3 Ways To Improve Your Website (Without a Developer)

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Information about 3 Ways To Improve Your Website (Without a Developer)

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: milican

Source: slideshare.net


Presentation includes:

* How that $5/month shared web hosting account is hurting your business

* Content marketing tips that can help your company stand out

* How you can use social media to extend your content's reach

These tips and more will help you maximize your website's potential and leverage the wide spectrum of opportunities in social media.

3 Ways To Improve Your Website (Without a Developer) John Peterson, President
 Develare @johnapeterson develare.com

Fundamentals 1.Professional 2.Targeted 3.Goal Oriented @johnapeterson develare.com

Overview 1.Page Load Speed 2.Content Marketing 3.Social Media @johnapeterson develare.com

tools.pingdom.com @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • 2006 Experiment • 10-results
 400-ms • 30-results
 900-ms • 500-ms delay
 -20% traffic @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • Each 100-ms in page load speed resulted in 1% decrease in sales @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • Tolerable wait time is around 2-seconds. • You have 10-seconds to convince visitor to stay. • Time is Money @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • Shared Hosting • Expect 2,000-ms or longer delays from • GoDaddy, Hostgator, DreamHost, Bluehost, etc... @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • What’s the solution? Managed Hosting. • Pick solutions for WordPress, Joomla, etc... • Page Load Speed Range: 500-ms to 1,500-ms • Depends on plugins and file sizes. @johnapeterson develare.com

1. Page Load Speed • Managed WordPress Hosting • wpEngine: Intermediate • Synthesis: Intermediate • Amazon Hosting: Expert @johnapeterson develare.com

Price @johnapeterson develare.com

2. Content Marketing • Pick topics your clients are interested in. • Pick topics you want to be known for. • Share your knowledge. @johnapeterson develare.com

2. Content Marketing • GATE, Inc. • 3,000+ visitors • 2,000+ new • Organic Search • Long technical articles @johnapeterson develare.com

2. Content Marketing • Brooke Education Services • High Quality Video • YouTube • Presentations @johnapeterson develare.com

2. Content Marketing • Creative Ventures • Newsletter • High engagement • Authentic content • Leads @johnapeterson develare.com

3. Social Media • Customer Intelligence • How can you solve their problems? • What’s hot? • Distribution Outlet • Search Engine Ranking Factor @johnapeterson develare.com

3. Social Media • Develare’s Strategies • Facebook Ads (Likes, Boosts, etc...) • LinkedIn Groups • Twitter Engagement @johnapeterson develare.com

Q&A @johnapeterson develare.com

Resources 1. 2. 3. Page Load Speed How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages? 2011 September 12. Retrieved 2014 February 13. What Page Load Speed Means for the Success of Your Blog. 2012 March 22. Retrieved 2014 February 13. Performance of the Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared. 2014 February 12. Retrieved 2014 February 13. @johnapeterson develare.com

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