SproutCore and the Future of Web Apps

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Information about SproutCore and the Future of Web Apps

Published on October 19, 2008

Author: subelsky

Source: slideshare.net

3F 2.0

Future of Web Apps Fast,

Future of Web Apps Fluid,

Future of Web Apps and Feature-rich.

Future of Web Apps Less web, more app

Future of Web Apps More demanding users

Future of Web Apps Web-native, no plugins

Future of Web Apps Probably client-server

Building 3F Apps with SproutCore Mike Subelsky OtherInbox.com IgniteBaltimore.com

Users Want More

Impossible with “traditional” web 2.0 techniques

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You Need Client-Server

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sh Fla t ip S cr va Ja CSS L HTM

removeMessages: function(msgs) { SC.Store.destroyRecords(); }

“...writing an app in Javascript on the web is akin to writing C on the desktop: it is just one level above the 'bare metal’.” - Charles Jolley

SproutCore does 80%

Feels a bit like Rails

Feels a bit like Rails Convention over configuration

Feels a bit like Rails Configuring components

Feels a bit like Rails Uses ERB or Haml

Except totally different

Except totally different Inspired by Cocoa

Except totally different Everything is a binding

Except totally different Trust but verify if (foo && foo.get(‘importantValue’))

Except totally different By all means, repeat yourself

Except totally different JavaScript is awesome (just avoid the bad parts)

Except totally different MVC !== MVC


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