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Published on January 1, 2008

Author: demirel

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Slide1:  . UNDP Water Governance key to poverty eradication and sustainable development UNDP is committed to contribute towards meeting the targets of::  UNDP is committed to contribute towards meeting the targets of: …by 2015 to halve the proportion of people who are unable to reach, or to afford, safe drinking water (MDG) Halving the number of people with out access to basic sanitation by 2015 (WSSD) To stop the unsustainable exploitation of water resources, by developing water management strategies at the regional, national and local levels, which promote both equitable access and adequate supplies. (Millennium Development Report). Additional UNDP concerns:  shared water is a potential source of conflict - but can as well be seen as an effective means to build trust and cooperation between countries - shallow ground water - the main source of safe water for poor people - is increasingly becoming polluted and depleted; - present waste management practices, such as water-borne sanitation are many times unaffordable and environmentally unsustainable; - climate change and variability increase the vulnerability of the poor and has to be considered in the governance of water; - inadequate involvement of women, esp. in decision making Additional UNDP concerns Slide4:  Water cross-cutting all WEHAB areas Water Health Energy Agriculture Biodiversity Slide5:  . UNDP’s Water Governance Strategy Sound and effective water governance is the key to poverty eradication and sustainable water management (water as a natural resource and for service delivery) Six service lines to promote livelihood opportunities for the poor through equitable, efficient and sustainable use of water resources and related services delivered through UNDP country, regional and global programmes in partnerships: GWP, WSP, WSSCC, ICLEI, UNDESA, WB, UNICEF, Sida, DGIS, WaterAid Why water governance?:  Why water governance? “The water crisis is essentially a crisis of governance” Draws attention to equitable, efficient and sustainable use of water resources The livelihoods of the poor are directly linked to adequate quality and quantity of water resources and related services Prospects for economic growth remain highly dependent on water and other natural resources The capacity of countries to pursue IWRM, meet new demands and manage risks depends on their ability to promote and put in place sound and effective water governance systems Water governance is key to sustainable development What’s Water Governance?:  What’s Water Governance? …the range of political, social, economic and administrative systems that are in place to develop and manage water resources, and the delivery of water services, at different levels of society. Some Criteria for Effective Water Governance:  Some Criteria for Effective Water Governance Participation Transparency Equity Accountability Coherency Integrative Responsiveness Some Criteria for Effective Water Governance:  Some Criteria for Effective Water Governance Participation Transparency Equity Accountability Coherency Integrative Responsiveness Ineffective water governance:  Ineffective water governance Some of the symptoms include: The lack of water institutions, fragmented institutional structures (sector-by-sector approach), unclear property rights, and overlapping and/or conflicting decision-making structures. Up-stream and down-stream conflicts regarding riparian rights and access to water. Strong tendencies to divert public resources for personal gain, unpredictability in the use of laws and, a number of regulations and licensing practices, which impede markets and voluntary action and encourage corruption and other forms of rent–seeking behaviour. Service Lines :  local management of water resources and water service delivery - national capacities to plan, implement and monitor water development & conservation (policies, legislation, inst.) - countries capacity to address global and regional water challenges (river basin organizations, global negotiations); - cross cutting: - climate change & variability, risk mgmt - gender mainstreaming of IWRM - capacity building Service Lines The Dialogue on Water Governance:  The Dialogue on Water Governance Identifying problems => towards solutions, facilitating reform Providing examples, good and bad! Demonstrating IWRM in practice Raising awareness Gender Mainstreaming in Water Why?:  Gender Mainstreaming in Water Why? Project effectiveness - involving both women and men in integrated water resources initiatives increases project effectiveness and sustainability. Environmental Sustainability - using a gender perspective and ensuring women's involvement supports environmental sustainability A Concern for Equality - without specific attention to gender issues, initiatives and projects can reinforce inequalities between women and men and even increase imbalances. Gender Resource Handbook on IWRM Slide14:  Transboundary Waters: International cooperation on shared water resources is critical, especially in water scarce regions experiencing the impacts of over-consumption and pollution. Transboundary River Basin Initiative: Aims to facilitate dialogue and trust among riparian countries and support emerging river basin organizations (The Nile, Niger, Senegal, Okavangu, SADC, Rio Frio, Mekong, Kura Aras, Amy Darya). Complementary to GEF International Waters Slide15:  International Network for Capacity Building in IWRM info@cap-net.org www.cap-net.org Slide16:  . Water and Climate Change Climate change and climate variability will affect the availability of water supplies and quality. Consequences of climate change and variability on the governance of water sector in the framework of national sustainable development have to be considered in reducing the vulnerability of the poor and strengthening sustainable livelihoods.

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