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Information about 33 from december 2013 to february 27 2014

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: uniquelee

Source: slideshare.net


A short presentation on the recurring numbers 3, 33, 30, 30,000, 300,000, 3 million, 3 year old, 3 deaths, ect, ect. This is purely a private observation but if you too see the repetitive number connection, you are not alone.
DISCLAIMER: i own nothing presented herein. All information provided is solely that - information. All data is constructed of zeros and ones, also termed binary language. i did not invent that language and we claim no authorship of such. All information and articles are within the public domain and can be found freely available. All that has been added is a common-sense perspective or evaluation to what is being published within media outlets, and tabloids.

33, 30, 300, 300,000, 3 Million, 3 years of age, 3 miles, 3 attackers, 3 thieves, .. Why the number 3? Because ‘it’s a magic[al]’ number?

Over the years, We have noticed the increasing use of this random number 3 (and its derivatives) mixed in amongst daily head-lies (not ‘headlines’). In 2013, a lot of the people involved in the ‘music’ and ‘celebrity’ realm (imagine that scene where people would don masks (fake personas) – dancing in a ballroom, without a care in the world; surrounded by dashingly-handsome, wealthy-looking, tuxedo-wearing men; with quartet music playing in the background, and animalistic masks or costumes, ect) seemed to have a few things in common – Pregnancies or wearing animal prints of some descript (see my other presentation on the Checkerboard floor and Occult imagery in the media) – but, traveling alongside this horse is another – the magical number 3 Now, as 2014 is the year of the Horse (an apocalyptic one, perhaps?,) this signifier number 3 shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. What is presented within are some daily news articles (beginning where we left off after the close of 2013) that feature these ‘random’ numbers, regardless of subject matter. Some cite financial matters, some feature topical subjects. But, DO PAY ATTENTION to the articles that feature what some might term ‘tragic’, ‘sad’, or are linked to someone losing something of presumed value, or being harmed/injured/killed or treated unjustly or wronged in some unfortunate or curious circumstance. The following screenshots have been collected within the thesis parameters that there is a purpose to these numbers and why it seems to puncture a hole into the subconscious mind on some other level.

It is presently unclear why this number (3) and its derivatives (30, 33, 300, 3,000, 300,000, ect) are being selectively chosen for the ‘head-lies’ in these tabloids. We have concluded it’s a semisacrificial number trigger; a type of subconscious meme associated with some loss, but we let you the viewer investigate this synopsis and the reasoning as to why it could link to such a conclusion, and consider the wider perspectives (agendas) when considering these topics.

This concludes the month of January, 2014. The following slides are from the month of February and it can be shown this trend is still continuing. Are these just coincidental synchronicities or is there something more to it than ‘meets the eye’, so to speak

3+3=33 It would be funny if it wasn’t so obviously being used in a more ‘sub-conscious’ way…

As a segue, there is a credit card/housing bubble (a 2-horse coupling) that will probably manifest in June/July as the Bank of England raises interest rates. Beware.

As another segue, Seymour Hoffman was the ‘Games-master’ in the newly-released “Hunger Games”, which is a futuristic real-world state that is desired by the hidden controllers of the minds of mankind. It’s not the reality I wish for, myself…

Speaking of the Hunger/Olympic Games, did you know the games of pre-776 BC were originally held in honour of Hera , the Goddess, and not Zeus.. But we sill have our Musical Goddesses and Queens, and ‘stars’, however dimly they shine, do we not?

Yes, of course this unique marblecarved model Ferrari required the magical number 3 association. May as well pluck 30,000 out the hat as an accurate valuation. Sure… …and yes, apparently most skipdivers (and thieves too it would seem) travel in 3’s .. Apparently. Like buses, “they all come in 3’s” to use an old adage I heard as a younger man.

3 contrasting articles, but note the Philip Seymour Hoffman article as he played the ‘Games Master’ in the ‘Hunger Games’ movie that was recently released. ‘Holy grail’ used as a meme generally has a subliminal effect. It’s just coincidental to see 3 (three/THREE) in headlines so many times. Be reminded also that this study or observation is akin to a sub-branch of a larger tree. One could say (such as in musical terms), this study is like viewing a sub-harmonic of a larger resonance that appears to expresses itself in a form, 3, that can be recognised. Do view the other presentations for the larger perspective. This is a personal observation only.

It’s all just a coincidental number - 3, 30, 33, 30,000, 3 million, 300,000.. (a 3rd = 33.333) May as well round up numbers to a 3. Make it more digestible maybe..

3 is a good a number as any to randomly pluck from the hat. 299 just doesn’t look as hip

As has been shown, the number 3 and its derivatives are in the papers every day, non-stop; for weeks, continuing on from 2013. It has been noticed for much longer. But, having followed this ‘resonance’ for some time, one can see the harmonics in the number 3, 33, ect and what is usually attached to it. 33 could be deemed a ‘sacrifice number’, or a number that affiliates itself with a form of loss (monetary, life, property, ect) so, in effect, expect to see some form of ‘sacrifice’ (loss) to manifest in the ‘real world’ at some increased or increasing level of magnitude or degree. 3, 30, 33, ect seems to be a constant in relation to the media and stories they project out. We see no change or decrease in this number (and its cohorts) as yet up to this point. Ukraine springs to mind too, within context.

We hope you, the viewer, found this to be interesting enough to consider that some things are curiously ‘popping out’ in front of people’s eyes, and only they (or you!) believe they are the only ones that seem to notice them – these little ‘oddities’, repeating or occurring patterns, synchronicities. Maybe you are one of those people who see things, patterns, trends, .. the future (or a number of possible ‘futures’, depending on the choices people’s make) ect, but dismiss them out of hand because they may simply be ‘coincidences’, or you eventually convince yourself its ‘all just tosh’. 2014 is going to be a very stressful year, by any account. But, there are signs of direction change, but there isn’t much ‘time’ left. Keep vigilant in what the medes (media) magically inserts into your conscious (and subconscious) mind; how it/they may divert or slant your opinion, or cause you to entertain notions and associations that contradict each other, or simply don’t conform to common sense. And, know that some things are meant to happen, and some things can be averted and avoided. The choices we make today dictate the outcome tomorrow – cause and effect. That includes doing nothing at all which can induce an effect/action, especially unwarranted actions/effects. Will and intent are fundamental to how the change forms and manifests. But it really depends on awareness, perspective, perception, and self-honesty. Buckle up, it’s going to get a little bumpy down this road we’re on…

This slideshow was uploaded in February to elucidate the odd occurences (as had been shown so far) of the number 3, 33, 30, 30,000, 300,000, ect. The trend of ‘seeing’ this number continues to roll, on day by day. The following slides exemplify that the ‘sacrifice number’ (as the creator of this slideshow has termed it) still manifests daily. So, with the thesis that ‘sacrifices’ somehow interlace when these numbers reveal themselves, one should see a few of those effects manifest also. And it does not disappoint. Here are more examples, and consider who (or what) was sacrificed. It could be a job, a reputation, a life, freedoms; a status of position, or other form of ‘loss’ within this barbaric ‘society’ we find ourselves in. The slides presented after this point are after the 22nd February, 2014. Ukraine is splitting in two into an East/West division (as predicted privately months before it occurred) and other geo-political chess-gaming are a-foot. More ‘floods’ are predicted (and not just the ‘rain-related’ ones which were also predicted in 2013) as can be seen with the ‘flooding’ of pedophilia scandals and revelations that are ‘awash’ within the media and tabloids (see other presentations concerning Checkerboard and symbolism in music and movies on this site). They are supplementary to this thesis.

Somehow, the article directly above is deserving of being titled ‘news’, but we just find the recurring number 3 intriguing…even in its banality as an article. It is posited that this would infer some ‘form of loss’ to the people who follow this fictional nonsense called the cult of celebrity and all the machinations, symbolism and subtle mindcontrol that accompanies it. Are you suddenly wearing animal print now, at all, even though beforehand, you never really considered wearing such garb? Yes, that’s the power of mind-control right there.

Yes, it’s true. 1/3rd is 33%, not 30%. But as we see from articles, it would seem the writers don’t quite care about numerical accuracy – the number itself seems to be the most important factor contained within the article itself, as an embed A drone called ‘The Watchkeeper’ with a curious wingspan of 33ft could represent the coming ‘loss of freedom’. We hope these machines don’t become autonomous as the ‘Borg SMART Grid’ (or BSG), expands

The number 3, 33, 33,000, ect, transcends the subject matter in the ‘headlies’ – one asks oneself a question – why this number manifests over and over and over again. Do you see expansion of ‘theatres of war’ around you? Yes, thought so…

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