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Published on April 9, 2008

Author: Arundel0

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Ten Elements of the External Business Environment:  Ten Elements of the External Business Environment 1. Government Regulation:  1. Government Regulation Traditional Industry Regulation - ICC, CAB, FCC New Regulation - CPSC, OSHA, EEOC Markets and Competition - Anti-Trust 2. Energy and the Physical Environment:  2. Energy and the Physical Environment EPA- Environmental Protection Agency 3. Labor and Human Resources:  3. Labor and Human Resources Labor Movement Diverse Workforce Immigration Policy Public Sector Unions 4. Technology:  4. Technology Robotics and Plant Automation Computers in the Office Elimination of Jobs 5. Welfare and the Provision of Public Services:  5. Welfare and the Provision of Public Services Public Service Provision - Roads, Sewer, Water, etc.. Welfare - Welfare Reform Social Security 6. Inflation, Unemployment and the National Output:  6. Inflation, Unemployment and the National Output Overall Economic Conditions GDP, Unemployment Rate, CPI, i rates, Stock Market Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy 7. Regional and Local Issues:  7. Regional and Local Issues Politics and Public Policy Growth and Development or Decline New Industry 8. International Events:  8. International Events Globalization of Industry International Trade End of Communism Wars, International Strife 9. The Political System:  9. The Political System Public Policy Affects All Elements of the External Environment of Business Course of Public Policy is Crucial Liberal, Conservative Democrat, Republican, Independent 10. Social Responsibility and Ethics:  10. Social Responsibility and Ethics Concerns Business Response Social Responsibility - What is it? Ethics Implications for Management:  Implications for Management Planning Organizing Controlling Staffing/Rewarding Pullman Standard Corporation:  Pullman Standard Corporation Largest Railcar Manufacturer in US 1980 Sales $800 Mill per Year 5,000 Employees 1982 Sales $0 25 Employees How Could This Happen?:  How Could This Happen? 1972 Russian Wheat Deal Grain Backed Up at Gulf Ports ICC - Allocated Hopper Cars to Small Shippers Tax Shelters Oil Price Increases Result - Tremendous Increase in Demand for Railcars:  Result - Tremendous Increase in Demand for Railcars Pullman Produced Railcars as Fast as it Could 1980’s Changes:  1980’s Changes Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Wheat Deal became Grain Embargo 1980’s Changes:  1980’s Changes ICC Removed Restrictions on Grain Hopper Cars Staggers Rail Act of 1980 Tax Laws Changed Economy - Recession End to Increase in Oil Prices Internal Factors Result:  Result Pullman Closed its Doors in Two Years 25 Employees Zero Sales

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