5 Benefits from a Year of Minimalism

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Information about 5 Benefits from a Year of Minimalism

Published on December 15, 2016

Author: AlexisChateauPR

Source: slideshare.net

1.  In 2014, I met travelers who advocated for a simpler and minimalist lifestyle.  Hippies, corporate executives… the advice was the same: › If you want to experience true freedom get rid of your stuff.  I took their advice, and quit my corporate job to travel. Here are some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed in the past 18 months.

2.  Eliminating expensive and regular payments like rent, frees up my budget for travel.  Giving up my corporate job freed up my schedule to make travel possible even on a whim. › I can bring work with me via my laptop, phone, tablet.

3.  I moved in the spring of 2016 to settle in a small apartment.  Took me one trip to move all my things, since I barely had anything to move.  Unpacking was also a breeze.

4.  Eliminating or reducing rent by downsizing frees up money for more than just leisure travels.  Also frees up money for: › A car (every road trip needs one!) › Owning your own home › Going back to school › Funding a business

5.  Life is less stressful when your happiness isn’t measured in material terms.  Giving up my pets (much as I love them) also gave me the freedom to live life carefree.  Chose to keep just one cat, since cats are more independent and low maintenance.

6.  Minimalism doesn’t always have to mean giving up your job, home, and pets.  Keep your apartment organized and clutter free.  Plenty of space to move furniture around, for sleepovers, for playing motion-video games, setting up a home office, even playing fetch with the dog.

7.  Embracing a more minimalist lifestyle has freed me physically and financially to pursue dreams I wasn’t able to pursue before.  Letting go of my possessions also allowed me to hold on to far more valuable things in life, like experiences, and great people.  Read the full article here.

8.  Alexis Chateau is the founder and managing partner of Alexis Chateau LLC.  She brings 10 years of experience to the PR firm as a writer, editor, and PR specialist.  Chateau holds an associate’s degree in the arts, and a bachelor’s in business.

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