5 Benefits of Installing Transcend Drivepro in a Vehicle

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Information about 5 Benefits of Installing Transcend Drivepro in a Vehicle

Published on June 4, 2019

Author: Lacaraccessories

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slide 1: 5 Benefits of Installing Transcend Drivepro in a Vehicle The brand Transcend is one of the trusted names in the country for various technology and multimedia products like memory cards and flash drives. What some people may not know is that they are also good at producing the best car dashboard cameras. If you are looking for a new dash cam Transcend Drivepro is definitely the brand to consider. Transcend offers a series of Drivepro or dashboard cameras each promising reliable performance on the road. In fact it even has Drivepro 550 which is one of the finest dual dash cams in the Philippines. Because of the brands innovative technology and designs it has received awards and recognition from award-giving bodies in the Philippines and Thailand. Want to know how Transcend Drivepro keeps you safe and protected in your vehicle Read further. 1. Sony Image Sensor Three of the dashcams from Transcend Drivepro come with Sony Image Sensor features. This means that their dashcams can capture clear and crisp pictures and videos. The images recorded by a Drivepro also have richer colour as compared to those of other brands that dont use Sony Image Sensor. Even in low light or during the night it can still record videos at high resolution. 2. Wide Dynamic Range WDR To ensure that the videos are recorded with utmost clarity Transcend uses Wide Dynamic Range technology. WDR balances the light and dark areas of images so that they appear as clear as possible. 3. Built-in battery for continuous recording Transcend Drivepro has a built-in battery so that even if the engine is off and the car is in the parking lot the dashcam will continue to record. If something bad happens to your car or within the vicinity where your car is parked you can always refer to your dashcam to check the recordings. 4. Emergency recording Drivepro ’s motion G-sensor automatically turns on the emergency recording mode upon detection of impact. The emergency recordings are kept safe in the memory card and wont be overwritten unless manually erased. This feature come in handy during a collision. 5. Instant incident reports Transcend also has its own smartphone application that connects directly to the dashcam. Through this application you can download the dashcam videos and images and share them. In case you encounter road accidents and disputes you can immediately send a copy of the videos to the authorities while reporting the events.

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