4 Copper Items You Should Recycle

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Information about 4 Copper Items You Should Recycle

Published on December 15, 2016

Author: WayneDustin

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4 Copper Items You Should Recycle : 4 Copper Items You Should Recycle Slide 2: There are many reasons why you should recycle copper. Copper is extremely prevalent in wires, so make sure to recycle at least the following copper items.   Cat 5 wire Insulated wire Romex wires Bare bright wire   If you have any questions regarding exactly what copper items you can and can’t recycle, check your local recycling center’s website. Slide 3: The first and biggest reason that you should recycle copper is that it is a nonrenewable resource, which is very problematic because we need copper in many electronic devices and appliances. The copper recycling process has been proven to extract about 90% of the waste and regenerate it to become useful copper.   Also , any copper that ends up in a landfill disintegrates into the ground water, which makes it much harder to keep water supplies clean. The process of mining for copper also releases a significant amount of pollutants, so if more and more people choose to recycle copper, mining operations won’t be a leading cause for toxic emissions. Slide 4: Some may wonder if the energy and machinery required to recycle copper produces more pollutants than if copper was just sent to landfills. However, the machinery required to get copper into landfills releases far more pollutants than the recycling process. For more information on copper recycling in Milpitas, visit the following website .

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