5 Easy Wan Optimization Solutions

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Information about 5 Easy Wan Optimization Solutions

Published on October 23, 2018

Author: wanosnetwork

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Slide1: DIY: 5 Easy Wan Optimization Solutions Slide2: In recent times, almost every project, be it a business or an academic one, involves the use of the information super-highway at least once. However, to achieve an optimum connectivity with the clients and establish a presence of your business, you need to have a proper system with the required hardware and software in place. To achieve the best performance of your system connected to a WAN, you must perform some protocol for enhancing the performance of your network. Conferring with the most expert personnel of the most proficient team will be helpful in solving this problem. Slide3: The need for acceleration The volume of data is bound to increase as the time goes, and the traffic speed is bound to get reduced with it. To maintain or even increase the speed, one of the two ways can be applied; either acquire new equipment to increase the bandwidth or use the appropriate wan optimization solutions to maintain the speed of the traffic. As the more cost-effective among the two, the optimization of the network is the way to go. To ensure that your company receives the best service, you should consider deliberating with the most proficient companies like Wanos Networks for the optimization of your network. Slide4: The self-sufficient approach Leading companies like Wanos Networks is there to take care of your WAN and if needed, provide the required wan optimization products for the upgrading your system. Some of the considerations to be taken into account while trying for a self-applied WAN optimization are surmised below; Slide5: Establishing traffic origin You can integrate with a lot of traffic sources depending upon the size of your networks like a mobile phone, laptop, printer, and many others. Also, ensure that your in-house network is not being burdened with traffic from social media sites by internal browsing. In addition, it will be ideal to keep tabs on your wireless access points and sizes of the files transferred. Slide6: You must detect the pathway and the source of the traffic to fine-tune your network traffic size. The basic questions that need to be answered can be surmised into the following ones ; What is the limit of your bandwidth? What are the sizes of each data packet? Does the data being trafficked by internet or MPLS or both? Identify traffic paths Slide7: Diversifying the routes Line up traffic This is perhaps the most important step in your action list. Plan beforehand for the extensions and branches of your business and arrange the requisite materials for the increased data traffic. It is better to be ready earlier than later. You can prioritize the outgoing data packet according to the importance of the data. For this, it is better to employ the best company to perform advanced switching, which can send the important data first and then the others. It is better to use two traffic routes in tandem rather than relying solely on one. An alternative route can free your network of bulk traffic and increase performance. Be ready for the future Slide8: Although you may be able to perform a few operations by yourself, it is better to employ expert companies like Wanos Networks to ensure the greatest optimization service for your network. Contact with the necessary department to avail their services and get an estimate. Selecting carefully Slide9: Wanos Networks Pty(Ltd) Address: No. 1 Bridgeway Road, Bridgeway Precinct, Century City City : Cape Town State: WC (Western Cape) Country: South Africa Zipcode: 7441 Contact mail:   info@wanos.co Website : http:// wanos.co/wan-optimization Facebook : https:// www.facebook.com/wanos.wan.optimization Twitter: https :// twitter.com/ WanosNetworks  

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