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Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Doride

Source: authorstream.com

Postpartal Family:  Postpartal Family Chapter 30 Postpartum Assessment:  Postpartum Assessment For NSVD- q15 min X 1hr Fundus firm, @midline @umbilicus or below. No clots Assess perineum Breasts soft Vital signs- Comfort level Postpartum Assessment:  Postpartum Assessment C/S-q 15 min x4, q30 x4, q1 hr Dressing Foley IV site Bowel sounds Level of anesthesia O2 sat Pain First 24 Hours:  First 24 Hours Fundal massage Pericare-Breast care Newborn teaching Rest Return demonstration Diet- 500kcal for bf Perineal Discomfort:  Perineal Discomfort Clean front to back Ice pack 20 min then remove, first 24 hrs Sitz bath increases circulation Topical agents Perineal Care:  Perineal Care Pericare- peripads Hemorrhoids- sitz bath- avoid prolonged sitting- fluid-stool softener After pain-primi less than multipara Promote early ambulation Diaphoresis-change linen and gown, Assess culture Lactation Suppression:  Lactation Suppression Wear supportive bra after delivery Ice packs to axillaries Avoid stimulation of breasts Avoid heat Pharmacological Interventions:  Pharmacological Interventions Rubella- titer 1:10 or antibody neg. Do not become pregnant for 3 months Counsel regarding contraception RhoGam 72 hrs after birth Nsg- pt understands need for Rhogam Health Promotion:  Health Promotion Psychological adaptation determined by experience and outcomes Taking in period- teaching less effective Taking hold- receptive to teaching Postpartum blues Patient Education:  Patient Education Modified to meet clients need Determine level of understanding Evaluate effectiveness Mother baby care- promotes integration of newborn into family Siblings May resume sexual intercourse when healed Cesarean Section:  Cesarean Section At risk for pulmonary infection- thrombophlebitis Pain management Meds, comfort, visits,relaxation, distraction PCA Measures to prevent ad. distention Promote parental attachment Baby for Adoption:  Baby for Adoption Experience ambivalence from social pressure Need to grieve before accepting loss May want to see newborn Encourage to discuss feelings Discharge Teaching:  Discharge Teaching Start teaching during admission S/S of complications maternal and newborn Lit. regarding PP care Phone #’s, resources and follow-up appts. Nutrition Basic infant care Appts. for home care

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