4th January 2017 - Disciples of Jesus – John

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Published on January 4, 2017

Author: Thornmd

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1. Disciples of Jesus – John – 4th January 2017 “Withoutdelayhe calledthem, and they left their father Zebedee inthe boatwith the hired men and followedhim.” (Mark 1:20). JohnBoanerges,sonof Zebedee andSalome,brotherof James,the Apostle. He wasknownasthe BelovedDisciple.A fishermanwholivedinBethsaida,CapernaumandJerusalem, he wasamemberof the InnerCircle.He wrote the Gospel of John,I John,IIJohn,III Johnand Revelation.He preachedamong the churchesof AsiaMinor.Banishedtothe isle of Patmos,he was laterfreedanddiedanatural death. Johnwas one of the prominentApostles.He ismentionedinmanyplacesinthe New Testament.He was a man of action;he was veryambitious;andaman withan explosive temperandan intolerantheart.His secondname wasBoanerges,whichmeanssonof Thunder.He and hisbrother,James,came froma more well-to-dofamilythanthe restof the 12 Apostles.Since hisfatherhadhiredservantsinhisfishing business aswe can learnfrom Mark 1:20, “Withoutdelayhecalled them, andthey left their father Zebedee inthe boatwith the hired men and followedhim.” He wasclose to Peter.Theywere acting togetherinthe ministry.Peter,however,wasalwaysthe spokesmanforthe band. Johnmellowedwithtime.Atthe latterpartof hislife,he hadforgotteneverything,includinghis ambitionandexplosivetemper,excepthisLord'scommandof love. Johnthe Apostle hadthe distinction of beingabelovedfriendof JesusChrist,writerof five booksof the New Testament,andapillarinthe earlyChristianchurch. Johnandhis brotherJames,anotherdisciple of Jesus,were fishermenonthe Sea of Galilee whenJesuscalledthemtofollow him.Theylaterbecame partof Christ'sinnercircle,along withthe Apostle Peter.Thesethree were privilegedtobe withJesusatthe raisingof Jairus'daughter fromthe dead,at the transfiguration,andduringJesus'agonyin Gethsemane. Onone occasion,whena Samaritanvillage rejectedJesus,JamesandJohnaskedif theyshouldcall downfire fromheavento destroythe place.Thatearnedthemthe nickname Boanerges,or"sonsof thunder." A previousrelationshipwith JosephCaiaphas allowedJohntobe presentinthe highpriest'shouse duringJesus'trial. Onthe cross, Jesusentrustedthe care of hismother, Mary, to an unnameddisciple, probablyJohn,whotookherintohishome as statedin John19:27, “ …andto the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, thisdiscipletook her into hishome.”Some scholarsspeculatethatJohn may have beenacousinof Jesus. Johnservedthe churchinJerusalemformanyyears,thenmovedto workin the church at Ephesus.AnunsubstantiatedlegendholdsthatJohnwastakento Rome duringa persecutionandthrownintoboiling oil butemergedunhurt.He wasthenexiledtothe islandof Patmos. Johnsupposedlyoutlivedall of the disciples,dyingof oldage atEphesus,perhapsaboutA.D.98. John'sGospel isstrikinglydifferentfrom Matthew, Mark,andLuke,the three SynopticGospels,which means"seenwiththe same eye"orfromthe same viewpoint.JohncontinuallyemphasizesthatJesus was the Christ,the Sonof God,sentby the Fatherto take awaythe sins of the world.He usesmany symbolictitlesforJesus,suchasthe Lambof God, resurrection,andthe vine.Throughoutthe Gospelof John,Jesususesthe phrase "Iam," unmistakablyidentifyinghimselfwithJehovah,the "IAM"or eternal God. AlthoughJohndoesnotmentionhimself byname inhisowngospel,he referstohimself fourtimes as "the disciple Jesus loved." AccomplishmentsofJohn the Apostle:Johnwasone of the firstdiscipleschosen.He wasan elderinthe earlychurch and helpedspreadthe gospel message.He iscreditedwithwritingthe Gospel of John;the letters1 John,2 John,and 3 John;andthe bookof Revelation.

2. John'sStrengths: JohnwasespeciallyloyaltoJesus.He wasthe onlyone of the 12 apostlespresentat the cross. AfterPentecost,JohnteamedupwithPetertofearlesslypreachthe gospelinJerusalemand sufferedbeatingsandimprisonmentforit.Because Johnexperiencedthe unconditional love of Jesus firsthand,he preachedthatlove inhisgospel andletters. John'sWeaknesses:Attimes, JohndidnotunderstandJesus'message of forgiveness,aswhenhe asked to call fire downuponunbelievers.He alsoaskedfora favoredpositioninJesus'kingdom. Life Lessonsfrom John the Apostle:Christisthe Saviorwho offerseveryperson eternal life.If we have faithinJesusChrist,repentforone’ssinsand follow Jesus’teachings,we are assuredof forgivenessand salvation.AsChristlovesus,we are tolove others. Godis love,andwe,asChristians,are to be channels of God's love toour neighbors.

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