39 Foods to Help You Feel Younger and Stay Wrinkle Free

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Information about 39 Foods to Help You Feel Younger and Stay Wrinkle Free
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: rubybaxx

Source: slideshare.net


Why waste your money on creams and magic pills when all you need to do is start eating MORE of the good stuff? But who wants to do that :) Anyways, here we discuss 39 foods (That you can actually find in your local grocery store) to help your skin stay beautiful, keep your hair stronger and overall, make you feel awesome! Brought to you by your's truly, Ruby Baxx of http://www.gcextract.com

39 Foods to Help You Look & Feel YOUNGER! Find foods high in Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Collagen creating properties. Stuff that will keep you young and feeling great! Brought to you by http://www.gcextract.com

Fountain of youth? Since the beginning of time, we’ve all been searching for the fountain of youth. Until we find it, the best thing to do is to 'freeze' our current look or dramatically slow the aging process. Find 39 foods that will help you do just that and a whole lot more :)

Blueberries One of the best ways to get antioxidants. Why do we need antioxidants? Antioxidant fight off 'free radicals' in your body that cause wrinkles. Go get'em Blueberries!

Beans Losing hair is one of the first signs that you are aging. OMG it sucks!!! This is why you need to start eating beans so you can not only get more fibre (Essential after 20s) but helps thicken your hair as well. Brought to you by http://www.gcextract.com

Cranberry Juice Keep your teeth whiter and stronger with this flavonoid infused wonder. Keep in mind though, Cranberry flavor pop (soda) isn't going to do the trick either. Drink REAL cranberry juice (It's delicious anyways).

Rose Hips As the name applies, it is a plant extract that contains quality Vitamin C (Always helps in producing collagen).

Blood Oranges Don't worry. Blood Oranges don't contain any kind of blood (That would be gross!). What they do contain are a lot of antioxidants to help you fight off UV rays (Excessive sunlight is very damaging for the skin).

Carrots Massive source of Vitamin A which is AWESOME for a healthy scalp and nice shiny hair.

Brazilian Nuts If you really want to slow down the aging process, start eating some Brazilian nuts. The best part is even just taking two of these a day will work just fine. What exactly do they do? They repair damaged cells and create antioxidants.

Dark Chocolate Who said chocolate was bad for you? Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids that will help you prevent inflammation. Inflammation in the body is a major cause of diseases and aging as well.

Red Wine Contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is the ultimate substance in fighting off diseases and staying young. Just drink grape juice if red wine doesn't cut it for you (That’s where it comes from anyways). Juice or wine, both work. Make sure your juice or wine comes from "dark" red grapes. This will give you the full effect.

Eat Cod Contains selenium just like the Brazilian nuts and another awesome source of antioxidants.

Cottage Cheese it up Protein is what hair is so if you want more hair, eat cottage cheese (Or sources high in quality protein). The only downside is the high sodium levels so make sure your cottage cheese is sodium free.

Cucumbers I love cucumbers. They are my favorite vegetable. I love them in salads and pretty much everything. It helps increase collagen (The best in preventing and fixing wrinkles). Also makes for a very good snack at work if I might add.

Kelp Labeled a superfood by many because of it's awesome nutritional value, Kelp contains Vitamin C and E which battle hard with free radicals.

Eggs Not a big fan of dairy but eggs when done right are delicious aren't they? Well eggs play a major role in keeping your skin and hair healthy as well.

Guava Exotic but can be found in a lot of stores these days, Guava dramatically raises collagen levels and keeps your skin smoother. Considered one of the best anti-aging powerhouse.

Tomatoes An excellent source of lycopene. Don't worry, most people haven't heard about this either. Lycopene fights of UV rays (Think of it as nature's very own sunblock).

Lean Beef High in iron which is essential for the health of your nails.

Mangoes Rich in Vitamin C which is one of the most important vitamins in the world. Excellent for your skin.

Fennel Found in the Mediterranean region, the fennel is one best anti-inflammatory vegetables out there. It also decreases cholesterol. Plus if you are having hair loss issues, this vegetable alone will hydrate your scalp.

Oatmeal Nothing ages a person faster than high cholesterol levels. Well Oatmeal will dramatically reduce and eliminate the bad cholesterol from your body.

Avocados Not only will this guy lighten up your sandwich, Avocados contain biotin which will work wonders for your skin. Get rid of age spots and blemishes on your skin with this one. In fact, if you find a skin care product that contains "Avocado Oil". Get it!

Oysters Girls love oysters and guys 'love' girls when they eat them as well :) A phenomenal source of Zinc which helps produce even more collagen.

Pomegranate Seeds Another wonder of nature that will help you preserve the collagen that your body produces naturally (Hence keeping you looking much longer). All thanks to the Ellagic acid and Punic Alagin that a Pomegranate is full of.

Red Peppers They don't just spice up your food, Red peppers are actually an excellent source of Vitamin C which is responsible for creating collagen. They fight off free radicals as well. Talk about 'double trouble' (For the free radicals that is).

Brussel Sprouts Rich in Antioxidants because it contains Vitamin C.

Romaine Lettuce High in Vitamin A which will rejuvenate your skin (By causing extreme cell growth). They best part is, you don't have to eat a whole head of lettuce, just 7 pieces (Leaves) are fine. Isn't that amazing :)

Sardines Some people eat these bad boys on their pizza, these little guys are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that will put your hair growth on overdrive.

Spinach Helps create an oily material in your body which is also referred to as the "body's conditioner". This keeps your hair hydrated and well. Spinach basically does what the best conditioner in the world is suppose to do.

Sunflower Seeds There are so many benefits that sunflower seeds bring to the table. Including immense help to the overall health of your skin and creating an anti-wrinkle environment. Consuming sunflower seeds also heavily increases lipid and makes sure the collagen stays strong in your body.

Watermelon Watermelon will shield you from UV rays (Contains a lot of lycopene). No wonder it's so famous and loved in countries near the equator.

Wheat Germ You only need half a cup a day and you are set. Wheat Germ even fights of *drum roll* . . . acne!

Blackcurrant Take your immune system to the next level. Blackcurrant contains five times the Vitamin C than your average orange. One word . . . wow!

Tuna Excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty acids and even prevents rashes (Thanks to something called Niacin).

Pure Noni Juice Yes I'm sure you've seen advertisements for Pure Noni Juice all over the place. Well there is a very good reason for that. Pure Noni Juice is high in antioxidants that takes care of wrinkles and builds even more collagen (Contains a great quantity of Polyphenols. Helps build collagen).

Eat Soy Based Products Soy has a very unique collagen creating ingredient called genistein. This just might be the secret ingredient that keeps Asian people looking super young.

Prunes Extremely high in antioxidants which are designed to destroy free radicals (The number one culprit of again).

Manuka Honey Found in New Zealand, the Manuka Honey has been used for centuries by a group of people known as the Maori. Excellent for people with Acne or related matters, Manuka Honey can be applied directly to the skin.

Parsley Tea Another major producer of collagen. Many women have experienced incredible benefits in just a few weeks plus here is an additional benefit, it dramatically lowers your blood pressure. Look good and feel good at the same time :)

In conclusion . . . I hope you enjoyed this list but seriously, just do the math yourself. If you consume these foods daily, can you imagine how young you will look? And most of the stuff on this list is was either a fruit or vegetable. No wonder people who eat more fruits and vegetables look incredibly young don’t they?

More awesome tips! To learn more, click the link below: http: //blog.gcextract.com/

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