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Published on March 2, 2009

Author: MrBlackwell

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Slide2:  In 1800’s the western border of the United States was the Mississippi River 1 Slide3:  France, Spain, England and Russia all had claims on lands in the west 2 Slide4:  Jefferson believed the port city of New Orleans was the key to controlling North America 3 Slide5:  LOUISIANA PURCHASE was huge tract of land in the middle of North America sold by France to the United States in 1803 for $15 million 4 Slide9:  Napoleon wanted to sell the land because he was worried about colonies 5 and needed money to fight the war with England Slide11:  The Louisiana Purchase was bought for $15 million – about 3 cents an acre (about a football field) 6 Slide12:  Jefferson chooses MERIWETHER LEWIS and WILLIAM CLARK to lead an expedition into the unknown territory 7 Slide14:  The CORPS OF DISCOVERY set out from St Louis in the summer of 1804 8 Slide20:  The expedition includes about 40 people 9 Slide22:  Jefferson gave the Corps 3 main goals: 1) Discover if there is a Northwest Passage to the Pacific through the Missouri River 10 Slide23:  2) Set up good relations with the Native Americans in the area 10 Slide24:  3) Journal and take notes on the animals and wilderness of the area 10 Slide26:  The Corps stayed in a Mandan village in present day North Dakota 11 Slide30:  SACAGAWEA was a 17 year-old woman who helps the Corps as an interpreter on the expedition 12 Slide31:  The Corps found there was no Northwest Passage, they formed good relationships with some of the Native Americans and did record the animals and nature 13 Slide32:  ZEBULON PIKE explores the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1806 14

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