4 Reasons why You Must Own Round Glasses!

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Information about 4 Reasons why You Must Own Round Glasses!

Published on August 18, 2018

Author: perfect_glasses

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slide 1: 4 Reasons why You Must Own Round Glasses Round Glasses: Evergreen Classics Retro has always been a sought after trend and many go as far as adding vintage collectives to their homes. The good old fashioned look can never do us wrong when we are trying to pull of the chic look be it wearing grandmas jumpers or pops old shirt even your mother wedding jewellery all make quite a statement when styled right. The Optical industry is no different when it is adapting retro inspirations into modern silhouettes. Prescription Glasses are on everyones must have list to either correct vision or protect their eyes or just to complete an outfit. slide 2: That being said with the emerging colours and textures our oh so beloved Round Glasses are sure making some noise. Everyone seems to be wanting to try the Harry Potter or the Gandhi look “Here are 4 Reasons Why you Must Add them to your eyewear collection” Stars Give Us Goals : From Selena Gomez to Jennifer Lopez Robert Downey Jr Hugh Grant Brad Pitt Jennifer Garner Ryan Gosling- my gosh the list is endless Instagram stories magazine covers red carpets are all flocked with our favourite celebrities styling round prescription sunglasses and glasses slide 3: Cool Classics : Vintage styles are evergreen and will always remain close to our hearts they are comforting and effortless to style. They do make some heads turn and round glasses are no exception when you try them in chunky frames or minimalist or even wacky colours. Bold : They have come a long way and apart from tortoise shell they sport aztec animal floral and many prints and textures. The latest one being wooden texture and clear that is the new geek chic in town. They are unconventional and brace the pear square or oval face the best Affordable : And you thought designer glasses were expensive Then you ought to buy glasses online at Perfect Glasses UK’s leading online retailer for affordable genuine and urban eyewear that makes sure you can get as stylish as ever Featuring over 30 designer labels Perfect Glasses has engineered the Virtual Try On feature that virtually lets you see how all the featured frames look on you just with an upload of your close up portrait Eyewear Landscape is an ever changing arena but classics always rule fashion charts when remade with innovation and modern sensibilities. Round glasses can be your perfect chic retro and elegant companion for any event occasion or mood

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