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Published on January 23, 2016

Author: RobertKintu

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1. TOPIC: “Enhancing Agricultural production through ICTs” “Production Data influencing growth in the agribusiness Sector” By Robert M Kintu – Principal Consultant /MD FIT Uganda Limited –Infotrade Email: robert@fituganda.com / 0752 460 354 Twitter ID: @mjkintu Skype ID : mjkintu Vodafone Power talks 30th July 2015

2. Structure of the Presentation • Emerging Trends in the Agribusiness Sector • Use of ICT in Agribusiness • Practical Demos • Partnership Opportunities • Question & Answers

3. Emerging Trends in the Agribusiness Sector • Increasing need for production data ( Crops specification ; Crop origin details etc.) • Traceability of produce (from farmer to the Market) • Community embracing investments ( Social accountability) • Individual profitability and economic engagement • Building sustainable Markets • Financial Record Management &Tracking • Resources Planning and National Food Estimates

4. How we Define Market Information Data Market – Production Data- Transaction Data • Market information is a business resource that contributes to the know – how and increases the chances for agribusiness actors to manage prevailing situations and plan for the future market opportunities or sustainable a link market. • It includes data from : Production Marketing Business & Profits

5. As a Farmer /Trader Who needs your Production Data? & Why? Farmer Enterprise Tillage & Seed Companies Financial Institutions Markets Input dealers Insurance Companies Governments & Researchers What are Associated Benefits for the farmer ? Data Collaboration Embracing ICTs

6. Trends & Opportunities leading to use of ICT in agribusiness Apps are Centered on Internet Self Assembling Devices Inter operability between Devices IP Address to Control small devices Users demand for Convergence Shared Data Channels -fiber Shared Storages – Clouds Shared Hardware services New Standards service lay outs Common data collection points Information providers using multiple channels Source : Expert Consultations on Facilitating Convergence of ICT Channel for Agriculture, Paviljoen, Rhenen. The Netherlands, October 2014 by Robert Kintu

7. User Applications / ICT Channels Mobile Phones ( Voice- Text- SMS) Channel Application Purpose Examples Scalability Sustainability Adaptability Continuity of Service USSD/Text Money transfers Platforms Financial services M-PESA in Kenya, MTN Mobile money Great potential High High Private Sector/ Client Driven IVR/Voice/Text Extensions Information Farm Extension & Advisors CKW Grameen Foundation High on Content Low High Public Sector Driven/ supply Driven SMS 8555 Market Information Real time Price updates Infotrade Basic AGMIS Medium Potential, Revenue Share on cost SMS Medium Public/Pvt. Sector Driven

8. User Applications / ICT Channels Radio |Web| MobileApp Channel Application Purpose Examples Scalability Sustainability Adaptability Continuity of Service FM Radios Live Agribusiness Broadcast Programs Farm Extension, Market Information, Interactive Debates CBS FM, MEGA FM, POL FM, BUDU FM Self Generated, Mixed donor /Pvt. Medium High Private Sector/ Client Driven MTN, ENSOL, e.t.c Online -WWW Web based Database Content/ Learning portals/ Interactive www.farmis .ug www. Alluganda.info High on Content Low Medium Sector Driven FIT Uganda MobileApp FARM Records/Traceability/ accountability Market Information Exchange/ Farm extension Infotrade Premier High on Content Medium High Public /Private Sector Driven

9. USE OF ICT IN AGRIBUSINESS Introducing the INFOTRADE APP Android Windows OS

10. Getting to Use to App as Farmer

11. Market Data Production Data Transaction Data x x x x x x x x x x x Downloadable Weather area Registration Commodity prices Fuel prices Seasons and season activities

12. Market Data Collected by:Agricultural Market Information Advisers • 35 Markets • 52 Reports year Price information on 47 commodities Information useful for all actors National Coverage

13. Market Data Production Data Collected by:Production Information Advisers Profile Farmers Business Advisory to Farmers Information useful for Government in regards to Food Security 409 PIAs Farmer Profiling: Baseline Studies, Farmer Identification Services, Traceability, Farm Record Management ,Business & Financial Linkages

14. Market Data Production Data Transaction Data Collected by: Live Virtual Marketplace Real-time market information Indicates market behavior Information useful for Banks

15. Market Data Production Data Transaction Data x x x x x x x x x x x The whole system generates information What crops are stable? Where might sold crops be going? Market Analysis Report Production Analysis Report Trade Monitoring Report

16. Critical Successful factors ICT for Agribusiness is Partnerships ICT4Ag Partnerships Content Sourcing Storage /Distribution/ Education Technology development /Connectivity Activity Funding and Revenue share Storage, Education, Distribution : • Level of education • Literacy levels – ability to read & write • Cost of Shared storage to start ups Technology Development & Connectivity • Standard protocol deployment environment • Policy Restrictions Funding & Revenue Sharing • Funding of Innovative ICT project • Conflict of Ownership • In case of shared infrastructure what is the revenue share model for partners

17. Info point (U) Ltd an Advertising Business Services Affiliations : FIT Ghana, FIT Kenya, FIT Zimbabwe Licensing of ICT Apps: FARMIS – SOKOPEPE in Kenya Visit : www.fituganda.com or www.infotradeuganda.com Visit : www.alluganda.info or www.farmis.ug #fituganda.com Who we are ? 18 years In business

18. We appreciated your partnerships and trust that has led us to Awards and Global Recognition in the Agribusiness Sector. CONTACT Robert M Kintu Skype ID: mjkintu Twitter #mjkintu email. robert@fituganda.com FIT UGANDA LIMITED Tel. 0414 532 393 /075 2 460 354 e. info@fituganda.com www.farmis.ug, www.infotradeuganda.com www.fituganda.com

19. MY PROFILE Areas : • Conceptual designs • Developing Marketing Strategies • Project design, planning and Implementation • Business Content and Information Management • Information System Designs, layout and plotting • Performance audits and score system for public and private enterprise business monitoring. e.g. Parliamentary Scorecards • Market information and Market Intelligence Rtn. M.J. Robert Kintu, Managing Director , Principal Consultant with FIT Uganda • Idea Motivator • Marketing and Sales expert • Business Development Services Expert Education • DBA Student, SMC University • MSc International Marketing, Strathclyde University • MBA, with Project Financing (University Dundee) Key personal highlights • Architect Magazine Radio Program- CBS FM 88.8 now in over 39 African countries • Architect – Infotrade and FARMIS agricultural production, marketing and transaction applications • Under take over 34 agribusiness value chain analysis studies Years: • 17 years in self employment business

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