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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Lindon

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Session 308: The Oracle DBA - Determining Their Role and Your Needs:  Session 308: The Oracle DBA - Determining Their Role and Your Needs Tom Canty, Senior DBA www.servercare.com 888-918-6309 Introduction :  Introduction Oracle databases and software are extremely robust but also complex. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is high, in part because many skills are needed for a successful implementation. Database Administration is one such skill, but does that mean you need to hire a DBA? We will explore this question, as well as exactly what a DBA is. Introduction (continued):  Introduction (continued) We will talk about what a DBA is, why one may or may not be needed, and how to determine what is appropriate for an environment. Audience will also learn what other skills and roles may be needed in an Oracle environment, and how a DBA fits in We will explore other options to fill the needs This presentation is intended for everyone except DBA’s, but particularly for IS managers Speaker’s background Agenda:  Agenda Overview and Glossary Do I need database administration? What is database administration? What is a DBA, characteristics of a good DBA, what isn’t a DBA, types of DBA’s, common DBA career paths Other skills and roles needed for Oracle, how a DBA fits in, and when you need a DBA How do I tell what I need in my environment? What options and alternatives are there? Conclusion Glossary of Terms:  Glossary of Terms Database: The collection of files and their internal structures that contain data. Database Administration: Short and long-term management of a database to maximize performance and minimize downtime DBA: Database Administrator Instance: The memory (cache) and processes that access a database. Can be >1 per database (OPS) Oracle: The company and the software SQL & PL/SQL: Languages for Oracle databases Slide6:  Roles and Relationships Do I need Database Administration?:  Do I need Database Administration? YES!!! Do I need a DBA? Not necessarily… Typical Conversation:  Typical Conversation CIO: Do we need a DBA? CIO: Why? CIO: What does a DBA do? IT Mgr: Yes! IT Mgr: We just do. IT Mgr: I don’t really know -- but I know we need one! Why That’s Not So Funny:  Why That’s Not So Funny All too common – management does not understand the DBA job function & limits. How can you ever fill the position? DBA’s sometimes cover too much. Makes them critical, makes you dependent On the other side, too little coverage only becomes apparent when it’s too late Zero administration = outage at some point So what do I need? Stick around… Examples of Database Administration:  Examples of Database Administration DB software install, upgrade, configuration Define physical layout, manage objects Monitor, tune, troubleshoot Security, roles, profiles (not O/S) Manage growth, purging/archiving Backups and recovery (w/Sysadmin) Problem prevention Liaise with Oracle, users, and management What is a DBA?:  What is a DBA? Fireman, Policeman, Surgeon, Shepherd Frequently first point of contact for database problems Expected to provide expert advice and guidance in technology, esp. to developers Needs to work with management and engineering to build optimal configurations Emergency support during a crisis Characteristics of a Good DBA:  Characteristics of a Good DBA Knowledgeable, but knows own limitations Responsive 24x7; answers phone & pager Really enjoys the work; no grouches! Can multitask (juggle) effectively Can work with little sleep; some nocturnal Can shoot from the hip, yet follows plans Communicates and documents well Natural problem solver, detail oriented Has “the gift” (comes with “the ego”) What isn’t a DBA? (but sometimes useful):  What isn’t a DBA? (but sometimes useful) Application Developer (but experience a +) Project Manager Unix/NT/Web administrator/programmer Functional/business specialist Report writer Application support Data modeler (but must read ERD’s) However, DBA’s are frequently tasked with or assist with many of the above. Roles and Relationships:  Roles and Relationships Types of “Pure” DBA’s:  Types of “Pure” DBA’s Database Operator (DBO) Junior DBA Development DBA Production DBA Application DBA Enterprise DBA Other Database Skills:  Other Database Skills Data(base) Architect Data Administrator Application Administrator Developer Database Manager Database Designer Data Modeler Non-database skills:  Non-database skills System Administrator (Sysadmin) Network Administrator WebMaster (Web) Application Administrator Other types of Developers Management/Project Management Common DBA Career Paths:  Common DBA Career Paths When do I Need a DBA?:  When do I Need a DBA? A DBA is not the only skill required for an Oracle shop. Different skills are needed at different times in the product lifecycle, including DBA’s. In many cases, the skills that are available are enough to supplant the need for a DBA, or allow the bulk of DBA tasks to be outsourced. 7 "D's" of Database Construction :  7 "D's" of Database Construction Determine What/why; strategize; business case & buy-in Define Analysis; logical model; define data & processes Design Physical model; application definition; proofs of concept Develop Code development; physical design complete Document Documentation; concurrent with development Deploy Implementation strategy; test application and rollout; plan production Do! Production; maintenance, monitoring, tuning There is actually an 8th "D" - Death. All applications will stop being used at some point. When do I Need a DBA?:  When do I Need a DBA? What do I Need?:  What do I Need? Now that we have defined roles and timelines, you need to determine your exact needs. This presentation will help you understand your needs and your options, but only you can know what will work best for your situation. By carefully analyzing your current and future environment, you can plan for your needs. Determining Your Needs:  Determining Your Needs Specify your environments. Development? Test? Production? Estimate complexity and size Number of tables & relationships Total Storage Mb, Gb, Tb Number of databases/instances Heterogeneous systems Specify downtime tolerance 99.999% = 5 minutes per year High availability (8x5, 24x7, 24x365) Redundancy/distribution; standby databases; clusters Determining Your Needs:  Determining Your Needs Now determine what skills already exist Are in-house skills are willing to take on additional roles? Create responsibilities that are challenging but not overwhelming What DBA tools do you have? Tools do not replace a DBA! Last, what are you willing to spend? Critical systems need $$$’s! Understanding Your Options:  Understanding Your Options The classic idea is that if you need help, hire someone. However, the Oracle market is very hot, and finding experienced people that are willing to take “normal” jobs is nearly impossible. Even junior people take what knowledge they can and jump ship. Contractors are available, but expensive. Outsourcing some or all of your needs can be attractive. DBA Options:  DBA Options Hire an employee Can really learn applications and business Difficult to find experience, high overhead, high turnover, many laws and regulations Hire a contractor Usually experienced, “hit the ground running” Very expensive, may just want new training Part-time DBA Also usually experienced, can control costs Hard to find, not always there when needed DBA Options (cont.):  DBA Options (cont.) Distribute workload to other employees Great opportunity for interested employees Possible disgruntlement, learning curve, talent DBA Tools Can automate many tasks, alarming Must be set up, limited, still need human Mentor or have Senior people train Junior Excellent long-term benefits, some safety net Could be expensive short-term, turnover risk DBA Options (cont.):  DBA Options (cont.) Outsource (complete or partial) May be least expensive, can complement above, greatest flexibility, no learn and leave, accountability, no overhead (costs known) Ensure outsourcing isn’t just a side business Mix-n-match above Gets best of the above; works well with outsourcing in particular Might get some of the worst of the above too! Putting It All Together:  Putting It All Together In massive or highly critical environments, onsite DBA(s) are a must, but many tasks can be offloaded to others to save $$$/time In moderate environments, large single instance systems, or multiple small platforms, a mix-n-match approach may be best Small environments have the most options but least $$$. Outsourcing a good choice Current market favors hiring, but changing New concept: part-time permanent Conclusion:  Conclusion Understanding what a DBA does and can do, for your specific environment, is key to determining your needs Then know your own needs and when you’ll need them. Get outside help if you need to Realize that the 9-to-5, onsite employee is a thing of the past - is your business still 9-to-5? Does is happen in just one place? e-Businesses need 24x7 for limited $$$ Where to Get More Information:  Where to Get More Information Other sessions here at IOUG-A Live! The internet, of course Consulting companies (depending on specialization) Get someone in just to look over things, if nothing else. A good contractor will be willing to do a quick once-over Call or email me at ServerCare: tcanty@servercare.com THANK YOU!:  THANK YOU! Please fill out evaluations! 888-918-6309 www.servercare.com Session 308: The Oracle DBA - Determining Their Role and Your Needs Tom Canty, Senior DBA

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