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Published on January 7, 2016

Author: enricascopel

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1. 3SLIDESOF segmentation Enrica Scopel #MarketingEducation

2. What does it mean? Some variables… concerning the consumer concerning the context in which the client acquires Market segmentation means dividing a market into distinct groups (target) of consumers, who share common needs/interests who might require specific products and marketing mixes.

3. …specifically Usually in tourism: Reason of the trip 1 2 Consumer segmentation 3 Psychographic segmentation: trying to understand the profile of the consumer.
 Behavioral segmentation: how, when, what the consumer buys. leisure business age gender job education earning family Geographic segmentation Markets can be segmented according to the place of origin. 4

4. Choice of a marketing strategy Undifferentiated marketing
 same product to all consumer Differentiated marketing
 different products to different segments Concentrated marketing
 product focused on a well-defined market niche or population segment.

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