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Published on December 29, 2008

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HmongLesson Plans for the First Grade : HmongLesson Plans for the First Grade By: Kablia Thao, Keecha Chang, Lorrie Xiong, Mohd Izzat, and Tin Le Agenda : Agenda 8:30am-9:00am: Circle Activity 9:00am-10:00am: Math 10:00am-10:30am: Math Exercises 10:30am-10:50am: Recess 10:50am-11:10am: Silent Reading 11:10am-11:45am: Science 11:45am-12:15pm: Lunch 12:15pm-12:30pm: Recess 12:30pm-1:00pm: Folk Tale Activity 1:00pm-2:40pm: Hmong Lesson Plan 2:40pm-2:45pm: Students get ready to go home Classroom Layout : Classroom Layout Classroom size: 20 students Racial Ratios: 20% Hispanic, 20% Asian Pacific Islanders, 20% Caucasians, 20% African Americans, 20% Other Economic Background: Lower middle class Behaviors Expectations: cooperative, listens, pays attention, interactive, and well behaved 1st week : 1st week 1st Monday : 1st Monday Lesson Plan: Story Telling Session Vocabulary Words: “Nyob Zoo” “Hello” Goals: To introduce Hmong cultures to students and a brief history of the origins of the Hmong people Objectives: Students will be able to: know the background of the Hmong people listen to Hmong stories and folklore know the different cultures of the Hmong people See a few example of Hmong pictures Photo coloring session Materials: Teacher will need: A few Hmong pictures on a few large flashcards Stories about Hmong origins and folklore Finding Me Coloring Book Procedure: The teacher would sit on a chair in front of the class; all students remain seated in front of the teacher. The teacher then would tell the Hmong stories to all students for about 15-20 minutes while holding a few large flashcards with pictures Activities: Draw the character the student like most. Ask the student about other Hmong stories they like 1st Tuesday : 1st Tuesday Lesson Plan: Hmong Musical Instruments Vocabulary: English: “What time is it?” Hmong: “Pes tsawg moo?” Folkstory: The Orphan and the Rich Boy Goals: Introduce different types of Hmong musical instruments Objective: Students will know brief history and purposes of Hmong musical instruments Activities: Students will get hands on exploration of different instruments Students will cut and paste matching instruments with names to create a book Students will be able to experiment with various materials for flute making, such as straws, reeds, pipes, bamboo, macaroni and so forth. Homework: Worksheet on matching Hmong Instruments with names 1st Wednesday : 1st Wednesday Lesson Plan: White and Green Hmong Date: Wednesday Vocabulary: Kuv = Me Book: The Story of Mah: Dab Neeg Hais Txog Maj A Hmong “Romeo and Juliet” Folktale. Author: Rosalie Giacchino-Baker Goals: 1. Enhance student’s knowledge about the Hmong culture. 2. Students will have depth focused knowledge of White and Green Hmong. 3. Students will be able to distinguished cultural clothing’s of White and Green Hmong women. Objectives: 1. Vocabulary word of the day. 2. Do folklore activity. 3. Handout on White and Green Hmong. 4. Discussion: White and Green Hmong 5. Activity: White and Green Hmong Clothing Match Activity 6. Pass out color activities, Green Hmong Women, White Hmong Women, and Hmong Men. 7. Play Game: Ntawm, Pob Zeb, thiab Txiab. Paper, Rock, and Scissor. 1st Thursday : 1st Thursday Lesson Plan: Hmong Food: Rice main focus Date: Thursday Vocabulary: noj mov = eat rice Book: Ntsuag Nos Ib Tug Cinderella Hmoob. Author: Jewell Reinhart Coburn Goals: 1. Students will understand the significance of rice to the Hmong. 2. Students will appreciate and know the different process of making rice in America compared to Laos and Thailand. 3. Students will know varieties of rice. 4. Students will have a taste of different types of cooked Hmong rice. Objective: 1. Vocabulary word of the day. 2. Do Folklore activity 3. Hand out Lee Xiong: Old Fashioned Hmong Rice Instructions. 4. Hand out Rice Information 5. Pass out rice samples to students, short grain rice, long grain rice, and sticky rice. 6. Play How to Make Old Fashioned Rice Hmong Bingo. (note: teachers can make variations of bingo sheets by switching the order of steps, not limited by the two sheets provided.) 7. Play game: Kuv nyiam noj mov or I like to eat rice. 8. Hand out crossword puzzle. 9. Hand out homework. 1st Friday : 1st Friday Lesson Plan: Hmong Folktale Stories Vocabulary: English: “Thank you” Hmong: “Ua Tsaug” Folkstory: The Empty Pot Goals: Introduce Hmong folklore songs “kwv txhiaj” and folktale stories Objective: Students will know a brief history on Hmong folklore songs “kwv txhiaj” and folktale stories Activities: Teacher will play recordings of Hmong folklore songs “kwv txhiaj” to the class Teacher will read short folktale stories to the class Students will create illustrations of their favorite part from the folktale story Develop a puppet presentation for the story Have students sit in a circle, choose one to start the story and the next to continue where the student left off until the story is finished 2nd week : 2nd week 2nd Monday : 2nd Monday Lesson Plan: Story Telling Session Vocabulary Words: “tes” “hand” Goals: To inform the students about the history of Hmong’s New Year and its significance to the Hmong people as well as what goes on during the festival. Objectives: Students will be able to: know the background of the Hmong’s New Year. listen to Hmong traditional music. see the story cloth about the Hmong New Year. Coloring session Materials: Students will not need any materials. Teacher will need: - A few Hmong pictures on a few large flashcards. - Stories about the origins of Hmong New Year. - A sample cloth story to show the students Procedure: The teacher would sit on a chair in front of the class; all students remain seated in front of the teacher. The teacher then would tell the Hmong stories to all students for about 15-20 minutes while holding a few large flashcards with pictures and coloring. Activities: Question and Answers session Coloring Hmong pictures. Ask the student to draw what character he/she likes most 2nd Tuesday : 2nd Tuesday Lesson Plan: StoryCloth Vocabulary Words: How to count from 1 through 5. 1-ib 2-ob 3-peb 4-plaub 5-tsib Goals: Understand how families, communities, and countries preserve tradition through art. Recognize that the Hmong of Southeast Asia use storycloth as a medium to pass down their tradition and history. Objectives: Students will be able to: View examples of a storycloth Learn about the history of storycloth Create their own storycloth Materials: Students will not need any materials. Teacher will need: -Fabric -Scissor -Glue Procedure: Exploration of tradition and culture of the Hmong through the medium of art and Storycloth. 2nd Wednesday : 2nd Wednesday Date: 2nd Wednesday Lesson Plan: Pov Pob Ball Vocabulary: Pov Pob Folk Story: A Boy Named Chong Goal: To allow students to realize how different Hmong culture is from American culture. Objective: To teach the students to play the Hmong New Year traditional game Pov Pob. This game will give them insight on activities in the Hmong New Year and the purpose for the game, which is courtship. Materials: -scissors -black cloth -fabric glue -tennis balls Activity: Teacher will explain to students how in the past Pov Pob was a game for boys and girls to communicate. Students will make their ball with the materials and then the teacher will teach them how to play. Teacher will explain how each time a student drops the ball the student must give the other student an important item. At the end if the student wants to receive their item back they must sing a traditional Hmong folk song, one they learned from an earlier lesson. 2nd Thursday : 2nd Thursday Lesson Plan: Field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art Vocabulary Words: How are you? Koj puas nyob zoo? Goals: To established a vision of Hmong’s art within every students. To serve as a learning experience for the near future. Objectives: Students will be able to: View every piece of art work within the facility Get up close with every piece art work More than 30 pieces of Hmong art work View art work originated from Laos and Thailand Materials: Students will need: -Paper and pencils -Lunch -Bring a happy face Procedure: As a wrap up all 1st grader will be able to attend the field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of art. This serves as a learning experience toward the Hmong culture. Students will need to bring back their permission slip signed by parents or guardians by Monday 2nd Friday : 2nd Friday Lesson Plan: New Year Recreation Date: 2nd Friday Vocabulary Words: “Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab” “Happy New Year” Folk Tale: The Stepmother and the three Children Goals: To create an atmosphere that is similar to that of the Hmong New Year, as well as showing them how all the things they have done in the unit come together. Objectives: Students will be able to: purchase (with fake money) other students Hmong art work, see traditional Hmong dancers, Pov Pob with other students, sing, and try traditional Hmong foods Materials: Students will not need any materials. Teacher will need: -parent volunteers to run booths -Hmong foods -make believe money Activity: As a wrap up to the two week unit all the students will be able to go to a recreation of the Hmong New Year. The teacher will create vending booths through out the classroom. At each vending booth children can buy each others artwork, books, foods, photos, est.… They will also get the opportunity to watch traditional Hmong dancing and perform their Hmong song to the class if they choose to. Class Project Goals : Class Project Goals Awareness of Hmong people Minnesota has a large and growing population of Hmong people. Promoting diversity Understanding the cultural aspects of Hmong. Showing distinctions Creating a larger understanding of Asian Cultures. Questions and Comments…? : Questions and Comments…? Sources: : Sources: www.learnabouthmong.org www.laofamily.org www.hmong.org

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