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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: ksosonka

Source: authorstream.com

Registration : 1 Registration Making Sure You Know Who Is There and What They are Doing What Does the Registration Fee Include?: 2 What Does the Registration Fee Include? All Sessions Keynote General Concurrent, Break-out All Scheduled Food & Beverage Events Access to Trade Show Floor Use of Cyber Café or Other Type of Lounge Area Or Not Advance Registration: 3 Advance Registration Best Way for the Organizer to Get a Handle on Planning Pace Can Indicate Marketing Strengths or Weaknesses Should Be Monitored Carefully Compare This Year’s Pace With Last Year’s to See If There Is Reason to Worry PowerPoint Presentation: 4 Advance Registration May Also:: 5 Advance Registration May Also: Allow Attendees to Purchase Tickets for Special Events Allow Attendees to Sign-up for Optional Tours Allow Attendees to Sign-up for Optional Sessions Allow Attendees to Sign-up for One Day of Entire Conference The Advance Registration Material Should Contain Info On:: 6 The Advance Registration Material Should Contain Info On: Who May Register Fee for Each Category of Registrant Materials & Activities Included in the Fee Deadline Dates for Discounted Rates Payment Procedures Cancellation & Refund Policies How to Register (On-line Vs. Fax Vs. Mail) How to Identify Special Needs (Inc. 1st Timer) On-site Registration Location & Hours Confirmation of Registration: 7 Confirmation of Registration Must Be Timely Can Be Done Via Email, Fax or Mail Must Be in Writing Should Include Cancellation & Refund Policies Should Tell Attendee to Keep the Confirmation & Bring It to the Meeting The Registration Form: 8 The Registration Form May Be Accessed Many Ways Must Be Easy to Complete for Attendee AND Make It Easy to Calculate Fees Must Get All the Demographics on Attendees You Really Want Now Includes Emergency Contact Information Special Needs ADA Dietary Design Considerations: 9 Design Considerations Use Only One or Two Type Faces Use Bold & Italics Sparingly Avoid the Use of CAPITAL LETTERS IN LONG BLOCKS OF COPY Use a Box for Each Letter of the Name, Instead of Leaving a Blank Line Avoid the Use of a Glossy Finish Other Design Issues: 10 Other Design Issues Electronic Formats May Require Adobe Acrobat Electronic Forms May Not Look the Same on the Printed Page Faxed Forms Have Special Considerations Languages and Symbols for a Diverse Audience PowerPoint Presentation: 11 PowerPoint Presentation: 12 On-site Registration: 13 On-site Registration Anywhere From 40 - 90% of Attendees Register in Advance Must Be Prepared to Service the Rest On-site QUICKLY Count on Handling 100 Attendees Per Hour in a Computerized Process Include Registration Area in Event Orders for Hotel PowerPoint Presentation: 14 PowerPoint Presentation: 15 On-site Registration: 16 On-site Registration Need Clear Signage and Instructions on How to Proceed Need Space for Forms Need Place for Attendees to Complete Forms (Stand-up Counters) Attendees Take Forms to Registration Window Registration Is Completed & Badge Issued Along With Other Materials & Receipt

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