3GPP Beijing FMC challenges

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Published on September 24, 2007

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3GPP and Fixed Mobile Convergence:  3GPP and Fixed Mobile Convergence TSG-SA presentation Stephen Hayes, SA chairman Topics to Discuss:  Topics to Discuss Brief Overview of TSG-SA Role of 3GPP in Fixed Mobile Convergence UMA and Fixed Mobile Convergence IMS and Fixed Mobile Convergence Future Work Conclusions 3GPP SA:  3GPP SA SA = System Aspects Technical Responsibilities Requirements Establishment Architecture Definition System Devices (Security, Codecs, Oandamp;M) Organizational Responsibilities Project coordination Release scheduling and planning Working methods Working Groups SA1 – Services SA2 – Architecture SA3 – Security SA4 – Codecs SA5 – Oandamp;M (including Charging) Two Paths to Fixed Mobile Convergence:  Two Paths to Fixed Mobile Convergence UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) 3GPP Taking the Lead in FMC:  3GPP Taking the Lead in FMC 3GPP specified IMS as part of Rel 5 with improvements in Rel 6 3GPP specified UMA as part of Rel 6 3GPP added support for I-WLAN in Rel 6 3GPP is enhancing IMS to support fixed broadband in Rel 7 3GPP adding Voice Call Continuity in Rel 7 Many IMS based optimizations in Rel 7 IMS Based Multimedia services in Rel 7 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Rel 7 ? UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access):  UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) Standardized in 3GPP GERAN Called GAN in 3GPP Originally developed as a way to extend coverage/reduce cellular congestion Extends GSM call control to WLAN/Bluetooth accesses Handset uses GSM/GPRS call control PLMN services provided Transparent to mobile core network UMA (GAN) Concept:  UMA (GAN) Concept UMA enabled dual mode handset Cellular Access Network Generic Access Network Private Network BSC IP Access Network GANC Mobile Core Network Uptake of UMA for FMC:  Uptake of UMA for FMC UMA used in many early fixed mobile convergence deployments UMA incorporated into FMCA PRDs UMA specified as part of Packetcable 1.5 IMS:  IMS SIP/SDP based session control Protocols are access independent Originally developed as a way to provide multimedia services in 3GPP Greater integration with IP network Intended for support of HPLM based multimedia applications Basis of most NGN work IMS is Access Independent (in Theory):  IMS is Access Independent (in Theory) 3GPP Defined Radio Accesses For Packet Fixed Accesses Non-3GPP Defined Radio Accesses GPRS WCDMA HSPA HSPA+ LTE 802.11 802.x 3GPP2 MDN DSL Cable IMS EDGE TD- SCDMA Slide11:  Organizations using IMS Mobile IP Residential Wireline Access to IMS Multimedia Telephony Cellular Access to IMS WLAN Access to IMS Multimedia Telephony Multimedia Telephony 3GPP coordination of IMS:  3GPP coordination of IMS 3GPP Maintains Control of IMS Core Specs Goal is to have a single IMS Other organizations submit requirements for additions to IMS Core 3GPP works closely with IETF on SIP usage Overlapping membership/common delegates Workshops held as needed This requires enhancing IMS beyond just the needs of mobile:  This requires enhancing IMS beyond just the needs of mobile Example additions done for TISPAN NAT Traversal Extensions for ISUP compatibility Alternative authentication methods Border Control Functionality Terminology Changes However some additions also needed by mobile operators Regulatory compliance Emergency Call, Legal Intercept Supplementary Service analogs Work also going on to aid CS->IMS Transition:  Work also going on to aid CS-andgt;IMS Transition CSI (Combinational Services) Complement CS services with IMS services VCC (Voice Call Continuity) Voice handovers between IMS and CS bearers Multimedia Service Definition Robust interoperable multimedia telephony Improving IMS quality Faster session setup, improved performance, better voice quality Slide15:  3GPP R7 WIDs related to IMS Generic VoIP Improvements IMS Emergency Calls (EMC1) – SA1/SA2/CT1 Lawful Intercept for VoIP (LI-7A) – SA3 LI System Enhancements for Fixed Broadband Access to IMS (FBI, ISE) – SA2/SA3/SA5/CT1,CT3 Evolution of Policy Control and Charging (PCC) – SA2,SA5, CT3 IMS Trace andamp; E2E IMS Trace (OAM7-Trace) – SA5,CT1 Oandamp;M Enhancements to support IMS andamp; IP bearers – SA5 IMS Security Extensions – SA3 Diameter of the PDG Wi Interface (DIAMWi)– CT3 Support of SMS andamp; MMS over generic 3GPP IP Access (SMSIP) – SA2 Identification of Communication Services in IMS (servID) – SA2,CT1 Optimizations for Multimedia Telephony over IMS – SA4 IMS Multimedia Telephony; media handling and interaction – SA4 Characterization of Adaptive Jitter Management Performance for VoIP Services (OMTIMS) – SA4 End-to-End Multimedia Services Performance Metrics (E2EMSPM) – SA4 Multimedia Interworking between IMS andamp; CS Networks – CT3 Study on IMS Enhancements and Optimisations for Real Time Communication – SA2 Multimedia Priority Service – SA1 RAN Improvements Enhancement of Radio Perf for VoIMS (voIMS) – SA2 Continuous Connectivity – RAN1 Delay Optimization for CS andamp; PS (RANimp) – RAN2 Multimedia Telephony (MITe) Voice Call Continuity (VCC) GERAN Improvements Support of Conversational Services in A/Gb mode via the PS Domain (SCSAGB) – GERAN1, GERAN2 Future GERAN Evolution (FGE) - GERANx I-WLAN Improvements LCS for 3GPP Interworking WLAN (LCS3-IWLAN) – SA2,SA3 Enhancement to support QoS provisioning over 3GPP/WLAN Interworking (WLAN-SC) – SA2 *Study Items Marked in Red Combinational Services (CSI) Uptake of IMS for FMC:  Uptake of IMS for FMC Adopted by many organizations 3GPP2 (MDN) TISPAN NGN Rel 1 (and subsequent releases) ATIS NGN Focus Group ITU-T SG19 (FMC) Cablelabs (Packetcable 2.0) The Challenge of IMS:  The Challenge of IMS 3GPP is chartered to develop systems for mobile operators 3GPP membership is primarily mobile operators and vendors Maintaining a 'common IMS' extends slightly outside of the 3GPP charter Reconciling requirements from different industry segments (which sometimes compete) is never easy. The benefits of a 'common IMS' make it worth the headaches. 3GPP Work after Rel-7:  3GPP Work after Rel-7 3GPP has long term studies ongoing All IP Network (AIPN) Evolved radio accesses (LTE) System Architecture Evolution (SAE) This work will leverage and are expected to be optimized for IMS New organizations may adopt IMS It is expected 3GPP will continue to get requirements in to enhance IMS Conclusions:  Conclusions 3GPP is currently taking the lead in FMC standardization Widespread industry acceptance of UMA Widespread industry acceptance of IMS IMS is the path for NGN, but constant vigilance is required to ensure there is only one IMS.

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