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Published on October 22, 2007

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Amerigo Vespucci :  Amerigo Vespucci Born 1454– Died 1512 Native homeland: Italy Sailed for Spain and Portugal Time period 1492 - 1499 Purpose of expedition: to help Spanish ships get what they needed for their journeys Route: Made 2 voyages to Brazil Discoveries: America and Native Americans Other interesting facts: died of Malaria, helped Columbus America was named after him. By McKenna Eichler Samuel de Champlain:  Samuel de Champlain Born: 1567 Brouage, France - Died: Dec. 1635 Route: New England and Canadian coast from Cape Sable to Cape Cod Time Period of voyage: early 1600s Ships name: Saint Julien Landed at: Vera Cruz, proceeded inland to Mexico City, went through Panama, returned Spain in March, 1601 Funded by Henry IV to do further exploration Purpose: to explore the St. Lawrence River and it’s surroundings Discoveries: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Chaplain He made the first thorough map of New England and the Canadian Coast, shows Port Royal, Frenchman’s Bay; the St.John;St. Croix;Penobscot;Kennebec Rivers; offshore islands- Mount Desert, which Champlain named Champlain spread Christianity By Rachel Morris Bartolomeu Dias:  Bartolomeu Dias Born in Portugal Sailed for Portugal Found Brazil Born 1450,died1500 Named Angora dos lieu's and Cabo das Voltas. John II sent him to explore the west coast of Africa. Sunk in a squall Sailed in 1486 Sailed around Africa Julia Burmeister Christopher Columbus:  Christopher Columbus Born: 1451 Died: 1506 Native homeland: Italy He sailed for: Spain Time period:1492-1493 Purpose: to find a new route to the Indies, and once he found the Indies, their riches Route: southwest from Spain, across the Atlantic Ocean, west to Cuba, and then returned to Spain Discoveries: Cuba and Indians, he thought he found the Indies Other interesting information: he first went to sea when he was fourteen, but the ship was shipwrecked on the coast of Portugal, he asked many kings and queens to sail until Queen Isabella of Spain agreed to pay for his voyage, after weeks at sea the crew became worried because according to the maps of their time, they should have arrived because they believed the world was much smaller than it really is and that the ocean was much smaller , Columbus was actually present when Dias gave his mission report, but still wanted to sail west. Emily Zeme Ferdinand Magellan:  Ferdinand Magellan Born in 1480 in Portugal. Died in 1521 during his voyage. Sailed for Portugal's enemy, Spain. Sailed in the early 1500’s. Looked for a route from Spain to India without going through Portugal's territory. Discovered the Straits of Magellan, and that ships could sail around the world. Went from Spain to the Canary Islands. Then to the Straits of Magellan, next to the Spice Islands, and finally back to Spain. Matthew H. Romer Francisco Pizarro:  Francisco Pizarro Born in 1475 He sailed for Spain He sailed in 1503 His purpose was to get to Hispanola He founded Panama City and San Miguel He strangled a guy in 1533 He was a conquistador He discovered the Inca He was killed in a fight with another Spaniard Died in 1533 By Katie Kroger Giobanni Da Verrazano:  Giobanni Da Verrazano Born in Tuscany Italy Sailed for France He was born 1485 and died in 1528 explored the east coast United States in 1525 best known as the discoverer of New York Harbor. possibly the first European to enter New York Bay. In 1526, or later, sailing from France, he explored the West Indies, where he was killed by the natives. As a young man he lived in Dieppe, France, and entered the French maritime service. Verrazzano made two voyages to the Levant (present-day Turkey, Syria and Lebanon). Verrazzano set sail in search of a northwest passage to Asia with two ships provided by Francis I of France. By Drew Ball Henry Hudson:  Henry Hudson Born:1570(?) Died:1611(?) Homeland: England. Route: Across the Atlantic Ocean to the Northeast coast of America. Accomplishments: Went on the Hudson River and back out heading Northeast. Time Period: Late 1500 hundreds and early 1600 hundreds. Country he sailed for: Netherlands. Discoveries: Discovered the Hudson River. Purpose: Sailing for Northwest Passage. Other interesting facts: They do not know when he was born or died. Connor Gallegos Hernando Cortes:  Hernando Cortes Born : 1487 Died : 1547 Born in Medellin, Spain Sailed for Spain Explored in the 14th century Purpose was to claim new lands Started at Cuba, and went a number of ways like NW, SW, SE, and South he found New Spain Discovered new lands Discovered Mexico Was also called Hernan and Fernando Kristianna Lea Jacques Cartier:  Jacques Cartier Born: St. Malo, France. Sailed for: France. Time period:1491-1557. Purpose: To find gold and find a passageway to China. Route: Along the west shore of Newfoundland to Cape Anguille. And ended at The St. Lawrence River. Discoveries: The St. Lawrence River. Other Interesting Facts: he failed in his primary object, the discovery of the Northwest Passage. Made by Gus John Cabot:  John Cabot Born in Italy Sailed for England Time period 1476 On March 5, 1496 King Henry gave John permission to sail North. John’s route was from England to Newfoundland. First to explore the Mainland of North America and the first to search for the Northwest Passage. His ship was named ‘’The Matthew’’ He found Newfoundland. Alexis Juan Ponce de Leon:  Juan Ponce de Leon Born Palencia , Spain - 1460. Died in 1521. Sailed for Spain. Voyage started in 1513. Tried to find the Fountain of Youth Sailed from Spain across the Atlantic ocean to the coast of Florida. Discovered Florida. Got shot with an arrow trying to land on Florida . Served in many military campaigns Talbot Jacobs Leif Eriksson:  Leif Eriksson Born in Iceland - 960 A .D Sailed for Norway Time Period: 984 His purpose was to make people Christian His route started at Iceland went around the tip of Greenland and ended up in what is Canada today Found Vineland and Wineland When he was on his ship sailing, he saved drowning people. They rewarded him with treasure and called him Leif the Lucky. Died unknown Madison Clark Alvez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca:  Alvez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca Born in Spain in 1490 Sailed for Spain on royal orders Left in 1527 and came back in 1532 Discovered parts of Florida and Texas Route went across the Atlantic Ocean and followed the coast of Florida, had a shipwreck and followed the coast of Texas, walked across to the west coast of Mexico, returned to Spain Purpose: To get more land for Spain Made a book about his life and got captured by the natives of Texas Died in 1557 By Anna Cardall Pedro Alvares Cabral:  Pedro Alvares Cabral Born: c. 1467 Belmonte, Portugal Died: c. 1520 Native homeland: Portugal, Europe Country sailed for: Portugal Purpose: To establish trade relations with India, also to introduce Christianity wherever he went Time period: March 9,1500-June 23,1501 Accomplishment: Found Brazil, Claimed it for Portugal, discovered Madagascar Connor Hum Vasco de Gama:  Vasco de Gama born: December 24,1524 died:1469 Native homeland: Portugal Country he sailed for : Spain Time period:1497-1499 (main expedition) Purpose: taking over for his father (Estevaode de Gama) in his expedition (to find a trade route to India) Discoveries: first to find India Other Interesting Facts: became naval officer in 1492.had a crew of 170 people. Route: south west to Cape Verde Island, south, south east around Cape of Good Hope, up along the coast of Africa to the equator, and north east to Calicut, India Zachary J. Obstfeld Vasco Nunez De Balboa:  Vasco Nunez De Balboa Born:1475 at Jerez De Los CabaIIeros Died:1519 Route: Pacific Ocean Accomplishment: First European to see the Pacific Ocean from the eastern shore Time period: Early 1500s Native homeland: Spain, Europe Sailed for: Spain, Europe Purpose: Sailed for trade landed on island of Hipaniola Other intresting info: Balboa has a coin named after him in Panama. Vasco had a partner named Rodrigo De Bastidas. By: Ryan H. Vasquez de Coronado:  Vasquez de Coronado Born: 1510 in Salamanca, Spain Died: 1555 in Mexico City Sailed to enrich the Spanish Empire Came to America when he was 25 Tried to find gold in the Zuni pueblos Was mayor of New Galicia Retired from mayor in 1544 Sailed 300 Spanish soldiers, over 1,000 Tlaxcalan Indians, and big herds of live stock Sailed to Mexico and then traveled to what is now Kansas Did not find gold Jackson Kalmbach Hernando De Soto:  Hernando De Soto Born 1500 – Died 1541 Native homeland Extremadura,Spain Sailed for : Spain to North America Time period:1539-1542 Route: from Cape Coral, Florida he went north to Georgia, to South Carolina, to Tennessee, to Alabama, and to Arkansas Purpose was: To find gold and silver he heard about from Cabeza De Vaca Purpose: to start a settlement Discovered: The Mississippi River Other facts: He was appointed the governor of Cuba He wanted to go to Mississippi, but died of a fever in Arkansas. By Elizabeth Elmgren

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