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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: saragalanbiogeo

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Grassland  The grassland is a biome that the main ecosystems are grass and temperate climate.  It has a very low temperatures on winter but hot on summer

Biocenosis  All living things in the ecosystem for example:  Squirrel mole kangaroo



The soil is too thin and dry for trees to survive. Drought and fire prevent large forests from growing.

Roots are one of the most critical parts of the plant in a grassland. The roots do much of the competing for space, nutrients and water. If a fire burns an area of grassland it is often the roots which survive and quickly send up new shoots to take control of the airspace above. Many grassland plants spread by roots or rhizomes (a root-like stem); this may be the major form of reproduction in some species (as opposed to setting seeds).

Two major threats: - Conversion to agriculture (or urban areas) - Global warming and its attendant changes in precipitation.

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