5 Best Author Box Plugins For Writers, Contributors, Guests

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Information about 5 Best Author Box Plugins For Writers, Contributors, Guests

Published on July 13, 2020

Author: webdesignlosangeles

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: 5 Best Author Box Plugins For Writers Contributors Guests Writing a clear and compelling content for your readers may take a lot of time and effort but the moment you add your name on the blog as an “author” gives immeasurable pleasure isn’t it It lets people know that you have created the article from which they are acquiring the information. But do you know the name placement on your written materials not just helps in letting the audience know about your work but also building a connection with them This is why the authors name on blogs has gradually evolved slide 2: into author bio. These days authors write a short paragraph about them and help their target audience to know them better. What’s nice is that time has long gone when you have to do such things in a simple way nowadays there are various free plugins available to do the same in an advanced manner. You just have to locate it in the WordPress repository install it and start showing the world what you actually do. Just to let you know these plugins are popularly known as “Author Box Plugins”. With such plugins you can add a fully responsive box on your blog posts which displays the name gravatar and description of the author. In this blog we’ll give you an overview of the top 5 author box plugins for WordPress websites. But before you get deep into it I would like you to learn about a ​business-focused ​web design company in Los Angeles — SFWP Experts ​. As the line suggests this company offers a wide array of services to small and medium-sized businesses in different parts of the world be it software or marketing related. The main highlights of this agency are great client satisfaction and high project success rate that you realize after stacking it up against other leading organizations in the US. Taking a U-turn from the introductory part now let’s see all listed Author Box Plugins one by one. 5 Top WordPress Author Box Plugins For Editors 1. PublishPress Authors PublishPress Authors not just let you post your professional information on the site but also expands the columns for several authors’ descriptions that contribute to the article. This means you can credit multiple authors easily when you publish the articles written or edited by them. What’s also nice is slide 3: allowing your guest authors to write articles for you and credit them without creating their account. Isn’t that cool On the pricing front this tool is free with basic features however to leverage it more you can opt for the premium version that covers a single site at 59. Are you considering making changes to the appearance of your blog site Offer this project to our Los Angeles web design company and we will make sure your site stands out from the masses once it is redesigned. For almost ten years now we have been designing impressive websites for clients that instantly grab the attention of users and compel them to engage with their site. 2. Simple Author Box A bit similar to PublishPress Simple Author Box is a rather useful plugin that allows you to add customizable author boxes to your blog pages and credit multiple authors at a time. Aside from this Guest authors are also offered a separate box to show what they are good at. Not just these It also allows you to take advantage of numerous style options by modifying the fonts colors margins and all. However where the pricing matter comes into the picture you can pick its lite version with simple styling options for free. But if you want to unlock additional features all you need to do is pay just 29/year for a single sites’ license. Does your blog site take more than a couple of seconds to load This could turn off your readers and make them shift to your competitors to read desired posts. The solution ​Get in touch with ​WordPress developer experts team and share some important information about your site so we slide 4: can understand the issue well. Once we have comprehended the problem we will optimize your site for fast load time. 3. Elementor Pro Though Elemetor is a popular page builder plugin it’s premium variant includes a “theme builder” that has the options to customize your theme’s author box or add one if it isn’t available. Talking features first of all it is equipped with Dynamic Content that allows the content in your author box to be automatically updated when changes are made to the User profile page. That’s not the whole you also get the option to display or hide your profile picture whenever you want. Even you can add custom images to your author box if that’s what your plan. Coming to the pricing topic the Elementor plugin is free when you have to use just page building features. But if author box editing is the feature you want you will have to switch to Elementor Pro that’s available at just 49/year. Apart from the topic of this article do you think your web pages need a layout change If that’s what you are thinking about feel free to connect with our Los Angeles web design company and assign your project. Once we get it we’ll analyze your pages’ design and find out what’s stopping your users to engage longer with your site. Then we’ll make changes to it in order to improve its effectiveness or simply remove it from there. 4. Author Bio Box As the name clearly communicates Author Bio Box is another WordPress plugin that lets you include an author box on your posts or pages. The list of common features it offers includes an author name to display your slide 5: identity author bio to render your information and a few social media icons to allow your audience to connect with you on respective platforms. If you want to know its usage cost then let me tell you it is an absolutely free tool and you can install it directory from the WordPress repository. Are you planning to launch another blog site about a different topic Find us for your help since we have the maximum experience designing and developing all manner of websites be it a professional or the personal one. With our Los Angeles web design company you can be sure that our services will get you amazing results which will translate into a higher ROI. 5. WP Post Author Before we go any further the first thing I would like to tell you about WP Post Author is that it’s a handy plugin that borrows the content for the author box from the User profile page. Just like Elementor WP Post Author also features Dynamic Content that extracts the author information from the page created for users. Beyond that it also has the option to show or hide the professional and contact details of authors. If expenses for its utilization is the deciding factor for your plugin selection be informed that this software from the house of WordPress is completely free of charge and can be installed from the WordPress directory. Pick One That Suits Best Up until this time you have seen what are the best options for author box plugins. We have compared all the plugins on different parameters and shown you what can meet your needs in an optimal manner. So the fact of the matter is whether it is a writer contributor or guest everyone deserves their column and these author box plugins do exactly that. slide 6: Do you have any questions about author box plugins Drop your doubts in the comment field below so we can easily find it out and answer. In case you want to get some sort of technical or non-technical help for your website enhancement don’t have a second thought before reaching ​our WordPress website design company ​. Just what you need to know SFWP Experts is a market-leading organization having a knack for WordPress web design web development website design online advertising search engine optimization and internet marketing among others. Read More Articles: What Is A Lead Magnet Explained With 13 Best Lead Magnet Ideas 2020 10 Different Types Of Email Every Business Should Send In 2020 Contact Details: 213–277–9177 lasfwpexperts.com Visit Reference Profile Websites: https://bit.ly/3j70tyi https://bit.ly/38QOVKE https://bit.ly/2DyA389 https://bit.ly/2ZfwfkJ slide 7: https://bit.ly/2VXeLrk https://bit.ly/2CvtJ0y https://bit.ly/2ZmIOcA https://bit.ly/2ZkKJ2F https://bit.ly/38QPZ16 https://bit.ly/2YQ86B2 https://bit.ly/2VWujLQ https://bit.ly/306VCEj https://bit.ly/3iEuB3N https://bit.ly/2ZX2PXu https://bit.ly/38BHGGf https://boost.co/2VZ3XZw

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