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Published on November 6, 2008

Author: geniekids

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Questioning : Questioning Study Smarter Workshop Module 4 Is this Thinking? : 1a What is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh? 1b Given a globe in which state capital will the sun rise first in India? Is this Thinking? FACTUAL or THINKING : FACTUAL or THINKING Mark each of the questions as FACTUAL. or THINKING. Try changing the factual to thinking, Try answering the thinking. How many heads did Ravana have? What is Vanvas? How would you have felt when Sita was kidnapped if you were Lakshman? Should Sita be punished for crossing the Lakshman Rekha? Who went to Lanka to give message to Sita?What happened first in the story? What happened after Lanka was burnt by Hanuman? What do you think Ram will do if they were to go into the forest once again? Is this story like any other story you have read? How? Are all brothers like Lakshman? Thinking : Thinking Ask questions, not answer them Ask Why? for information Ask How? for solutions Ask open questions ………….. Ask for understanding, not correctness Ask only for thinking , not for interrogating 1 Questioning for Thinking : 1) If you had to pick another name for yourself, what would that be? 2) If you had nothing to clip, but had a paper clip, name three things you can do with the paper clip 3) Crossing a jungle you come to a river, if you do not know how to swim, how will you find out how deep the river is? 4) When playing hide and seek, do you think it’s more fun to hide or to seek? Why? 5) If movies were being remade and you were given to act in one film, which one will you choose and what role? 6) Fill in the blank: As “gooey” as _________ 7) If you’re making lot of noise at a party, how would you like the host aunty to tell you? 8) Name one thing that scares you most? What can you do to eliminate this fear? Think of at least one specific step you will take. 9) Think of your friend. Think about why that person is your friend. Think what this tells you about yourself? 1 Questioning for Thinking 2 Questioning for A GOAL : 2 Questioning for A GOAL Write an Essay on HORSE 2 Questioning for A GOAL : 2 Questioning for A GOAL Or first Think of a horse Write down at least 30 questions you would like to ask related to a horse. 2 Questioning for A GOAL : Questions can start with Why …. ? When … ? What …. ? Where … ? Which … ? How …. ? 2 Questioning for A GOAL :  3 Questioning for UNDERSTANDING Slide 10: © Copyright John Sleigh 2002 Knowledge : Knowledge Recall specific information What was the little girl’s name? How many bears lived in the house? define, describe, identify, list, match, name Comprehension : Comprehension Understanding of what was read Why did Goldilocks’ mother tell her never to go into the forest? explain, estimate, rewrite, distinguish, defend Application : Application Convert abstract content into concrete action Make a sign to be placed at the entrance to the forest operate, demonstrate, change, use, show Analysis : Analysis Compare and contrast the story to personal experiences How would you react if you saw a safe haven in a dangerous location? compare, distinguish, outline, subdivide Synthesis : Synthesis Combine the component parts into a new whole Write a story where non-human creatures are used to illustrate human behaviour compile, compose, create, design, construct Evaluation : Why do so many adults forbid children to do interesting things? Evaluation Judge value for purpose and provide supporting reasons appraise, criticise, compare, summarise Bloom’s Taxonomy : Bloom’s Taxonomy Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation What? Why? Where I use? How it works? With? So What Value? Bloom’s Taxonomy : Bloom’s Taxonomy Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation What is the story about? Why did the story end the way it did? How would you use the essence to solve a problem in your life? Compare the characteristics of two main characters and how that effected the story? If you were the protagonist what you would have done? What impact would this story have on the society? Mind Muscles : Mind Muscles Whats on my mind is more important then whats in the book Even if I am thinking wrong, I am thinking More its relevant more I think More I use - More they grow “I like being called a THINKER” Slide 20: This presentation is part of a workshop Geniekids conducts for children in the age group 9-16 years. We believe its not important to “study hard” but to “study smart” – That is study with an understanding of how our brain works, how we learn.This ensure better efficiency and effectiveness. In fact the principles of study skills are fairly intuitive and also known for centuries – yet the oft heard comment (from parents) is why didn’t somebody tell me about this when I was in school / college. Study skills benefit one and all, are simple to imbibe and result into more enjoyable learning process.Please visit our website to know more as well as browse the web in general to discover and understand learning more. Contact us if you want us to conduct workshop for your child, school, or children of your community or even train you (as an adult) to further train children. Click on our logo below to visit our website.

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