4-H Project Evaluation with Rubrics

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Information about 4-H Project Evaluation with Rubrics

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: gmbender

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Using rubrics as a means to evaluation 4-H Projects.

4-H Project Evaluations: Using Rubrics March 6, 2014 Southern Regional Biennial Conference Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome How many KNOW what a rubric is? How many have USED a rubric in 4-H? How many have CREATED a rubric to use anywhere?

Session Agenda  Welcome  Group Activity/Do-Reflect-Apply  What is a Rubric?  Hardee Co. Market Animal Rubric  Steps to Make a Rubric  Group Activity/Do-Reflect-Apply  Closing

Activity  Each group has a set of three photographs to judge with an evaluation tool and ribbons. Using your tool place the three pictures. Process our thoughts on each… DO – REFLECT - APPLY

What is a Rubric? A rubric is a •scoring tool for • subjective assessments.

Rubric  It is a set of criteria and standards linked to learning objectives that is used to assess a student's performance on papers, projects, essays, and other assignments.  Rubrics allow for standardized evaluation according to specified criteria, making grading simpler and more transparent.

Common Features of Rubrics 1. FOCUS on measuring a stated objective (performance, behavior, or quality) 2. Use a RANGE to rate performance 3. Contains SPECIFIC performance characteristics arranged in levels indicating the degree to which a standard has been met.

Components of a Rubric  Dimensions are generally referred to as criteria, “State Objective or Performance”  the rating scale as levels, “Beginning, Developing, Accomplished, Exemplary”  and definitions as descriptors.

Three good reasons to use rubrics 1. Rubrics make judging more clear, consistent, and equitable. 2. Rubrics raise the quality of work produce. 3. Rubrics save time. (judges, teaching and learning) When a rubric is given at the time a project starts, youth immediately know what is expected of them.

How are Rubrics Used in 4-H?  Florida: State Fair Educational Posters ( 7 years)  Photography, Posters, Filmmaking (5 years)  Market Beef/Swine (NEW Hardee County)  Other states….

Hardee County Rubric • 2012 POW • 2013 POW • Life Skills • Judging Sheets • Rubric

Advantages of Rubrics in 4-H 1. Leaders can use rubric as tool for guiding 4-H’ers in completing quality work. 1. Rubric allows for self-evaluation ~gives 4-H’ers clearer understanding of what they need to do to be successful. 2. Rubric virtually removes subjectivity often present in alternative assessment techniques.

Results 1. Judges 2013 2. Accuracy Blue Ribbon 3. Leaders Red Ribbon White Ribbon No Ribbon Total Rubric Scoring Sheets 12 58 28 24 43 6 5 0 88 88

• • • • • General Issues Requirements + Rubric = Mirror image Perfect Grade Requires Perfect Performance Who did it? 7 year old vs. 18 year old Other Rubrics Planned

Steps in Rubric Development Create grid to match criteria with levels Describe levels of success, proficient performance Weigh criteria based on the relative importance. Determine the best rubric type Identify criteria based on learning objectives

http://lss.at.ufl.edu Web Site Tools

Web Site Tools

Activity Make Your Own Rubric 4-H Project Evaluation Contests Record Book Evaluation 4-H Story Evaluation or Scoring

Instructions  Computers available: - Using the books at the table; create a simple rubric of criteria and categories levels. - Use any website to create it.  No Computer: - Using the blank matrix on the table and samples to create a rubric of the project book, story or record book at the table.

Do – Reflect - Apply  Questions

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Credits (Continued) Forero, Larry, Katherine E. Heck, Pat Weliver, Ramona M. Carlos, Thi Nguyen, and Audra Lane. "Member Record Books Are Useful Tools for Evaluating 4-H Club Programs." UCANR, Oct. 2009. Web. <http://californiaagriculture.ucanr.org • October–December 2009>. p 215-219. http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr248.shtml http://health.usf.edu/publichealth/eta/Rubric_Tutorial/ Rubrics for Teaching and Assessing Learning in Pre-Service Teacher Education www.aace.org/…site/submission//uploads/SITE2012/... 2012 Conference Proceedings AACE Martonia Gaskill, Ph.D. Candidate University of Nebraska Lincoln Dept. of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Matthew Kutscher, Ph.D. University of Nebraska Lincoln Dept. of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

Credits (Continued) Presented at 2014 Southern Regional Biennial Conference. Charleston, SC. by Georgene Bender, and Heather Kent, Regional Specialized Agents. University of Florida IFAS / Extension 4-H Youth Development.

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