4 Ways Super Greens May Help You During the Flu Season

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Information about 4 Ways Super Greens May Help You During the Flu Season
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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: activanaturals

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4 Ways Super Greens May Help You During the Flu Season To have a healthy body with a healthy immune system during this challenging flu season, you may want to consider adding super greens to your everyday diet. The number one benefit from consuming super greens is that it is super packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that can be easily absorbed into your body. Most of More importantly, the antioxidants in super greens account for the best defense against free radicals, which contributes to disease and aging. Studies have shown that the enzymes offered by the super greens appear to aid digestion. Provides Digestive Enzymes: Super greens are beneficial as they help the body with the digestion of other foods, especially proteins. As we age, the proper breakdown of food doesn't happen without enough enzymes in the body, and we, eventually and naturally, produce less enzymes.

Researchers say that Greens Heal Tissues: Researchers have shown that super greens may aid in healing tissues. Extracts of the chlorophyll found in super greens appear to stimulate the growth of new skin tissue in wounds. French scientists have found alfalfa can reduce damaged tissue caused by radiotherapy. If you would like to read about this article and others on your health, please visit the below link: http://bit.ly/1jJufXF For more articles on your health, please visit http://www.activanaturals.com and http://www.activanaturals.ca

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