34. Australian Rugby Strategic Planning File

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Published on May 20, 2009

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2. Strategic planning What is a strategic plan? Strategic plan outline Strategic plan templates What is a strategic plan? A strategic plan is actually a very simple document. It will be the primary result of the planning forum and once published an adopted will drive all planning for the term of the plan. Strategic plan outline A strategic plan will contain the following: Mission The purpose of an organisation which will normally be (Organisational purpose) described in its articles of association. The planning forum will normally develop a fuller and more inspiring description of the purpose of the organisation. It should not however be in conflict with the articles of association. If it is then some form of constitutional review is required. Vision This will be a statement which will clearly articulate where the club or sub-union desires to be at some point in the future beyond the conclusion of the plan timeline. The vision is an opportunity to be idealistic. The vision should be both inspirational. It should describe the end point and not prescribe the path or process required to travel there. Major Objectives (Goals) The major objectives are far more tangible than the vision. The objectives will describe the major goals or achievements required to fulfil the vision of the plan. Specific Measurable Organisations should limit the number of major objectives. This Achievable is especially important in volunteer based organisations such as Realistic Rugby clubs and sub-unions. Time-bound It is recommended that Rugby clubs and sub-union target around 5 major objectives. Key Result Areas (KRA) The key result areas are those variables which will require change to achieve the objectives. Strategies One or more strategies will be stipulated as the desired process for achieving each objective. They should be expressed at a strategic level and should not be operational in nature. If they are then the scope of the plan may have been set too narrow. Planning_Strategic Planning Page 1 Printed 18 July 2006

For example: “To improve financial management procedures” is strategic, while “To purchase the latest upgrade of MYOB” is operational. Additional It is normal to provide some additional documentation that supports the explanation of the plan. These may include: • A SWOT Analysis • An environmental overview Relevant historical information of the past performance and culture of the club or sub-union The plan should be able to be expressed as an executive summary in one page. The full plan should not exceed 10-15 pages. Strategic plan templates Click here for a strategic plan template. Acknowledgements Adapted from information provided or previously published by the Queensland Rugby Union. Planning_Strategic Planning Page 2 Printed 18 July 2006

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