5 Biggest Challenges In Sales Training

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Information about 5 Biggest Challenges In Sales Training

Published on November 25, 2008

Author: salestrainingdrivers

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Overcome the biggest roadblocks to sales training in your organization today!

The Top 5 Sales Training Issues and Recommended Solutions http://www.salestrainingdrivers.org

Brian Lambert • Joined ASTD in 2007 to lead sales training – Fifteen years of sales/sales training experience (Government, IT,  services  & Large and small companies)  • 50,000 people in 19 countries • Founder of the United Professional Sales Association • Author of two books on sales performance • Recognized as one of most influential people in selling* • Education:  – Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida – Master’s of science degree in Administration and Human Resource  Management from Central Michigan University,  – Ph.D. candidate at Capella University * by Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, 2006

Issue One: Sales Training Apathy • The elephant in the room • Trainers too quick to take credit  ‐ usually • Salespeople don’t give credit ‐ usually • Assuming what salespeople need  • Going for entertainment value • Wrong executive buy‐in • Assuming that if salespeople make plan, there are no gaps in  knowledge or skill

Issue One: Sales Training Apathy Leadership Support Change Management Competency- Issue One Based Approach Solutions Personal Leadership Systems View

Issue Two: Wrong Sales Training Mix • Do you talk “what” or “how”? • What’s your definition of sales training? – Product Training – Company‐specific Training – Industry Training – Skills Training • What’s your sales process? • What roles does coaching play? • Who’s designing content? Making decisions? • How do your customers make a purchase decision?


Get the Right Sales Training Mix Delivery is Critical Manage Knowledge You Drive Issue Two The Content Solutions Instill Know How Real Coaching Your Buyer’s Buy

Issue Three: Lack of Sales Development System • Knee jerk reactions are common • Needs analysis is sometimes spotty • Sales career paths rarely often don’t lead anywhere • Are you helping the sales team answer the fundamental sales  questions at all times? – For example: “Where am I, and what should I do?” • Reactive approach to developing content based on sales team  wants, not needs

Treat Selling as a System Learning & Performance Approach Competency Based Approach Sales Training Issue Three Strategic Solutions Plan Identify Real Develop a Knowledge Coaching Gaps Program

Issue Four: Poor Measurement Techniques • Poor follow‐up after each training event • No real definition of success • Assuming that training will yield a business outcome • Little/no emphasis on measuring coaching interactions • Lack of documentation: If people believe it, it’s true

Better Measurement Techniques Measure Leading Outputs Measure Lagging Outputs Issue Four Split Sample Solutions Measure Behavioral Measure Change Knowledge Transfer

Issue Five: The Wrong Content • Prescription before diagnosis • Customized vs. standardized? • Outsourced vs. in‐house? • Training delivers more knowledge and skill, not talent or  wisdom • Not understanding the organizational maturity of your sales  team • Re‐inventing the wheel

Train the Right Content Don’t Buy Into “Flavor of Month” Know When To Customize Centralize Issue Five Training Solutions Select Vendors On Objective Understand Measures Competencies

In Summary: • Sales Training is not a one‐time event • Work to bring sales training to a holistic process • Choose the right content for the right time and deliver it in  the right way • Measure the right outputs • Don’t take the easy way out

The Sales Profession Competency Model The definition of world‐class  selling http://www.salestrainingdrivers.org

Sales Competency Model Advisory Panel Representation 16

Administrator Analyst Consultant Developer Manager Strategist Sales Roles Creating and Closing Opportunities  Protecting Accounts  Defining and Positioning Solutions Supporting Indirect Selling Setting Sales Strategy Managing within the Sales Ecosystem Developing Sales Force Capability Delivering Sales Training Coaching for Sales Results Building Sales Infrastructure Designing Compensation Maintaining Accounts Recruiting Sales Talent Sales Areas of Expertise Partnering Insight Solution Effectiveness • Spanning Boundaries • Analyzing  Organizational Capacity • Facilitating Change • Building Business Skills • Communicating Effectively • Understanding Business Context • Formalizing Agreements • Solving Problems • Aligning to Customers • Evaluating Customer Experiences • Resolving Issues • Embracing Diversity • Setting Expectations • Gathering Intelligence • Managing Projects • Making Ethical Decisions • Negotiating Positions • Prioritizing Stakeholder Needs • Leveraging Success • Managing Knowledge • Building Relationships • Identifying Options • Articulating Value • Using Technology • Building a Business Case • Accelerating Learning •Executing Plans • Maximizing Personal Time • Aligning to the Sales Process Foundation Competencies

Thank You! Brian Lambert Director, ASTD Sales Training and Sales Training Driver O: 703‐683‐8100 F: 703‐894‐2784 E: blambert@astd.org http://www.salestrainingdrivers.org

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