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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Toni

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Welcome, everybody! Slide2:  Unit 17 Disabilities Editor: Miss Huang Slide4:  running Slide5:  volleyball Slide6:  swimming Slide7:  basketball Slide8:  tennis Slide9:  Physical disabilities Slide10:  The Paralympic Games(残奥会) Slide11:  Opening a door to the world for mentally disabled people Slide12:  Mentally disabilities Slide13:  The flag of the Special Olympics is rising in the opening ceremony of the 11th World Special Olympics on June the 21st. 2003. Dublin, Ireland Slide15:  将于2007年在上海开幕的世界特殊奥林匹克运动会引起了众多明星的关注, “超级明星关爱特殊奥林匹克”活动在沪举行。 Slide17:  Fast reading How often is the Special Olympics held? Who participate in it? When was the special Olympics started? Every four years. Mentally disabled athletes. It was started in 1968. Slide18:  Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 A brief introduction to the Special Olympics Why Special Olympics are held The benefits / influence and history of the Special Olympics. Main ideas Fast reading: Please match them! Slide19:  Detailed reading Read the text again carefully and discuss the following questions with your partner. 1. What are the similarities and the differences between the Special Olympics and the regular Olympics? 2.How were the mentally disabled treated in society for a long time? 3.Can you say something about the history events of the Special Olympics? Slide20:  Detailed reading 1.The similarities and the differences between the Special Olympics and the regular Olympics : Similarities: Every four years Be surrounded by grand ceremony The competition is fierce A strong sense of unity and friendship Train for many years and overcome more fear and hardships to reach the games Differences Taking part in the games is a victory The spirit is stronger Para1 Slide21:  2.How were the mentally disabled treated in society for a long time? They were treated without dignity and respect. The were considered shameful. They received little treatment or encouragement. Detailed reading Para2 Slide22:  3.The history events of the Special Olympics: 1968 Chicago 2 1000 3 2003 Ireland 150 6500 21 2007 Shanghai Detailed reading 7000 Over 150 18 Para3 Slide24:  Enjoy some pictures for Special Olympics Slide26:  What can we do to help mentally disabled people? Slide27:  How should we treat and help disabled people ? Don’t look down upon them . providing assistance, education, support and enough medical care to them; giving them a chance to show their talent. Accept, respect and appreciate them. They need recognition, more than sympathy and help. . ………… Slide28:  What is the current (present) situation to them? Have we done enough for them? What should we do to help them? Title : How to help the disabled? Slide29:  Exchange your writing with your partner and correct it to improve your writing ability. Finish the exercise book “38 minutes”----Page 69 Slide30:  Let’s join hands to make harmonious society! Slide31:  Held every four years, the Special Olympics has been widely praised as “opening a door to the world for mentally disabled people”.   The Shanghai Special Olympics Games will provide venues (比赛地点)for 18 competitive events for about 7,000 athletes from over 150 countries and regions competing. This is the first time a developing country, or an Asian nation, host the event. Timothy Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics International Committee, whose mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the founder of the Special Olympics Committee in 1968, called China a "leading force'' in world Special Olympics activities. Slide32:  Para. 3 How do the Special Olympics help mentally disabled people? Develop their ability to move Improve their health Gain greater self-confidence Make more friends Slide34:  The special Olympic Games is for _______ disabled athletes. It is usually held _____ ____ ______. Like the ______ Olympic Games, it’s open and closed with ____ _______ . Although the competition in each event is ______ , they still have a strong _____ of _____ and friendship. They should be ______ for many years, and there is much more to overcome such as ______ and _______. In fact a ______ does mean ___________, and try to be the best you can be ,but not simply being the first one to ______ the finish line or _______ the most goals. mentally every fourth year regular grand ceremony fierce sense unity trained fear hardships victory participating cross score Slide35:  2.How do you understand “Athletes at the Special Olympics are fighters in more than one way”? A .They don't only fight for one award. B .They fight against more than one disability. C .They have to fight against the disabilities as well as other athletes, and maybe some other difficulties. Para2 Slide36:  In order to prepare for and participate in the Special Olympics, disabled children and adults must do the following EXCEPT______. A. make friend B. develop their ability to move C. improve their health D. gain greater self-confidence Para 3 Slide37:  Encourage them not to let physical or mental disabilities limit a person’s life. Today there’re more opportunities for disabled people to develop their potential, live a richer life and make a contribution to society. They need recognition, more than sympathy and help. Like all of us, disabled people also need inspiration and encouragement. The best way to help is often simply a matter of opening doors and offering guidance. How can we help the disabled? Slide38:  国际特奥会主席 Timothy P. Shriver与智障小朋友击掌祝福。

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