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Published on April 21, 2008

Author: Ulisse

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Slide2:  OSRAM is one of the world’s leading light manufacturers.  Lights for inside and outside.  Lights for photography and technology.  Signalling lights for road, rall and air.  Headlights and vehicle lights When it comes to light, no-one has more to offer. MORE THAN 5500 PRODUCTS FOR EACH & EVERYAPPLICATIONS Slide3:  A LOOK AT THE GOOD… BETTER… BEST & THE LATEST... IN LIGHTING. Slide4:  FTLs : EVOLVING WITH TIME... Ø 7mm T2 FM T5LUM. PLUS FQ Ø 16mm T5 LUM. PLUS FH Ø 16mm Ø 26mm Ø 38mm T12 The Ø 38mm to Ø 07mm Evolution Size Advantage... Ø 26mm 20,40,65W 18,36,58W 14,21,28,35W 24,39,49,54,80W 18,36,58W 6,8,11,13W Slide5:  FTLs : EVOLVING WITH TIME... Efficacy Advantage... 104Lm/W Best Triphosphor T5 & T8 72Lm/W 61Lm/W Slide6:  FTLs : EVOLVING WITH TIME... 5,000 hours 12,000 hours 20,000 hours 38 mm 61Lm/W Life Span Advantage... 104Lm/W Slide7:  FTLs : EVOLVING WITH TIME... Lumen Maintenance Advantage ... 70% 80% Slide8:  Performance based savings 40 W FTL T12 Cost Rs. 40/- If replaced with If replaced with 36 W FTL T8 Cost Rs. 38/- Saves Energy 10% Retrofit on the existing fittings 36 W T8 LUMILUX Cost Rs. 75/- Saves Energy 10% 4 times more life 50% more light Retrofit on the existing fittings 36 W T8 LUMILUX + ECG Cost Rs. 75 + 250 = 375/- Saves Energy 35% 4 times more life 50% more light needs installation activity on fitting 28 W T5 + ECG Retrofit Cost Rs. 700/- Saves Energy 45% 4 times more life Same light output Retrofit on the existing fittings If replaced with If replaced with Slide9:  PICOSTAR-R RETROFIT Slide10:  Saving with Fluorescent Lamps when used with Electronic Control Gear Diameter Efficacy Power Lamp life in Savings over Annual energy consumption Energy Savings per mm LM/Watt Consumption burning lamps life in commercial buildings cost per annum per point hours with average burning hours annum of 10 hrs. peer (in KWH) Conventional 38 61 55W 5000 hrs. 55Wx10 hrs. x 365 days 202 x Rs.4.5 40W (T-12) = 201 Rs. 905 per 1000 lamp Standard 26 68 38W 12000 17Wx12000 hrs. x Rs 4.5 38W x 10 hrs. x 365 days 139 x 4.5 Rs. 279 per 36W (T-8)with 1000 = 139 Rs. 626 per lamp Electronic Ballast Rs. 918 per lamp 1000 lamp Lumilux 26 93 38W 20000 hrs. 17Wx20000 hrs. x Rs.4.5 38W x 10 hrs. x 365 days 139 x 4.5 Rs. 350 per (Triphospher 36W 1000 = 139 Rs. 626 per lamp (25% less (T-8) FTL with Rs. 1530 per lamp 1000 lamp number of light Electronic Ballast points for same light levels) Lumilux 16 104 30W 20000 hrs. 25Wx20000 hrs. x Rs. 4.5 30W x 10 hrs. 365 days 110 x 4.5 Rs.513 per lamp (Triphospher 1000 = 110 Rs. 495 per (25% less number 28W (T-5) FTL Rs. 2250 per lamp 1000 lamp of luminaires for same light output levels) Slide11:  Same dimensional fixtures but more light output T5 FQ Lamps Slide12:  ENDURA_the New Generation OF FLUORESCENT LAMPS OPERATIONS  No Starting Point  No End Point  No electrode  Close ring causes the discharge  Energy Injected from outside by magnetic field Slide13:  FEATURES  Extremely High Life 60,000 Hours  High Light out put 12000 Lumen (Max.)  High System Luminous Efficacy - 85 Lm/W  Instant flicker Free Start  Low Ignition Temperature (-25C)  Very Low loss of Flux over Life  Compact Size of Luminaire  Can be used DC Systems ENDURA_the New Generation OF FLUORESCENT LAMPS APPLICATIONS  Areas where Re-lamping is Expensive  Difficult to Reach  Continuous Critical Round the clock lighting  Good quality of lighting required Slide14:  Which lamp for which application? What is good light ?:  Until now light quality has been defined by : Illuminance Efficacy Light colour Colour rendering BUT: Good light is a illumination that meets the natural requirements of the human being. To meet these needs, OSRAM offers light source colours from warm white to daylight white and further on now : What is good light ? ... LUMILUX SKYWHITE. Slide16:  CFL - Small In Size Big On Economy Slide17:  All CFLs save 80% energy Life : 3000 burning hrs. Depreciation : 30 to 20% Life : 8000 burning hrs. Depreciation : 10% Life : 15000 burning hrs. Depreciation : 8 % Energy Saver Economy Long Life Good Better Best Also available with High power factor Meets BIS 15111 But difference in performance of Life and Light Depreciation Slide18:  Lamp Lamp ref Wattage EQU. GLS Lumen Colours Colour (W) (W) lm lm/Watt apperance Rendition DEL 5S 5 25 200 40 41 80-90 IB DEL 7D 7 40 400 57 41 80-90 IB DEL 11D 11 60 600 55 11, 21, 41 80-90 IB DEL 15D 15 75 900 60 11, 21, 41 80-90 IB DEL 20T 20 100 1200 60 11, 21, 41 80-90 IB DEL 23T 23 120 1500 65 11, 21, 41 80-90 IB DEL 11GL 11 50 450 41 11, 41 IB 80-90 DEL 15GL 15 65 700 47 11, 41 IB 80-90 DEL 20GL 20 80 100 50 11, 41 IB 80-90 DEL 7CL 7 30 350 50 41 IB 80-90 DEL 11CL 11 50 500 45 11, 41 IB 80-90 DEL 3CL 3 15 105 40 41 IB 80-90 DEL 15 REFL 15 75W DOWN 335cd/m2 - 11, 41 IB 80-90 Lighter DEL 20 REFL 20 100W Down 500cd/m2 - 11, 41 IB 80-90 Lighter Small In Size Big On Economy Slide19:  External ballast necessary Conventional Electronic DULUX T 13W 18W 26W DULUX S 5W 7W 9W 11W ® DULUX D 10W 13W 18W 26W ® ® ® DULUX S/E 5W 7W 9W 11W DULUX D/E 10W 13W 18W 26W DULUX T/E 13W 18W 26W 32W 42W DULUX L 40W 55W DULUX F 18W 24W 36W ® ® ® ® ® Small In Size Big On Economy  Slide20:  Small In Size Big On Economy DULUX® HO 120 W (HIGH OUTPUT):  DULUX® HO 120 W (HIGH OUTPUT) Small In Size Big On Economy CFL FOR INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING Slide22:  High luminous flux of 9000 lm High lifetime (20.000 h / 50%) 2G8 base (in preparation, 75 mm) Compact light source due to 4-U-Design Specifications Applications : High luminous flux of 9000 lm for compact fluorescent lamps allows innovative luminaires in the industrial lighting (e.g. High Bay luminaires). CONSTANT (HIGH OUTPUT) DULUX® L with Amalgam:  DULUX® L with Amalgam Small In Size Big On Economy WHAT‘S NEW !! COMBI AMALGAM & ALON –C COATING BEST Range of application:  Range of application Exterior lighting Industrial lighting Small luminaires with high temperatures Small In Size Big On Economy Application Slide25:  The efficient use of energy, comfortable lighting, long lamp life and new aesthetic applications for light are at the heart of OSRAM’s research and development work. OSRAM POWERSTAR (METAL HALIDE LAMPS) INNOVATION THAT LIGHTS UP THE WORLD Slide26:  4 light colours 9 power ratings 53 types Luminous Flux: 2400 lm - 300 000 lm Wattage: 35 W -3500 W A unique program with Colour Rendering Ra : 90% - 98% POWERSTAR Family Widest Range…Highest Perrformance Slide27:  POWERBALL® HCI® is the name for the advanced generation of innovative ceramics (with patented round ceramic discharge burner) which stands for the state of the art in terms of light quality, colour and stability. ® Always INNOVATING new... POWERSTAR® HQI® is the name that OSRAM gave to the most successful quartz technology metal halide lamp in the world. POWERSTAR® HCI® with its basic cylindrical ceramic discharge burner and better colour constancy throughout its life, is its worthy successor. HQI ~ Powerstar ~ Powerball:  HQI ~ Powerstar ~ Powerball Always INNOVATING new... HQI (Quartz) Economical lighting Well established Wide product range Higher colour stability Improved colour rendering Higher luminous efficacy HCI Powerstar (Ceramic) Advanced ceramic technology The most economical Ceramic lamp HCI Powerball (Ceramic) POWERBALL HCI:  POWERBALL HCI Cylindrical arc- tube POWERSTAR HCI Rounded off arc- tube POWERBALL HCI Always INNOVATING new... COMPARISION OF HQI, HCI, PB HCI:  COMPARISION OF HQI, HCI, PB HCI High Pressure Sodium Vapour (NAV Family):  High Pressure Sodium Vapour (NAV Family) NAV Standard Economical light NAV Standard 4Y With significantly higher reliability and longer service life. More economical. NAV Super 4Y Up to 20% more light, 4Y-reliability and longer service life. The most economical. VIALOX® NAV® 4Y®:  VIALOX® NAV® 4Y® Extension of replacement intervals  Group replacement costs Group replacement every four years The extended replacement interval – from three to four years – reduces the annual relamping costs by approx. 25% Advantage of a 4 year rhythm Lamp replacement, cleaning, maintenance and safety checks) can now be carried out in the same rhythm. VIALOX® NAV® 4Y® SUPER:  Customers benefits Substantial reduction of annual replacement costs Excellent lumen maintenance: At least 80% after 16,000 hrs Lamp replacement, cleaning, maintenance and safety checks may be performed at the same intervals Higher Luminous Efficacy (Up to 20%) Higher Luminous Flux (Up to 150 lm/W) Lower Failure Rate (Only 5% after 16000 hrs.) Higher Average Life (32000 hrs.) Re-lamping Cycle Extended from 3 to 4 years Annual Re-lamping Costs Cut-down by 35% VIALOX® NAV® 4Y® SUPER Slide34:   Highest Efficiency : 150 lm/w  High Luminous flux: : 90.000 lm  Very Compact, Similar to NAV-T400W Applications Outdoor: Floodlighting area and traffic lighting, bridges, tunnels, airports sports grounds Indoor Industrial halls factories plant growing: OSRAM VIALOX NAV-T 600W SUPER 4Y High Luminous Efficacy by Design Slide35:  NAV SUPER 400 W NAV SUPER 600 W Light Output (Lm) 55000 90000 Power Consumption(w) 440 648 Lamp Dimension Same for Both Additional investment for Control Gear Rs. 1650/- Lighting level ( Lux) 30 30 Area Sq. Mtr 9000 9000 No. of Fittings 16 10 Capital Cost per fittings Rs. 7200/- Rs. 8200/- Total capital Cost Rs. 115200/- Rs. 82000/- Rs. 33200/- Energy Consumed in a year after burning 12 hrs. per day 30 MW 28 MW 2 MW Capital Cost Savings 1 Tower saves 2 MW per year 100 such towers will save the nation a power plant of 200 MW capacity Area Lighting Capital Cost Energy Consumed / day (burning 12 hrs. per day) 85 KW 77 KW Running Cost Slide36:  In 1 Km. Length of Street Lighting it saves Rs.2.2 Lakhs Street Lighting VIALOX® NAV® 4Y® SUPER:  Many Important Events take place only after 4 /5 years: Olympic Games & Asian Games World Cup Elections and The Replacement Cycle of VIALOX® NAV® 4Y® SUPER Slide38:  THE FUTURE OF LIGHT ? Slide39:  1956 Invention 1970 First industrial purposes LEDs, shining yellow, red and green are already in use in areas such as the lighting of traffic lights, displays in automobiles and in stereo systems. Advantages and Trends 20 – 30% of the energy is converted into light Over 100,000 hours of useful life (= 11 years) Extremely high shock resistance LED_Light Emitting Diodes Slide40:  ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF LED Your benefit: Wide range of new design options in general lighting and traffic signalling Small dimensions High shock resistance Long life time High colour efficiency No IR/UV radiation Directional light Slide41:  TRULY ILLUMINATING: LED MODULES FROM OSRAM FOR GENERAL LIGHTING LED_Light Emitting Diodes Slide42:  STANDARD MODULES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS ü LINEARlight BACKlight COINlight EFFECTlight MARKERlight Decorative lighting/Orien-tation lighting Luminaires/multi purpose lighting Illuminated signs/contour lighting Architectural lighting e.g. designer luminaires, recessed wall/floor luminaires e.g. backlighting of advertising and channel lettering e.g. accent lighting for buildings, lighting effects e.g. route and edge lighting, information lighting ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü OVERVIEW Slide43:  OSRAM LED - COMPLETE SYSTEMS FOR LIGHTING LED connect system A system of connectors and wiring components matched to the LED modules (developed by BJB, Amsberg). Power supply units OPTOTRONICS 10 V and 24V matched to the LED modules. Advantages: Quick and simple connection, no tools required High reliability High level of safety Slide44:  nominal current 350 mA red/yellow: 0,8 W white/blue/green: 1,2 W Luminous Flux: white/green: 25 lm blue: 8 lm red/yellow: 18 lm High Flux LED Golden Dragon NEW Features DRAGON eye:  High- Flux LED DRAGON in Al-housing in IP 65 high efficiency optical system for 25° height 13 mm + 5 mm threaded bolt lifetime> 30.000 h no additional cooling for amber/yellow necessary some additional cooling for white/blue/green easy assembly electrical connection by wires DRAGON eye Features Applications of DRAGON eye:  Small spotlights for display cases and shop lighting small reading lights entertainment Flexible LED- clusters Effect illumination Suitable for outdoor illumination Applications of DRAGON eye Applications of DRAGON puck:  reading lights for furniture and cruise ships small spotlights wall-washers entertainment Applications of DRAGON puck High- flux Modules | LINEAR light 2nd Generation | LINEAR light Color-mix flex Slide48:  Electronic Control Gear (E.C.G.) ~The Dynamic & Intelligent lighting Slide49:  CALM AND FLIMMERFREE LIGHT OPERATION WITHOUT NOISE LOW MAGNETIC STRAYFIELD LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION (26-30%) FLICKER FREE START HIGHER LAMP LIFE (Approx.. 50%) DIAMMABILITY INTELLEGENCE LIGHTING LOWER WASTE DISPOSAL (Approx..30%) AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF AT END OF LAMP LIFE NO FLICKERING/ FLASHING SHUT DOWN FOR POWER SUPPLY TO DEFECTIVE IN LAMP/COMPONENT OVER VOLTAGE PROTECT CUTOUT LAMP OPERATE AT LOWER TEMP. USED IN EMERGENCY LIGHTING HEALTH SAFETY ECONOMY COMFORT ELECTRONIC CONTROL GEAR Why ECG…? Slide50:  The Milestones of Modern Lighting energy 1st step 2nd step 3rd step 4th step savings 80 % daylight linked dimming system electronic control gear (ECG) modern mirror-louvered luminaires T8 lamp  26 mm T5 lamp  16 mm + “Cut off” ECG Digital Lighting Systems Slide51:  DOESNOT DEFINE A LIGHING SYSTEM DALI DEFINES STANDARD FOR COMMUNICATING WITH ELECTRONIC CONTROL GEAR COMMON STANDARD INCLUDED IN EN60929 - Annex E4 DALI DIGITAL ADDRESSABLE LIGHTING INTERFACE Digital Lighting Systems Slide52:  • Need of modern lighting technology Comfort & energy saving feature. • Dynamic lighting to create lighting situations (Lighting Scenes). • Stored, Recalled, Possibly with integrated presence & Daylight dependent control. (DSI –THE ONLY ONE SIDEDCOMMUNICATION) • Easy to operate & feedback system. Digital Lighting Systems WHY DALI…? Slide53:  Digital Lighting Systems Slide54:  Digital Lighting Systems PRINCIPAL:  • Control unit operates as a master, ECG – Responds as slave only, as directed by the master. • System of distributed intelligence – an Intelligent Control Unit communicates with intelligent components. • DALI exchange is handled by the micro- processor integrated in the DALI, ECG – it also controls dimming operations, low data transfer rate of 1200 bit/s. Digital Lighting Systems PRINCIPAL BENEFITS OF DALI:  BENEFITS OF DALI Digital Lighting Systems DIFFERENT TYPES OF DALI SYSTEMS:  DIFFERENT TYPES OF DALI SYSTEMS Touch Dim Better lighting comfort with TOUCH DIM On/off/dim/memory function Digital Lighting Systems DIFFERENT TYPES OF DALI SYSTEMS:  DIFFERENT TYPES OF DALI SYSTEMS DALI BASIC Optimized energy costs and simple scene/group control Digital Lighting Systems Slide59:  • A radio-controlled lighting control system • Flexibility to cope up on modifications are made to the system or • Retrofitted installation in building ultimate in user convenience Digital Lighting Systems Slide60:  HALOPIN The state-of-the-art mains voltage DIRECT lamp which is as short as a low voltage bi-pin lamp---No need of External transformer The world smallest halogen reflector lamp::  Specifications Ø ca. 16 mm GY 6,35 in 20W, 35W, 50W Beam angle WFL The world smallest halogen reflector lamp: MINISTAR Axial-Reflector Innovative light for a clear view of things Brilliant light in never achieved compactness NEW Slide62:  A LOOK AT THE GOOD… BETTER… BEST & THE LATEST... IN LIGHTING. Slide63:  DECOSTAR TITAN DECOSTAR Longlife MiG Up to 65% COST SAVINGS 4000h lamp life Constant colour and minimal reduction in light output DECOSTAR IRC 4000h lamp life Constant colour COOL BLUE MR16 BASIC Made in P.R.C. Innovative light for a clear view of things ENERGY SAVER HALOSPOT 111, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  HALOSPOT 111, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY New Reflector Technology: High-tech plastic reflector guarantees higher light quality up to 10% higher effiency improved base design NEW Innovative light for a clear view of things Slide65:  Innovative light for a clear view of things ENERGY SAVER HALOSPOT 111, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  HALOSPOT 111, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY New Reflector Technology: High-tech plastic reflector guarantees higher light quality up to 10% higher effiency improved base design NEW Innovative light for a clear view of things Slide67:  STANDARD ARE THE RULE AT OSRAM Innovative light for a clear view of things Slide69:  A LOOK AT THE GOOD… BETTER… BEST & THE LATEST... IN LIGHTING.

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