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Information about 360 Degree Appraisal

Published on February 18, 2008

Author: gothicanubis

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Slide1:  360 Degree Appraisal What is 360 Degree Appraisal?:  What is 360 Degree Appraisal? 360-degree Appraisal is an assessment process used to improve managerial effectiveness by providing the manager with a more complete assessment of their effectiveness, and their performance and development needs. Slide3:  360 Degree Appraisal Advantages: Reduces bias & Fits well with TQM initiatives Disadvantages: Complex Raters may not provide fair feedback Ganging up Disagreements What the process involves:  What the process involves Obtaining feedback from the manager's key contacts. These would normally include: The manager him/herself Subordinates (employees who work for the manager) Peers (fellow managers) Managers (senior management) Customers Suppliers Slide5:  How does 360 Degree help ? Regular discussion of performance Identification of strengths for career development Identification of weaknesses for training Salary recommendations - A well designed performance appraisal system is associated with increased profitability Slide6:  How is Feedback obtained? By using a questionnaire which asks participants to rate the individual according to observed behaviors - usually managerial or business-specific competencies. This process will not suit all companies. One should assess how well it would fit with the current culture before launching a scheme and a pilot scheme is worth building into the programme Slide7:  Why 360 degree Appraisal Programs Fail? No perceived benefit Confrontation difficult Constructive feedback difficult Conflict between development and compensation How to Implement 360 Degree?:  How to Implement 360 Degree? 360 Degree Feedback Planning Piloting Implementation Feedback Review Effective appraisal programs . . .:  Effective appraisal programs . . . Comply with the law To ensure that the performance appraisal system does not violate principles of fair employment practices: - Job related performance standards - Provide employees with a written copy of the standards before the appraisal - Standards must be based on observable or measurable behaviour - Train the raters - Provide feedback - Implement an appeal system to settle disagreements Suggestions for an effective 360 degree appraisal:  Suggestions for an effective 360 degree appraisal Anonymous feedback Manager involvement Prevent gaming Statistical techniques Avoid and reduce biases Training Appraisers:  Training Appraisers Train appraisers to eliminate rater error Error of central tendency Leniency or strictness error Recency error Contrast error Similar to me error Performance Appraisal Methods:  Performance Appraisal Methods Trait Methods Graphic rating scales Mixed standard scales Forced choice method Essay method Behavioural Methods:  Behavioural Methods Critical incidents method Behavioural checklist method Behavioural anchored rating scales (BARS) Behavioural observation scale (BOS) Result Methods Productivity measure MBO Conducting the Appraisal Interview:  Conducting the Appraisal Interview Ask for self assessment Invite participation Express appreciation Minimize criticism Change behaviour, not the person Focus on solving problems Be supportive Establish goals Follow up day-to-day

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