7: 7 Target audience – families & 8-14 yrs Theme – sports activities for all in the NSC including 5-a-side; athletics; bungee running; basketball; culminating in series of finals with names on the score board Celebrity on the day (to sign autographs & pictures etc) 10 am to 4 pm Target Attendance 250 per day Sports Day (Sunday 7th and Sunday 21st August) Slide 8: 8 Target Audience - Inter borough Youth Club Challenge 9-15 yrs. Theme – Sports challenges eg. Flag football; NFL; Team games etc Time – 10 am – 4 pm Link in with LBB sports development team; local police; youth centres Target attendance – 500 across the day Youth Sports Tournament (Wednesday 17th August) Slide 9: 9 Target – Families Theme – Local drama group to perform a production to be confirmed. Possible link with Tramshed (Woolwich) and Polka Theatre 2 performances during the day, one matinee and one evening Target Attendance 250 Amateur Dramatics (Sunday 14th August) Slide 10: 10 Target wards Crystal Palace Penge & Cator Clock House Copers Cope Kelsey & Eden Park The Local Catchment – Target Market Slide 11: 11 Local Schools Outreach : 12 Outreach LBB ‘Summer Buzz’ Dedicated leaflet Banner over Penge High Street GLL / LBB Websites Local Radio Local Press School Visits Local Wards Marketing Opportunities LBB promotions GLL membership drive NSC awareness Data base collection for profiling Summary : 13 Summary GLL very keen to work in partnership with LBB. Successful delivery of events this summer will lead to a mutually beneficial working relationship in the future. We believe that the summer of events proposed are relevant, meaningful and will be enjoyed by all age groups with the local Community. Any Questions : 14 Any Questions

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