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Published on October 12, 2017

Author: tedfaigle6

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Slide1: 3 TIPS BEFORE CHOOSING A PREMIUM QUALITY VAPE PRODUCT Visit visit our website www.vapoorzon.com : Slide2: Before stepping into the territory of buying  vape products , it is necessary for you to consult a guide. Because you would, not really want to invest into something that you would end up hating. The vaping phenomenon has been spreading infectiously, and this could actually replace cigarettes very soon. Since vaping is still at its nascent stage and the industry is slowly getting recognized, one might find it hard to locate or obtain their desired vape products. Likewise, there are many options out there, but unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to get duped. So always be wary of the product before buying them otherwise you would end up hating it. There are few things that you can keep in mind before buying; these are the steps that one can follow:- Slide3: Where Would You Want To Vape ? The buyer can vape anywhere they want to as long as they are comfortable with it and have a vape friendly environment . Still getting a portable vape can turn out to be handy and also less expensive than buying a desktop unit. It can be easily carried by the buyer and more importantly, it’s cost-efficient. There are many more options which are available, and the buyer can get the best equipment that suits them according to their preferences. Slide4: Getting the Right Flavor Most of the vape stuff is made out of dry flowers or herbs with concentrated oil extracts. Portable machines can use both kinds of products, while even the desktop units also have the availability of pockets for oil products. But people who are unaware of the flower stuff can get a portable one which only works with herbs. Well the hardcore smokers, they might not get that kind of an intense  flavor . So that’s the primary difference between those two products. Slide5: Now the Wallet Pinch It can get challenging to find a  cheap vape store  be it online or offline. Most of these premium quality products do cost a lot. Plus if the buyer wants to buy a concentrate (for the hardcore smokers), they might have to shell some extra cash. But the buyer needs to set up a budget before going into the store. Some of the vape products might have a ridiculous price tag so buy accordingly. The flower stuff usually has a lesser level of potency than flavors such as hash or waffles where their potency rate goes around somewhere between a 95% and 100%. Vapoorzon Inc 9375, 9th Street, Suit 201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA – 91730 Phone: 1 (909) 248-4798 Fax : 1 (909) 259-0979 sales@vapoorzon.com  Hours : Mon – Fri 10 AM – 6 PM, Sat 10 AM – 1 PM, Sun Closed www.vapoorzon.com Visit visit our website

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