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Published on October 18, 2007

Author: Jolene

Source: authorstream.com

The project:  The project Aim: Stocktaking of formal names of Medical Degrees and Degree structures in MEDINE countries Method: E-mail with questions sent to MEDINE contact persons: The structure and duration of the medical education in the country (a continuum towards one degree or a structure in different stages in accordance with the Bologna-process). If the structure is the same on national level or if each university/region is allowed to design its own structure. The formal name of the final degree in medicine in the original language and the English translation of the degree Any additional conditions to be fulfilled for being licensed to practice (e.g. internship..) Results: Answers from almost all MEDINE countries (30 out of 31). Show a considerable discrepancy among European countries. Slide2:  Bachelor Master Licentiate Doctor Ba/Ma-structure One-tier 5 years 5,5 years 6 years 7 years Internship required for license License following graduation Specialist training required for license Medical education – the European heterogeneity Medical Education in Europe - duration:  Medical Education in Europe - duration 6 years: The most common duration of a medical programme in Europe (25 countries). 5 years: UK, Ireland and Malta 5,5 years: Sweden 7 years: Belgium Degree structure:  Degree structure A continuum is still the most common degree structure throughout Europe (24 countries) The Ba/Ma structure according to the Bologna process is fully implemeted in: Belgium (3 year Bachelor/ 4 year Master) Denmark (3 year Bachelor/ 3 year Master) Switzerland (3 year Bachelor/ 3 year Master) ……. and in preparation in the Netherlands and Portugal In some countries universities can decide (at least to some extent) on the degree structure (continuum or Ba/Ma structure): Sweden, Germany Formal name of final degree:  Formal name of final degree Bachelor: used as the final degree in UK and Ireland, and as a first degree in the Ba/Ma system in Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland Kandidat: Iceland, Norway Master: Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden Licentiate: used as the final degree in Finland and Spain. In Sweden Licentiate is a research degree (2 years) Doctor: Austria, Check Republic, Croatia, France, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey. In other countries Doctor is used solely as a degree based on research (PhD) Medical License/Medical Degree: Germany/Greece, Italy Conditions for being licensed to practice:  Conditions for being licensed to practice License follows graduation: 9 countries After an internship of 3 months – 2 years: 12 countries After specialist training of 3-5 years: 8 countries Thesis during specialisation: 1 country Many countries also have a specific license exam The average European medical education::  The average European medical education: is 6 years is structured as a continuum towards one degree and not adjusted to the Bologna process in terms of a two-cycle structure leads to the degree Doctor of Medicine/Medical Doctor requires between three months and two years of internship before the degree-holder is awarded a license to practice

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