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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Naples

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Slide1:  Period 1 Reading Designed by xzc 2006.09.29 Friday Slide3:  The Great Wall He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man. Slide4:  The Yellow Mountain Slide5:  Guilin in southern China, provides one of China’s most extraordinary views. Slide6:  Shangri-La Slide7:  The Forbidden City 紫禁城 Slide8:  Potala Palace 布达拉宫 Slide9:  Do you like travelling? Have you been to these places? Questions: Slide10:  Discuss in pairs: 1.Where are you going to travel on the coming National Day? 2.When are you leaving? 3.How are you going to…? 4.How long are you staying there? Slide11:  Guessing Game! Here are some famous rivers in China. Do you know their names? Slide12:  This river is called our mother river. The Yellow River Slide13:  This river is the longest one in China. The Changjiang River Slide14:  This is the famous river in Guangdong Province. The Pearl River Slide15:  This river begins in Qinghai Province and flows through several countries. TheMekong River Slide16:  If you live along one of the rivers, how would you use it? Mekong(China,SE Asia) The Yellow River The Changjiang River The Pearl River Slide17:  1 . use a river to irrigate their fields. 2 . use a river to make electricity. 3 . go swimming in the river in summer Scanning the main idea of each paragraph::  Scanning the main idea of each paragraph: 1. Different attitudes between them. 2. Take a great bike trip along the Mekong River. 3. The preparation before the trip & details about Mekong River. P2 P1 P3 Slide19:  Scanning True or false Wang kun and Wang Wei are sister and brother. 2) Their dream was to go hiking along the river. ( ) 3) Wang Wei persuaded their cousins, DaoWei and YuHang, to join in their cycling. ( ) 4) Before flowing in other countries, the Mekong River is called the Lancang River. ( ) (T ) F T T Slide20:  Try to get the information for the following questions: 1.What’s the dream? 2.How did they prepare for the travel? 3.Why did they become excited? 4.Use your own words to describe the Mekong River. Close reading Slide21:  Taking a great bike trip. the source expensive bikes the atlas Slide22:  an altitude of more than 5000 meters glacier deep valleys Southeast Asia the South China Sea Slide23:  Careful reading Group discussion : Read the text carefully and then discuss Wang Wei’s and Wang Kun’s similar and different attitudes about the trip in groups of four. a dream they will enjoy this trip a lot. the Mekong Southeast Asia Qinghai prepare much cold and high atlas Slide24:  1. rapid 2. waterfall 3. glacier 4. delta 5. plain a. A high place from which a river suddenly goes down b. A large flat place c. A fast-moving part of a river d. A large body of ice moving slowly down a high valley e. The low place where a river enters the sea. Match each word to the proper meanings The countries that the Mekong River flows through.:  The countries that the Mekong River flows through. Laos Thailand Burma Cambodia Vietnam China Slide26:  Lancang River Mekong River Myanmar China Thailand Laos Vietnam Cambodia The South China Sea Post reading :  Post reading --A Summary Wang Kun and Wang Wei have ______ about taking a great bike trip. when they __________ from college. They _________ to _________ along the Mekong River with their ________. Wang Wei is very _______. Once she is __________ to do something she will never __________ her mind. Although it is difficult to travel along the Mekong River by bike, she ________ that they find the ________ of the river and begin their journey there. dreamed graduated decided cycle cousins stubborn determined change insisted source Slide28:  Homework: Recite the new words and expressions

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