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Published on December 30, 2008

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DISASTER MANAGEMENT(NBC WARFARE & BIO-TERRORISM) Where do we stand??? : DISASTER MANAGEMENT(NBC WARFARE & BIO-TERRORISM) Where do we stand??? Slide 2: Disaster Management Act 2005 passed by the Parliament and notified on 26 Dec 2005. It came into force w.e.f 28 July 2006 States also advised to adopt policy MISSION : MISSION Prevention of danger or threat of any disaster Mitigation or reduction of risk of any disaster or its severity or consequences Capacity-building Preparedness to deal with any disaster Prompt response to any threatening disaster situation or disaster Assessing the severity or magnitude of effects of any disaster Evacuation, rescue and relief Rehabilitation and reconstruction EVOLUTION OF NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (NDMA) ON 23 DEC 2005. : EVOLUTION OF NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (NDMA) ON 23 DEC 2005. Slide 5: Chairman Dr. Manmohan SinghPrime Minister Vice Chairman Gen NC Vij PVSM, UYSM, AVSM (Retd.) To build a safer and disaster resilient India by developing a holistic, pro-active, multi-disaster and technology-driven strategy for disaster management through collective efforts of all Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations NATIONAL VISION Members(8)- Ministers of State Slide 7: Ministry of Home Affairs (EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE) CISC-Member NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY CHAIRMAN: PRIME MINISTER 08 MEMBERS –NOMINATION BY PM Secretaries of all relevant Ministries WARNING (Nodal Agency) MHA Control Room STATE DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY Chairman: CHIEF MINISTER District Disaster Management Authority AFFECTED SITE State Control Room DEFENCE CRISIS MANAGEMENT GROUP : IDS HQs OPS ROOM NATIONAL STRUCTURE FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT NODAL MINISTRIES : NODAL MINISTRIES Ministries Responsible for Various Categories of Disasters DISASTERS MINISTRIES/DEPARTMENTS Earthquakes and Tsunami MHA/Ministry of Earth Sciences Floods MHA/Ministry of Water Resources/CWC Cyclones MHA/Ministry of Earth Sciences Drought Ministry of Agriculture Biological Disasters Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Chemical Disasters Ministry of Environment & Forests Nuclear Disasters Ministry of Atomic Energy Air Accidents Ministry of Civil Aviation Railway Accidents Ministry of Railways Broad Features of National Policy on DM : Broad Features of National Policy on DM Institutional structures to be built up and development of inter state arrangements for sharing of resources during emergencies. Culture of Planning and preparedness for capacity building. Construction designs as per Bureau of standards codes. All life line buildings eg. hospitals, railway stations, airport control towers, etc to be disaster resistant or retrofitted. Revision of Relief Codes in the States and develop them into disaster management codes/manuals. ARMED FORCES RESPONSE TO DISASTER : ARMED FORCES RESPONSE TO DISASTER HQ IDS : HQ IDS DGMO ARMY HQ ACNS (IWOPS) NHQ ACAS (OPS) AIR HQ ARMY OPS ROOM NAVAL WAR ROOM AIR OPS ROOM SERVICE HQ OPS HQ FD FMN HQ JOINT COORD CELL (AF) JOINT COORD CELL (NAVY) MOD JOCOM DCMG Slide 13: DGMS (Army) has earmarked 06 Field Ambulances for Disaster Mgmt including NBC Warfare as under: - (a) SC (b) EC (c) WC (d) Delhi Area (e) CC (f) NC Quick Reaction Medical Teams( QMRT) : Quick Reaction Medical Teams( QMRT) The Indian Air Force is authorised 03 QMRTs. QMRTs move with a scale which cater for 100 casualties for 4 days. All Major Army Units maintain a QMRT to be deployed in a very short period of time. Deliberations are under way to earmark Tertiary Care Hospitals of Armed Forces for upgrading to CBRN Casualty Management Compliance. : Deliberations are under way to earmark Tertiary Care Hospitals of Armed Forces for upgrading to CBRN Casualty Management Compliance. Equipment & Medical supplies during disaster in Armed Forces : Equipment & Medical supplies during disaster in Armed Forces ARMED FORCES: CASUALTY BRICK SYSTEM : ARMED FORCES: CASUALTY BRICK SYSTEM Basic Medical Brick- To treat 1000 Casualties for one day. Incremental Surgical Brick: for managing 1000 cas over a month STOCKING : STOCKING Each AFMSD to stock: - Basic Med Brick-10 Incremental Surgical Brick-01 CBRN Casualty Decontamination Centres : CBRN Casualty Decontamination Centres A case of CBRN Casualty Decontamination Centres at 87 Military Hospitals is under progress. Containerized Mobile Hospitals(Proposed by NDMA) : Containerized Mobile Hospitals(Proposed by NDMA) All Multi Hazard States- 02 Mobile hosp per State Other States- 01 Mob Hosp per State Min of Defence- 02 Mob Hosp Min of Health & Family Welfare- 02 Mob Hosp Min of Railways- 01 Mob Hosp NBC PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT FOR ARMED FORCES : NBC PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT FOR ARMED FORCES Slide 22: MODULAR CONCEPT OP BRICKS TRG BRICKS NBC PL BRICKS 1X BDE BRICK 30 ITEMS FOR 28 ITEMS 4X BN 70%STR (600 PERS) 35 PERS 30 ITEMS 850 PERS # COD MUMBAI- CENTRAL NODAL DEPOT FOR NBC EQPT * COMD STORAGE DEPOTS AND CORPS STORAGE DEPOTS OP BRICK : OP BRICK FOR ONE BDE. COMPRISES OF FOUR BN BRICKS. EACH BN BRICK CATERS FOR 850 PERS AND 30 ITEMS. SCALE OF ON PERS, UNIT RES AND WWR LAID DOWN. NEED OF BDE HQ AND ALL ATT & DET CATERED FOR. Slide 24: AUTH OF NBC EQPT – OP BRICK Slide 25: AUTH OF NBC EQPT – OP BRICK Slide 26: AUTH OF NBC EQPT - OP BRICK Slide 27: AUTH OF NBC EQPT – OP BRICK Slide 28: TRG BRICK 30 ITEMS. FOR 70% STR (600 PERS) OF A MAJ UNIT. SCALE OF ON PERS, UN IR RES AND WWR LAID DOWN. Slide 29: AUTH OF NBC EQPT PER TRG BRICK (600 PERS) Slide 30: AUTH OF NBC EQPT PER TRG BRICK (600 PERS) Slide 31: AUTH OF NBC EQPT PER TRG BRICK (600 PERS) Slide 32: AUTH OF NBC EQPT PER TRG BRICK (600 PERS) Slide 33: AUTH OF NBC EQPT (PER TRG BRICK OF 600 PERS) Slide 34: NBC PL BRICK 28 ITEMS. CATERS FOR 35 PERS OF NBC PL OF ENGR REGT. SCALE LAID DOWN. BIO AGENT DETECTOR NOT CATERED. Slide 35: NBC PL BRICK Slide 36: NBC PL BRICK Slide 37: NBC PL BRICK NBC PL BRICK : NBC PL BRICK Slide 39: A TOTAL OF 33 ITEMS OF NBC PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, EQPT AND SYS WERE SANCTIONED. DRDO HAS SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED 28 ITEMS AND FIVE ITEMS WERE IDENTIFIED FOR IMPORT. OF THE FIVE ITEMS EARMARKED FOR IMPORT, TWO ARE IN ADVANCED STATE OF DEVP BY DRDO. REVISED EQPT POLICY : REVISED EQPT POLICY REVISION POST POKHRAN II. ENVISAGED FIGHTING A CONVENTIONAL WAR AGAINST A NUCLEAR BACKDROP AS AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR FIGHTING. PHASED INDUCTION. SILENT ASPECTS OF NEW POLICY : SILENT ASPECTS OF NEW POLICY INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION MINIMUM PROTECTION TO ALL TPS IN LIKELY HIGH THREAT AREAS. FULLY EQUIPPED AND TRAINED COMPLEMENT OF APPROX ONE BDE WORTH IN A CORPS ZONE, TO BE ABLE TO ‘FIGHT DIRTY’ TO RESTORE A TACTICAL SITUATION. ONE BN GP WORTH WITH FULL EQUIPMENT CATERED FOR FORCES EARMARKED FOR OUT OF AREA OPS AND UN CONTINGENTS. :  At present Armed Forces do not have any Bio- safety Labs Level-II and III. Certain Labs can be upgraded to Bio-safety Level-II if the kit is provided to them. Case is taken up to establish Level-III Labs at AFMC, Pune and AH(R&R) Delhi Cantt. Establishment of Bio-safety Labs of Level-11 & Level-III capability all over the country Slide 43: BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Slide 44: BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY NBC WARFARE : NBC WARFARE NERVE AGENT PRE-TREATMENT SET (NAPS) : NERVE AGENT PRE-TREATMENT SET (NAPS) Prophylactic antidote to nerve agent exposures. Pyridostigmine bromide 30 mg tablets. 1 tablet every 8 hourly for a maximum duration of 7 days. Blister strip of 21 tablets to be carried by each individual. Consumption to start on :- Threat of exposure to nerve gas attack. On orders from higher authorities. AUTOJECT INJECTOR : AUTOJECT INJECTOR Nerve agent exposure countered by self administered injection first aid device containing antidotes :- Atropine sulphate. Pam chloride. Replaceable drug cartridge. Drug discharged through muscle in less than 5 seconds. Needle can penetrate through combat NBC protective clothing. Three sets of autoject injectors to be carried by each individual. Each set to be injected at intervals of 15 minutes. FIRST AID KIT CW TYPE ‘A’ : FIRST AID KIT CW TYPE ‘A’ Emergency kit for chemical warfare casualties for small body of troops & detachments. Caters for 6 casualties. Contains :- Auto-injectors for nerve agents. Steroid Inhaler for soothing chemical injuries to respiratory tract. Personal decontamination kit. Surgical gauge, antibiotic ointments and eye ointments for immediate application. FIRST AID KIT CW TYPE ‘B’ : FIRST AID KIT CW TYPE ‘B’ Emergency kit for chemical warfare casualties. Caters for 80 – 100 casualties. Contains all essential drugs, antidotes, dressing material, surgical implements and decontamination sets. MANUAL RESUSCITATOR : MANUAL RESUSCITATOR Scaled to be issued to med units Personal Protective Equipment : Personal Protective Equipment Limited number of First Aid Kit Type ‘A’ & ‘B’ are held by the Armed Forces for operational and training purpose (Classified Information) : Limited number of First Aid Kit Type ‘A’ & ‘B’ are held by the Armed Forces for operational and training purpose (Classified Information) CBRN Management Equipment for QRMTs /MFRs : CBRN Management Equipment for QRMTs /MFRs Slide 60: Plenty of recent documents with excellent guidelines are issued by Government Co-operation and effort are needed at all levels for implementation With His blessings and efforts by experts like all of us here and various organizations we will achieve our goal for better tomorrow as well as decreasing the agonies of ever happening disasters. Maj Gen SR Mehta,VSM 15 Dec 07

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