4 Reason's Ellen DeGeneres's #Oscars Tweet Won Twitter (And How You Can, Too!)

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Information about 4 Reason's Ellen DeGeneres's #Oscars Tweet Won Twitter (And How You Can,...

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: carmentravels

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Ellen DeGeneres broke the ReTweet record (and broke Twitter!) with her #Oscars selfie. We can't all be Ellen, but we can follow her example – and the 4 R's of Twitter – and be Twitter celebrities in our own right. Read this social media case study on Ellen's success to learn more!

Winning Twitter Why Ellen DeGeneres’s #Oscars Tweet won Twitter, and how you can too. A social media case study by Carmen Shirkey Collins @cshirkeycollins Senior Manager, Social Media – Citrix (Views are my own) S

Ellen’s #Oscars tweet

Why did it break records (& Twitter!)? S 4 Rs of social media (Twitter specifically) S It was REAL (sort of, more on that in a bit) S It was RELEVANT S Ellen had REACH (which she gained from an engaged audience) S It was RETWEETABLE

How to be real S Ellen’s Tweet was slightly staged (and a win for Samsung as well.) BUT: S Ellen has set herself up as a REAL lover of movies (and movie stars) S The stars are her REAL friends (making REAL faces for a selfie – a la Kevin Spacey and Julia Roberts) S Taking a selfie with stars is something a REAL person would do S For you, the first rule of being REAL is to be authentic S Speak in a REAL voice, not like a bot or with some corporate speak S Like you’re talking to your friends S Post about REAL stuff S What are you a REAL expert in? (you can’t be all things to all people)

How to be RELEVANT S All brands aren’t RELEVANT to all things. S Example, a salon might Tweet about celebrity hairdos at the Oscars, that’s RELEVANT S Just Tweeting about the Oscars with no obvious connection with what makes it RELEVANT is not being REAL (see previous slide) S Participate in existing conversations (these are RELEVANT) by using the appropriate hashtags (example, #Oscars.) S Don’t jump on the topic bandwagon if you’re not going to be REAL S The Twitters know a fake when they see one, and you’ll be in the news, for the wrong thing

What is REACH? S To break a Twitter record, you need REACH S The metric of potential REACH is about as NOT REAL as you can get S Potential reach = the possible amount of followers that your followers have that MAY see a post S But every follower doesn’t ReTweet, or favorite, what you say. It’s a vanity metric S What’s your actual REACH? S The number of people who ACTUALLY saw your Tweet

How do you get REACH? S Content that gets engagement, gets you REACH S Establish a pattern of posting things that your audience wants to see. You’ll know what they want to see when they click, ReTweet, or fave S It’s not about what you want to post. It’s about your audience S Know your audience (what do they want? Maybe ask them once in a while) S Measure S Know the content that is working for you by measuring it

What makes something RETWEETABLE? S It’s short S Twitter is short form at it’s finest, you only get 140 characters, BUT S If you account for the characters that your ReTweeters’ Twitter handles take up, and . . . S You don’t want your original Tweet shortened in any way S Aim for less than 120 characters (including the link). Less is even better S Ask for a ReTweet S Ellen asked Oscars viewers to Retweet the photo S They like her, they relate to her, so they did! S Ask for ReTweets when you Tweet! (Sparingly. For the big stuff)

Thoughts? S Comment on SlideShare S Tweet me @cshirkeycollins

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