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Published on April 23, 2014

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It is never too late to quit smoking. You can start living happier soon after smoking cessation. Your loved ones will be proud of you because you’ve overcome a huge obstacle

 Smoking cessation can be difficult.There are different facts about smoking cessation that can help you in making your decision.

 Smoking cessation can reduce the risks of different diseases and cancers. It is the first and most critical step towards a better, healthier and longer life.  If you're pregnant, you must quit smoking to have a healthier baby.

 Smokers are around twice as likely to die from cancer as non-smokers.They always at a risk of several cancers affecting different organs of the body like the mouth, throat, Kidney, bladder, esophagus, larynx, mouth, pancreas, stomach, and cervix.  Many smokers are at higher risks of developing heart diseases, strokes, aortic aneurysm, asthma, pneumonia and abnormal birth weights.  You must also quit smoking to enjoy a healthier and romantic relationship because there is none who would want to go out with someone who has bad breath and stained teeth.

As there are a lot of cigarette brands, there are also different smoking cessation options. Smoking cessation doesn’t need to be difficult, long and expensive. There are several options to quit smoking that you should know about. Some of them include: • Counseling and medication • Nicotine patch • Nicotine gum • Nicotine Lozenge • Nicotine inhaler • Nicotine Nasal spray • Varenicline • Bupropion • Hypnosis • Self-help quitting • Internet quitting • In-person counseling • Telephone counseling • LaserTherapy • Acupuncture • Combined medications You can start by seeking help from a doctor, or by conducting your own research to compare the pros and cons online at blogs or other quit smoking sites.

Smoking cessation comes with short-term side effects such as headache, anxiety, irritability and cigarette craving.They only last about one week and the long- term positive effects of smoking cessation can be guaranteed. Smoking cessation programs have been designed to deal with these side effects and if you are serious about quitting, you can stop smoking no matter what. You only need to discuss with a qualified health care professional or smoking cessation counselor and then choose a method that provides the greatest chance of success for you.

As you can see, smoking itself is very expensive, dangerous and unhealthy for yourself as well as those around you. If you calculate how much you spend on smoking, you cant compare it with smoking cessation which is less expensive. Smoking cessation can only happen at once, not for a long period of time as in buying cigarettes everyday which can call for medications at any time with diseases. Any type of smoking cessation strategy is less expensive and you can continue saving the money you’ve been spending on smoking everyday, after quitting smoking.

Smoking cessation can begin making life better minutes after your last cigarette. When you stop smoking, your blood flow will improve immediately and this will improve better sex. Men who stop smoking may get better erections and women may improve their orgasms and become aroused more easily. It can soon improve fertility by improving the lining of the womb and improve a man’s sperm to increase the possibility of conceiving and reduce the likelihood of miscarriages.

20 Minutes 1 Hour 8 Hours 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months Blood pressure and pulse return to normal Risk of pregnancy complications become less Nicotine levels fall and circulation improves Lungs begin to work better and carbon monoxide is removed from the body Nicotine removed from the body and smoking no longer affect the baby’s growth Energy levels increases, breathing becomes easier Daily tasks becomes easier to do, withdrawal symptoms begin to ease Withdrawal symptoms stops, breathing and energy continue to improve You and your baby are less likely to suffer from breathing problems and asthma.

You’ll soon experience a younger looking skin and better breath as well as whiter teeth.You will immediately start experiencing improved smell and taste. You will have less stress, due to the improved levels of oxygen in the body which can lead to better concentration and increased mental wellbeing as well as more energy. This will also boost your immune system, making it easier to fight colds and flu. You’ll begin protecting the health of your non smoking friends and family because passive smoking increases lung cancers, heart diseases and strokes.

People who quit smoking, regardless of their age, are less likely to die from smoking-related illness than those who continue to smoke. Studies shows that smokers who quit at about age 30 reduce their chance of dying prematurely from smoking- related diseases by more than 90 percent. People who quit at about age 50 reduce their risk of dying prematurely by 50 percent compared with those who continue to smoke. Those who quit at about age 60 or older live longer than those who continue to smoke. However, it takes a number of years after quitting for the risk of cancer to start to decline. But the benefits increases as the person cease to smoke.

There are many experts who help people to quit smoking. quit smoking hypnosis is one of the effective ways to quit smoking that combines with the power of life coaching techniques and neuro-linguistic programming to help you achieve your goals of becoming a permanent non-smoker. Smoking is a deadly habit that affects millions of people. Even though it's so deadly, people still continue to do it. You cannot stop smoking unless you make up your mind to stop. If you think you can try to stop without putting any effort into this, you are just plain wrong.Take the first step and decide right now that you are going to stop smoking today.

If cigarettes contains cancer causing substances, that also causes heart attacks, mouth problems and other diseases, then smoking cessation must be taken serious.Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death. For instance, it is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the UnitedStates, including an estimated 42,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure.This is about 1,300 deaths every day. People who smoke must find ways to quit smoking because there are immediate benefits of smoking cessation. It can reduce the risk of dying from cancer.


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