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Published on December 13, 2007

Author: Clown

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4. How to Never Get Sick Again:  4. How to Never Get Sick Again But really we mean, how to slow down and reverse the aging process How healthy are you?:  How healthy are you? A. Little or no body odor B. No bad breath C. No foot odor D. Urine and feces do not smell E. Sleep deeply and refreshingly F. No rashes or dandruff G. Not depressed or stressed H. Rarely get flu, colds, heartburn, aches and pains I. Full of vitality and energy J. Never have to use prescription drugs GAMEPLAN:  GAMEPLAN A. Eliminate toxins from your body. Cleanse liver, gallbladder, lung, fat tissue and lymph glands. B. Supplement to keep nutrients working well. C. Select organic foods, never foods whose names you can’t pronounce. D. Drink purified water Gameplan:  Gameplan E. Borage oil F. Vitamin E G. Flaxseed Oil H. Co-enzyme Q 10 I. Aloe vera Juice J. Apple Cider Vinegar K. Coral Calcium/Magnesium L. Saw Palmetto(M) Iron (F) Slide5:  M. Colon Cleanse – Cod Liver Oil N. Exercise O. Pray – develop rel’n with higher being P. Kosher or Organic Meats Q. Proper posture – Yoga, Chiropractor Slide6:  R. No diet soda or soda of any kind (unless in glass) S. Take digestive enzymes T. Avoid fast food restaurants U. Avoid microwave oven food V. Avoid homogenized dairy W. No hydrogenated oil Slide7:  X. Avoid pork, shellfish, farm fish Y. Do not use sun block Z. Avoid white processed flour/sugar Z1. Avoid commercial deodorants or anti-perspirants Slide8:  Z2. If “fat free” check the sugar content Z3. Avoid food bars, protein shakes Z4. Drive less Z5. Get up early Z6. Smile, give hugs, fast, don’t eat late Slide9:  Z7. Add living plants to home or air purifiers Z8. Get a massage, good music Z9. Learn to decompress your day

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