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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ksosonka

Source: authorstream.com

RFP: 1 RFP Potential GSC needs info about your show Pounds of Freight Labor Rental Furniture A/V Other Equipment Ordered by Exhibitors Installation & Dismantling Required by Exhibitors Management Considerations, Such As Free Registration Area RFP: 2 RFP What You Need From Them: Key Personnel Qualifications Relative to Your Show References Insurance Overview of Services Ancillary Services Fees Timetable Proposals, What do they Entail…….: 3 Proposals, What do they Entail……. Overview of GSC History Services Business Philosophy Contact Information Fluff Proposals, What do they Entail…….: 4 Proposals, What do they Entail……. Basic Services Floor Plan Pipe & Drape General Decorations Registration/Entrance Units Carpet/Aisle Signs Furnishings Labor/Material Handling Proposals, What do they Entail…….: 5 Proposals, What do they Entail……. Show Specific Services Custom Graphics Support Services A/V Florist Security Client/Show Requirements Proposals, What do they Entail……. : 6 Proposals, What do they Entail……. Exhibitor Services Pre-Show Planning On-site Services Exhibitor Manuals Equipment and Services Timelines: Timelines 1 Year Signed Contract Floor Plan Start Design Six Months Fire Marshal Approve Floor Plan Exhibit Space Sold Start Exhibitor Kits Three Months Exhibitor Manuals Distributed Complete Design/Start Producing 7 Timelines: 3/14/2014 8 Timelines 90 Days and Counting Work Tickets Final Floor Plan Approvals Meeting with Venue and Sub-contractors Internal Meetings Finish Design Production Graphics Relationships: 3/14/2014 9 Relationships Show Management Long Term Exhibitors Paying Customers Subcontractors Security, I&D, Florist, Photographers, Unions, Food Services, Registration, Media, Cleaning, A/V, Model Agencies, Computer Rentals, Electricians, …… Relationships : 3/14/2014 10 Relationships Venues All Are the Same, All are Unique Partnership Part of the Planning Process Make or Break More Rigging: 11 More Rigging Things to Remember When Negotiating: 12 Things to Remember When Negotiating Your Value to the GSC Is Determined Primarily by Three Things: The Size of the Show, Particularly Pounds of Drayage The Number of Shows You Organize The Length of the Contract You Are Willing to Sign In The End…: 3/14/2014 13 In The End… GSC is….. Multi-functional Expert on many subjects Friend Partner Scapegoat Rebates From Suppliers: 14 Rebates From Suppliers Not Unusual for GSC (and Maybe Others) to Give a Rebate to Show Management May Appear in Different Forms: Free Registration Counters Discount for Show Management A/V A $3 Per Room Night Subsidy to Offset Bus Shuttle Costs Names to Know: 15 Names to Know The Freeman Companies: www.freemanco.com GES: www.ges.com Shepard: www.Shepardes.com Who Owns the Steam?: 16 Who Owns the Steam?

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