35 Hilarious Police Blotters You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Information about 35 Hilarious Police Blotters You Won’t Believe Are Real

Published on March 14, 2014

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If you've ever picked up a newspaper, then surely you've seen the police blotters section. We found 35 of the most hilarious and ridiculous police blotters that have ever been printed!

35 Hilarious Police Blotters You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. It sounds like they should have called a couples counselor, not the police

2. Well, that was helpful!

3. Who knew elk were such cooperative animals?

4. For the record, this didn’t happen in Colorado

5. Yep . . . I’m sure that’s exactly what happened

6. Seems legit . . .

7. Watch out for fugitive cows on your next bike ride

8. In his defense, peanuts are pretty suspicious

9. Small piles, however, are out of their jurisdiction

10. Hopefully the officers gave her the number for pizza delivery

11. Bad timing

12. Knives, baseball bats, and billy clubs are child’s play. But a rolling pin? Now that’s serious business

13. I wonder if my cat has a gun hiding somewhere?

14. A real-life ninja turtle

15. I’d love to see who fell for this trick

16. Yes, sadly people like this do exist

17. It’s obvious who wears the whiskers in that household

18. At least it wasn’t named “Fire”

19. “AND they were all wearing masks!”

20. It’s okay, Arnold makes everyone nervous

21. Ya don’t say?

22. And the prime suspect is . . .

23. Must have been a Chipotle burrito. Have you seen the size of those things?

24. Note to self: clean glasses daily

25. Do they sell anti-force fields at Walmart?

26. Best late night snack ever

27. They also received a report of someone stealing the contents of round bins left on the street

28. Some people just can’t resist playing the game

29. Maybe the duck didn’t want to deal with medical bills

30. Ignorance is bliss

31. If it was a half-dollar, he would have called for backup

32. Dang it, squirrels! Get it together.

33. The police don’t like it when you call them to insult your spouse

34. They just wanted to go on a little joyride

35. The horse then handed the officer sunscreen and asked if he could get its back

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