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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: combaton

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American History

3rd Nine Week Test Review American History Mrs. Breed’s Class Use with http://mrsbreedsclass.com/3rd-9-weeks-review

Use a combination of your textbook and the attached links to answer the questions

Lend Lease Act 1. 2. 3. 4. Date Proposed by Main idea Reason to pass

Reason women and minorities made economic gains in WW II

Iron Curtain 1. Coined by 2. What it divided

Marshall Plan 1. What it did 2. How it did it

NATO 1. The purpose of NATO 2. Who joined

Red Scare 1. Against 2. Color associated with this group

Senator Joseph McCarthy 1. What he was known for 2. What his critics, in particular Senator Margaret Smith said about him 3. What happened after Mr. Welch questioned him

Level of recognition given to African American Women as a 20th Century trend 1. Increased/decreased 2. Mary McLeod Bethune

United Nations 1. Purpose

Korean War 1. Fought on the communist side

Causes of the rise of Middle Class American after WW II 1. Neighborhoods 2. Opportunities 3. Unions

Impact of Baby Boom on Society 1. 2. 3. 4. Economic Politically Affect on cultural values Affect on college enrollments

Brown v. Board of Education 1. Year of decision 2. President at the time 3. What it said

Space Program 1. Kennedy’s motivation 2. His goal

Who are these people? What does this cartoon refer to?

New Frontier Programs 1. President 2. Most successful program

Result of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1. Johnson had power to

How did America learn the US was losing the Vietnam War? 1. Military action by Viet Cong

Why did Johnson say the US needed to be in Vietnam? 1. He said the political future of __________ was in jeopardy 2. Were we in danger of being attacked in America? 3. Were we responsible for the safety of the Vietnamese people?

Kent State • • • • What happened What CNN says Why and how does the video relate Song written to remember the students killed by Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Johnson’s “Great Society” 1. The main goal of this 2. How it related to Kennedy’s agenda

Programs created as part of the “Great Society” 1. Be able to list several including this one

Vietnamization 1. What it meant

Watergate 1. What is was 2. It’s effect on the American people

How did the status of women change during the 20th century

Martin Luther King, Jr. 1. What strategy did he use to protest?

Outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement in the US 1. List changes below

March on Washington 1. What major act was passed as a result of the March on Washington?

1960’s Women’s Movement 1. How did the Civil Rights Movement help the women’s Movement?

Black Panthers 1. Who were they 2. What is a black nationalist movement

Generation Gap 1. What it is

Purpose of Affirmative Action

Court Cases 1. What do Miranda v. Arizona and Gideon v. Wainwright have in common?

Cesar Chavaz 1. Is best known for

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