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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: manuelnappo

Source: slideshare.net


4x4 at SXSW is:
4 speakers that rocked the convention
4 startups or companies to keep an eye on
4 insiders for your next SXSW visit
4 trends that will accompany us in the coming years

Manuel P. Nappo, lic. oec. HSG, Director Center for Social Media HWZ 4X4

4 Speakers - Edward Snowden Edward Snowden was definitely the most anticipated speaker at SXSW14. His disclosures sparked a discussion that could be heard and felt throughout the whole convention. What he did will, in my opinion, impact governments and legislations as well as the ethics and safety of tech companies. “Would I do it again? Absolutely. Regardless of what happens to me, this is something we had a right to.” “There's a political response that needs to occur, but there's also a tech response that needs to occur.” “If the US don't change their policies, this gives every other government the green light to treat their citizens' data the same way.” “I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. And I saw the Constitution was being violated on a massive scale.”

4 Speakers - Neil deGrasse Tyson “A scientist is just a kid who never grew up.” “You can't just choose what is true and what isn't.” “One reason we should go to space: You know the dinosaurs would have gone there if they could have. Dinosaurs didn't have opposable thumbs or a space program, though.” “Through the cosmic perspective, we recognize not how we're different but how we're the same.” The time during Neil deGrasse Tyson’ s keynote literally flew away. I got more insights by listening to him for one hour, that from any TV show on space before. His thoughts on the Cosmic Perspective are simple and brilliant.

4 Speakers - Mark Cuban “Business is the ultimate sport.” “If we're getting kids excited about starting businesses, that's a great thing.” “Facebook is the refrigerator door of 2014. You show party pics when friends come over and cat photos for parents.” “You don't have to know, you just have to go.” Mark Cuban lives the American Dream. From a bartender sleeping on the floor of a cheap apartment, to a billionaire entrepreneur. I missed his session, but judging from the feedback on Twitter it seems I really missed out.

4 Speakers - Robert Scoble “Google Glass is the future. But it's still unfinished. This makes it so frustrating.” “The car is being turned into an API. I can write code that talks to my car and gets data from it.” “The car is a mobile phone accessory today.” “Numbers of sensors on us and around us are going way up. And it's too the point where ordinary people can afford it.” “Today I will give away my privacy for utility.” I put Robert Scoble on this list not because he was the best speaker of the convention, but rather because he was the only one embracing complete personal data sharing—a rather unique position.

4 Startups - Ghostery Mentioned by Snowden during his interview, Ghostery is a cost-free privacy browser extension owned by the advertising and privacy technology company Evidon. It enables its users to easily detect and control web bugs, which are objects embedded in a web page and invisible to the user that allow data collection of the user's browsing habits.

4 Startups - GroupMe Nothing really new, GroupMe has been around for a while. But I found it more popular than WhatsApp. Maybe because of the functionality to send and receive GroupMe messages through SMS.

4 Startups - Samba Israel has been deemed one of the Silicon Valley-esque centers of the world. So it's no surprise that one of the winners of the SXSW Accelerator Award is an Israeli company. Samba allows people to send videos and record their friends' reactions. It's a bit like Snapchat except users can save their videos.

4 Startups - Jelly I discovered Jelly at the Biz Stone (one of the three Twitter founders) interview. After founding Twitter, Stone launched Jelly. The idea is a Search Engine run by people. Jelly allows users to get answers to the questions on their minds by posting a query - accompanied by a photo - to others in their social network. I like the idea and I like Stone's belief in the triumph of humanity with a

4 Insider Tips - Plugs Power. Electricity is the ultimate influencer at SXSW. The main motto among habitué es is “ABC = Always Be Chargin.” Make sure that you have a US plug adaptor. If you forgot a portable charger, you can get them in all shapes, colors, and sizes at the Trade Show. Although that takes the fun out of meeting new people at the wall socket.

4 Insider Tips - Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza As German journalist Thomas Knuewer put it on Foursquare, “Weirdest Pizza joint on earth. But: excellent pizza.” Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza is a typical street vendor of New York style pizza. No room to sit, but you wouldn't want to spend any more time inside than absolutely necessary. Unless you are Slayer.

4 Insider Tips - Uncommon Objects Everything you would never look for you find at Uncommon Objects. Located at 1512 South Congress Avenue (which is worth an excursion, if you're not already staying in the area), you can take home anything from a 48-star US flag to an old Madonna. And if you don‘t make it to Austin, you can browse their Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

4 Insider Tips - PayPal Lounge At a convention with an estimated 30,000 people, all you want is a place to kick back and recharge (your devices and your body). PayPal created an environment where you can do both. Web celebs like Brian Solis, Guy Kawasaki and Randi Zuckerberg appreciated this laid back atmosphere and were always available for a chat or a picture. Thanks PayPal.

4 Trends - Wearables The buzz around wearable technology was palpable at this year's convention. From handbags that can charge your smartphone to devices that can identify you based on the rhythm of your heartbeat, the future of wearable tech wholly dominated SXSW. I personally wonder how many of these great ideas will make it to market. “New #sxsw game: Who has the most wearables? Lady in front of me has 25. (I lose.)” Geoffrey Fowler “Wearables will be a new trend in retail this year.” Kristina Simmons “Within two years there'll be a shirt on the market with sensors in it that will immediately contact my doctor is my heart beat is irregular and I'm in danger of having a heart attack.” Hugh Forrest “Wearables are here to help the lazy get fit.” Shaq

4 Trends - Drones Everybody wants one. But this emerging technology is not yet regulated. It can help find lost people in the snow or help journalists report on inaccessible locations and topics. At the same time, someone sitting in the comfort of an office can potentially kill people remotely. What are drones gonna be? The Next Big Thing or the last nail in the coffins of international legitimacy and domestic privacy? “I am afraid that someone will get hurt on the ground.” Ardy Williams “EU is spending $50M to develop UAVs engineered for emergency response.” Robin Murphy “Delivery with drones is far away. You have to make it safe first.” Helen Greiner “Why should I be worried if I am not doing anything wrong? But governments change and they inherit the technology. New laws may come.” Noel Sharkey

4 Trends - Data Data, especially Big Data was one of the top recurring topics at this year's convention. We clearly see a split. On one side are the advertising funded companies like Facebook & co that are collecting data to tailor their ads more specifically. On the other side are user-funded companies like 23andMe that demand money from the consumer but claim to give him data ownership. “Whoever pays owns the data.” Anne Wojcicki “Do you have the right data? If you have bad data you will get bad answers.” Andrew Bowins “We follow the data, even if it means switching up the campaign right in the middle of it. The community dictates the direction.” Yael Cohen “It doesn't matter what data you have unless you can act on it.” Bill Ingram “Parents are now finding they need to have the data permanence talk before the birds and the bees talk.” Jared Cohen

4 Trends - Privacy In the end, SXSW14 came down to one Mega Topic: Privacy. There was no session where it wasn’t mentioned, be it from the legal, security, or the ethical side. The discussion Snowden started will keep governments and corporations busy for years to come. And I have the feeling that citizens will get more and more involved. “Largely, I think the privacy stuff genie is out of the bottle.” Hugh Forrest “What is going on is an unprecedented theft of wealth... They're doing that in part by stealing information from all of us. Knowledge is power, and so they're accumulating a lot of power.” Julian Assange “A healthy democracy values privacy for private citizens and transparency for public officials. That's been reversed.” Glenn Greenwald “I don’t think privacy/sharing data is a problem at all until my data is breached and my identity is stolen.” Barrie Vanbrackle “Privacy is relational. You want control of what you disclose, who to and where.” Barton Gellmann “If Big Data Is the New Oil, then Privacy Is the New Green” MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen

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