3rd January 2017 - Disciples of Jesus - Bartholomew or Nathanael

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Information about 3rd January 2017 - Disciples of Jesus - Bartholomew or Nathanael

Published on January 3, 2017

Author: Thornmd

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1. Disciples of Jesus - Bartholomew or Nathanael – 3rd January 2017 WhenJesus saw Nathanael approaching,hesaidofhim, “Here truly is anIsraelite in whomthere is no deceit.” (John 1:47) BartholomewNathanael,sonof Talmai,livedinCanaof Galilee.Hisapostolicsymbol isthree parallel knives.Traditionsayshe wasa missionaryinArmenia.A numberof scholarsbelievethathe wasthe only one of the 12 discipleswhocame fromroyal blood,ornoble birth.Hisname meansSonof Tolmai or Talmai.Talmai waskingof Geshurwhose daughter,Maacah,was the wife of David,motherof Absolom. Bartholomew'sname appearswitheverylistof the disciples whenwe read Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:14; Acts 1:13, “ When they arrived, they went upstairsto the roomwhere they were staying. Those present were Peter, John,James andAndrew; PhilipandThomas,Bartholomew andMatthew; James sonof AlphaeusandSimonthe Zealot,and Judassonof James.” This wasnot a firstname, however;itwashissecondname.Hisfirstname probablywasNathanael,whomJesuscalled"An Israelite indeed,inwhomthere isnoguile" aswe can learnfrom John1:47, “WhenJesus saw Nathanael approaching,hesaidof him, “Here truly isan Israelite inwhom there isno deceit.” The NewTestamentgivesusverylittle informationabouthim.Traditionindicateshe wasa great searcherof the Scripture anda scholarin the law and the prophets.He developedintoamanof complete surrendertothe Carpenterof Nazareth,andone of the Church'smost adventurous missionaries.He issaidtohave preachedwithPhilipinPhrygiaandHierapolis;alsoinArmenia.The ArmenianChurchclaimshimasits founderandmartyr.However,traditionsaysthathe preachedin India,andhisdeathseemstohave takenplace there.He diedas a martyr for hisLord. He was flayed alive withknives. Nathanael, alsobelievedtobe the discipleBartholomew,experiencedajarringfirstencounterwith Jesus.Whenthe Apostle Philip calledhimtocome andmeetthe Messiah,Nathanael wasskeptical,but he followedalonganyway.AsPhilipintroducedhimtoJesus,the Lorddeclared, "Here isa true Israelite, in whom there is nothingfalse." ImmediatelyNathanael wantedtoknow,"How doyouknow me?" Jesusgothisattentionwhenhe answered, “Howdoyouknow me?” Nathanael asked. Jesus answered, “I sawyou whileyou were still under the fig tree before Philipcalledyou.” (John1:48). Well,that stoppedNathanael inhistracks. He was shockedandsurprised. We canlearnfrom John 1:49-51, “Then Nathanael declared,“Rabbi,youare the Son of God;youare the king ofIsrael.”50 Jesussaid, “You believe because I toldyou I saw you under the figtree. You will see greater thingsthanthat.” 51 He then added, “Very truly I tell you,you will see ‘heavenopen, andthe angelsof Godascendingand descendingon’the Sonof Man.” We can observe that Nathanael garneredonlyafew linesinthe Gospels,nevertheless,inthatinstant whenJesuscalledhim he became aloyal followerof JesusChrist. Bartholomewsupposedlypreachedinseveral countries,includingIndia,where he translatedthe Gospel of Matthewforbelievers.Inone account,“impatientidolaters”beatBartholomewandthencrucified him,while inanother,he wasskinnedalive andthenbeheaded

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