35 Must Have Content Marketing Tools To Promote Business

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Information about 35 Must Have Content Marketing Tools To Promote Business

Published on June 8, 2016

Author: toonexplainers

Source: slideshare.net

1. Content does matter. It might be a triviality, yet it will never control you wrong when we are talking about your business. Every brand has a story to tell and at the beat of this story rests the voice of your brand. Content marketing is all about storytelling. It is the amazing story of your brand. While facts are dull and unremarkable, the stories are fascinating. So make sure your story is interesting enough to accomplish your target audience.

2. Need some creative visual inspiration for your new blog entry? Sign into Visual.ly and get more ideas on the topic of design, infographics, presentations, videos, and micro content for social media.

3. Quora is all about the new stuff in the market. It is in question& answer form, what the people currently researching on the Web.

4. BuzzSumo helps you a lot in getting latest content ideas for your new article what people share the most on the Web

5. Puts yourself in a place where you want to search, learn and explore things. It displays screenshots of the designers all over the world to get inspired.

6. Struggling to get new ideas for your next blog? This tool provides you a list of ideas according to your search topic.

7. Jungled with a lot of content on a topic. Through a single click get a lot of inspiration for your content. CONTENT FOREST

8. The generator tool suggests you blog titles through keywords you are searching for. Enter three keywords and get at least five ideas.

9. The name itself explains that it notes each and every stuff in order to share, organize and keep track of the content wherever you want.

10. Organize your content more effectively through Curata. Helps you to search and explore the most relevant content.

11. With a piece of content you can save your photos, videos and other resources for future views. It allows you to organize your resources from more than 300 apps.

12. Save and organize the content what you inspire the most and utilize it when you need.

13. Trello a project management tool allows to create editorial calendar, organize your content ideas and More.

14. Read and get ideas from the best storytellers. Update yourself with the latest stuff and create your own story.

15. A Worthy tool which encourages the story teller with its original and engaging storytelling.

16. You can hire freelancers for your blogs, articles, whitepapers, social media updates in simple steps. The tool automatically matches your needs with the best writers and Provides a great content output.

17. Increase your brand,conversion, and visibility through your content effectively with skyword.

18. Order for quality content from approved writers through few clicks and pick the best from many options available.

19. Contains a writers pool and create your own workforce and get the job done by the right people on exact time.

20. Readymade Designs and infographics available for your business. You can pick according to your choice and also can get copyright for that.

21. Create infographics and charts in an easier way, publish it on your blog or social media.

22. Provides you a lot of infographics templates, you can pick, edit them according to your visual story and present them to your audience.

23. Within a short period of time and reasonable cost you can give your business cards, logos and images a new look design.

24. Most trusted and world’s largest Content delivery platform. Has a unique collection of contents from the different audience all over the world.

25. A Strong platform to promote your content and build links, relationships to increase traffic for your business.

26. Tool for free publicity. Share your Content to a huge gathering, collect their ideas through feedbacks which are more helpful for you to improve.

27. Share with Buffer, post your content at the scheduled time across different social media platforms to optimize your account.

28. Has a great collection of pages & contents from the Web. Research your interest and it pulls the best relevant content, images, documents & etc according to your needs.

29. Helps to improve the visibility of your content by numbers which it would have never attained organically.

30. SlideShare offers documents with lots of information either through presentations or infographics. Simple to create, share and provides knowledge through resources available.

31. Great tool! Provides you with a clear picture of your audience, visibility, performance and etc, across various segments.

32. Playing with content, Woopra provides a real-time analysis of your content reach to your target audience to enhance your promotion.

33. Helps in getting an idea on how many people likes our content and which is the most liked topic in our social networks.

34. Facebook tool reveals a keen study on your content to reach the target audience.

35. Plan, organize, and measure your content's performance on social media networks better with this data analysis tool.

36. Provides you the best performance analysis of your content across different social media platforms.

37. . is.

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