4 Key Steps to Creating a Content Strategy Worthy of Earning Links | SMX West 2014 Recap

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: moniquethegeek

Source: slideshare.net


As part of the "Earning Links, Not Building Links" panel at SMX West 2014, Monique Pouget shared 4 steps for creating a content strategy worthy of links. From audience research and establishing a game plan, to an efficient workflow and compelling content examples, here's everything you need to know!

Learn more on the Thunder Blog! http://bit.ly/earningthelove

DOWNLOAD this presentation bit.ly/EarningTheLove 4  KEY  STEPS   TO  CREATING  A  CONTENT  STRATEGY   WORTHY  OF  EARNING  LINKS Presented by Monique Pouget | March 12, 2014 www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

First  Off  –    Who  am  I?     Monique Pouget Director of Content Strategy @moniquethegeek linkd.in/mpouget gplus.to/moniquepouget thunderseo.com/blog www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

But  Ma>  Cu>s  Is  Like…   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

So  You’re  Like…   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

KNOW   YOUR   AUDIENCE   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

What’s  GeVng  Shared?   Content  Types   •  ArIcles  /  blog  posts  /  lists   •  Videos  and  images   •  Virtual  worlds   Content  Topics   •  Industry  trends?   •  Current  events?   Devices   •  Mobile  or  desktop?   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Who  Are  You  Chasing   Bots  or  Humans?   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

2 GAME   PLAN   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

CONTENT   STRATEGY   “Plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” - KRISTINA HALVORSON, CONTENTSTRATEGY.COM www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Start  here   ANALYZE  &   OBSERVE   BUILD  ONLINE   COMMUNITY   MEASURE   MONITOR  &   ENGAGE   Content  Strategy     Framework   SPREAD  THE   WORD   ESTABLISH   GOALS   DEVELOP   STRATEGY   AKA  Content   MarkeCng   CREATE   VALUE   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

3 WORKFLOW   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

BRAINSTORM   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Topic Writer Audience Due Dates UTMs SCHEDULE   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

www.ThunderSEO.com SPELL  IT  OUT   @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

COLLABORATE   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

4 HEAVYWEIGHTS   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Tell  Your  Brand’s  Story   50,000 Links 1,050 FB Shares & Likes 772 Tweets 7 Google +1s www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Inform  and  Delight   45,000 FB Shares & Likes 9,600 Links 6,000 Tweets 464 Google +1s www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Inform  and  Delight   8.2 Million YT Views 10,000 FB Shares & Likes 130 Links* 308 Tweets www.ThunderSEO.com 12 Million YT Views 3,000 FB Shares & Likes 2,600 Links 695 Tweets @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Visualize  Data   1,831 FB Shares & Likes 2,000 Tweets 1,050 Links www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Visualize  Data   292 FB Shares & Likes 410 Tweets 220 Links 85 Google +1s www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Visualize  Data   6,500 FB Shares & Likes 533 Tweets 48 Links 22 Google +1s 43 FB Shares & Likes 24 Tweets 9 Links www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Answer  FAQs   13,700 FB Shares & Likes 10,000 Tweets 2,400 Links 2,200 Google +1s www.ThunderSEO.com 2,700 FB Shares & Likes 859 Tweets 771 Links 350 Google +1s @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Give  Away  Free  Stuff   2,300 FB Shares & Likes 6,900 Links 1,500 Google +1s 974 Tweets www.ThunderSEO.com 1,490 FB Shares & Likes 1,700 Links 1,700 Tweets 1,300 Google +1s @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

REPEAT   AFTER     ME   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

AcIon  Items   •  Know  your  audience.  What  will  they   devour?   •  IdenIfy  a  plan  of  a>ack  –  AKA  Content   Strategy   •  Manage  the  content  creaIon  process   efficiently   •  Create  content  that  naturally  a>racts  links   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

IF  ALL  ELSE  FAILS…   Try  One  of  These  Methods   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

OR…   www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

DOWNLOAD Q  &  A   this presentation bit.ly/EarningTheLove monique@thunderseo.com @moniquethegeek linkd.in/mpouget thunderseo.com/blog MONIQUE POUGET Director of Content Strategy www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

Image  Credits   Slide  3:  hLp://www.retronaut.com/2012/10/we-­‐want-­‐beer-­‐parade/     Slide  5:  hLp://contenCni.com/content-­‐strategy-­‐and-­‐ux-­‐weekly-­‐news-­‐roundup-­‐13-­‐mar-­‐2011/     Slide  7:  hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/arCseverywhere/3918396258/   Slide  10:  hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76/4672433373/sizes/l/  //  hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/kaptainkobold/5181464194/   Slide  20:  hLp://livingochewall.vans.com/   Slide  21:  hLp://dumbwaystodie.com/     Slide  22:  hLp://chipotle.com/en-­‐US/fwi/videos/videos.aspx?v=1  //  hLp://www.scarecrowgame.com/     Slide  23:  hLps://www.airbnb.com/annual/     Slide  24:  hLp://www.warbyparker.com/annual-­‐report-­‐2013/     Slide  25:  hLp://www.globalequality.org/component/content/arCcle/166    //   hLp://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/12/11/a-­‐map-­‐of-­‐the-­‐countries-­‐where-­‐homosexuality-­‐is-­‐criminalized/     Slide  26:  hLp://rcs.seerinteracCve.com/money/  //  hLp://www.swissotel.com/promo/eCqueLe-­‐map/   Slide  27:  hLp://moz.com/beginners-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐seo  //  hLp://moz.com/beginners-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐social-­‐media     Slide  28:  hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/kalexanderson/6354182139/  //  hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/13496783@N06/6504045927/  //   hLp://www.flickr.com/photos/jovian_dreams/4903678659/     Slide  29:  hLp://www.soundboardt.com     www.ThunderSEO.com @MoniqueTheGeek | #SMX #22A

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