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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: yurilahar

Source: slideshare.net

Your Journey So Far Christina  Kelman   The Leader’s Journey 2nd March, 2014

Objectives • Essence
 Who  have  you  become?   ! • Ambition
 Where  do  you  want  to  go?


How  do  you  feel? irrelevant sad confused demotivated excellent depressed failure 4

1 expectation 
 for this session Forget AIESEC
 Focus on yourself

You  are  at  a  beach

Your first steps

Growing up, what mattered to you the most?

What did you want to do when you grow up?

Step forward Test the water

on rite W er! pap ird) p th (to What are some of the experiences that shaped you the most?

What is your greatest achievement so far?

on rite W er! ap rd) p thi dle mid ! ( What excites you about who you are?!

Take more steps forward Leave your comfort

when was the last time you laughed?


what’s happening in your life now?

what’s missing?

on rite W er! ap ird) p th ttom (bo what’s holding you back?

Let’s bottle our essence

take a step back (not really - just imagine)

another step back

keep going

you have a handful of sand

What will you do with it?

This sand represents your life


You  are  at  a  beach

Water represents opportunities

How much water do you need?

Where does AIESEC fit in?

The ocean represents 

You have already had a taste of AIESEC

some of you may have your feet already inside.


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