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Published on March 2, 2009

Author: MrBlackwell

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  http://www.shippaintings.com/age_of_sail.htm Slide2:  England did not want the U.S. supplying their enemies with supplies and food 1 http://www.galafilm.com/1812/e/locations/images/img0054a.jpg Slide3:  The Americans wanted to trade with both the English and the French 2 http://www.celebrations-nationwide.com/55897-18.jpg Slide4:  IMPRESSMENT - is kidnapping, in this case from a ship on the ocean 3 http://www.shippaintings.com/large_images/uss_constitution.JPG Slide5:  EMBARGO ACT OF 1807 - stated no American ships could sail to foreign ports and all American ports were closed to British ships 4 Slide6:  The Embargo Act was a disaster - it hurt the U.S. economy very baddly 5 Slide7:  JAMES MADISON wins the election of 1808 6 http://earlyamerica.com/portraits/images/madison.jpg Slide8:  TECUMSEH -Shawnee chief that organized local tribes against the U.S. government 7 http://www.galafilm.com/1812/e/catalogues/people/tecumseh.jpeg Slide9:  The Native Americans and the British join forces after the Battle of Tippecanoe 8 http://www.galafilm.com/1812/e/background/images/tippecanoe2-33.jpeg Slide10:  http://search.eb.com/elections/art/otippea001p4.jpg Slide11:  WAR HAWKS wanted war with England 9 http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/hawk.jpg Slide12:  1. U.S. is upset about the impressment of American sailors 10 Slide13:  2. U.S. is upset about the British stopping their ships at sea 10 Slide14:  3. U.S. is upset the British have joined forces with the Native Americans 10 http://www.canadianheritage.org/images/regular/20305.jpg Slide15:  On June 18, 1812 the United States declares war on England 11 http://www.reformation.org/war-of-1812.enh.jpg Slide16:  http://www.shippaintings.com/age_of_sail.htm Slide18:  War to 1812 had 2 phases: 1) 1812 to 1814 – England concentrated on defeating the French, pay little attention to U.S. 1 Slide19:  2) April of 1814 and on - after the British have defeated the French 1 Slide20:  The American army and navy was very weak at the start of the war 2 Slide21:  OLIVER HAZZARD PERRY was an American naval commander in charge of U.S. ships in the Great Lakes 3 Slide22:  OLIVER HAZZARD PERRY IN BATTLE OF THAMES Slide23:  OLIVER HAZZARD PERRY IN BATTLE OF THAMES Slide24:  BATTLE OF THAMES was an important victory for the Americans for two reasons 4 Slide26:  1) The American victory put an end to the British threat in Northwest United States 4 Slide27:  2) Tecumseh was killed in the battle 4 Slide28:  FRANCIS SCOTT KEY wrote the National Anthem as he watched the attack on Fort McHenry 5 Slide29:  AMERICAN FLAG AT FORT Mc HENRY Slide30:  FORT McHENRY Slide31:  Original copy of the National Anthem Written by Francis Scott Key as watch the Battle at Fort McHenry Slide32:  The hero of the BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS was GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON 6 Slide33:  BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS Slide34:  BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS Slide35:  TREATY OF GHENT ended the War of 1812 Basically there was no clear winner and many trade disputes were still unsettled 7 Slide36:  SIGNING THE TREATY OF GHENT Slide37:  ORIGINAL COPY OF THE TREATY OF GHENT Slide38:  Consequences of the War of 1812: 1) Increased American patriotism 8 Slide39:  2) Weakened the strength of Native Americans toward the government of the United States 8 Slide40:  3) American trade was expanded and more manufacturing followed the war 8 Slide41:  4) America proved it could defend itself against a major world power 8

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